According to recent data, 35% of global organizations use AI in their operations.

Another 42% of firms have reported investigating the usage of AI within their organization.

But how do all these companies manage to find an AI tool that meets their needs, among so many options?

So that you don't struggle with research, we have prepared a list of 8 best enterprise generative AI tools for you to compare with your needs and choose the right one!

Let’s start!

What Are Generative AI Tools?

Generative AI tools are artificial intelligence systems that generate new content, including:

They use machine learning models, specifically generative models like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and transformer models like GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer).

That is how they create content that resembles human-created material.

How You Can Use Generative AI Tools in Enterprise?

Generative AI tools can be used in a variety of enterprise applications:

1. Content Creation and marketing ✔️

  • Text Generation: Tools like TextCortex, GPT-4, and Jasper can create blog posts, marketing copy, social media material, and product descriptions. This can minimize the time and effort needed to create high-quality written material.
  • Image and Video Creation: Tools like DALL-E 2 and Synthesia can generate photos and videos for marketing campaigns, educational content, and internal communications. They produce visually appealing and engaging media with minimal manual effort.

2. Customer support ✔️

  • Chatbots: Generative AI models, such as OpenAI's GPT-4, can power chatbots and virtual assistants to answer client inquiries, provide support, and engage in natural language discussions. It can lead you to increased customer experience.

3. Automation ✔️

  • Repetitive operations: They can automate routine operations like scheduling, email answers, and data entry, allowing employees to focus on more important responsibilities. This can significantly increase productivity.

8 Best Enterprise Generative AI Tools

Let’s check 8 generative AI tools that you can use in enterprise!

1. TextCortex

TextCortex is an AI Copilot tool intended for both companies and individuals.

It offers you a budget-friendly solution for creating various types of posts:

How can your business benefit from this tool?

⭐TextCortex is a great tool for managers to generate reports, create team updates, and build strategic plans.

⭐Your staff can collaborate with company knowledge and develop on-brand, compliance writing in a few clicks rather than a few hours.

⭐It can help you answer emails with the Quick AI Reply feature.

⭐You can also import long documents and chat with them.

⭐TextCortex enhances customer support by improving response time and problem-solving accuracy, supporting over 25 languages.

⭐It improves your company's data privacy and security by following GDPR rules and implementing strong safeguards to secure personal information.

TextCortex: Key Features 🚀

🚀Zeno Chat - ZenoChat allows you to create and edit any form of written content. Furthermore, ZenoChat can generate DALL-E 3-powered AI graphics from simple prompts.

🚀Digital persona - You can personalize Zeno Chat and it will write in your unique style and tone.

🚀Knowledge base - Securely upload or connect datasets for ZenoChat to use, streamlining your company tasks. Plus, ZenoChat integrates with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive and enables you to easily upload data with a single click.

🚀Web search - TextCortex's online search feature allows you to use the entire internet as a data source. 

Furthermore, it offers 7 alternative options based on your unique use case: Scholar, News, Wikipedia, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, and Web.

🚀Note editor - You can edit and write your drafts in one place.

🚀Rewriting tools - With this feature, you can rewrite the text in one of 13 tones, expand, summarize, paraphrase, simplify or improve fluency.

🚀Quick AI Reply - You can reply to an email with one click. TextCortex will compose a response for you from the context of the received email.

TextCortex: Pricing 💸

Reach out to us to get an enterprise plan that is personalized to your needs!


2. ChatGPT-4


GPT 4 is the fourth language model from OpenAI.

It is suitable for understanding and generating human-like text, making it highly effective for numerous language tasks.

How can your business benefit from this tool?

⭐It can assist you in lead generation, customer engagement, and content creation for marketing campaigns.

⭐Since it can automate report generation, including data visualization and summary, you can use it for faster and more accurate reporting.

⭐ChatGPT 4 can provide 24/7 support to customers and handle inquiries and issues outside of business hours.

ChatGPT 4: Key Features 🚀

🚀Multilingual support - Supports multiple languages, making it useful for worldwide businesses.

🚀Data Interpretation - Analyzes and evaluates data, and offers insights and recommendations based on the information provided.

🚀Text and image processing - Handles both text and images, allowing for more complex interactions and tasks that involve understanding visual content in addition to language.

🚀Adaptive responses - It adjusts responses based on the changing context of conversations.

🚀Creative Writing - Creates cohesive and fluent creative content, such as stories, articles, and marketing copy.

ChatGPT 4: Pricing 💸

The Team plan costs $25 per person/per month.


3. Synthesia


What makes Synthesia different from previous tools is that this tool is designed for video generation instead of text-based creations.

It offers a diverse selection of AI avatars, customizable backgrounds, and numerous language support.

How can your business benefit from this tool?

⭐If you have a YouTube channel for your business, you can create quality videos much faster.

⭐You can reduce the costs associated with video production.

 Synthesia: Key Features 🚀

🚀AI avatars - Choose from 160+ different AI avatars to make your videos more interesting.

🚀Voice cloning - Create your digital twin by cloning your voice and pairing it with a custom avatar.

🚀AI video assistant - Convert ideas, texts, PDFs, and websites into video.

🚀Templates - Explore 300+ templates for various use scenarios.

🚀Media library - Unlock photos, videos, symbols, and soundtracks to improve your videos.

🚀Live collaboration - Collaborate with your coworkers in real-time.

🚀Reviews - Gather and manage feedback from members.

🚀Video embeds - Embed your video wherever you want.

🚀Screen recorder - Make screen recordings faster.

🚀Closed captions - Make your videos easier to understand with subtitles.

Synthesia: Pricing 💸

You have to contact them directly to get information about the Enterprise plan.


4. DALL-E 3


DALL-E 3 uses deep learning algorithms to produce graphics from textual prompts.

It differs in that it is designed for image and video creation, rather than text creation.

All you have to do is describe the image you require, and DALL-E 3 will generate it.

This tool is particularly useful in graphic design and marketing. 

How can your business benefit from this tool?

⭐You can quickly create graphics and make your content more relatable and engaging for your audience.​

⭐DALL-E 3 can help you brainstorm new ideas and concepts. It can help your team explore creative possibilities and find innovative product designs.

⭐If you have e-commerce, you can use this tool to improve visuals in your online store listings.

⭐You can use Dalle 3 to create a logo for your business.

DALL-E 3: Key Features 🚀

🚀Prompt Rewriting - OpenAI use GPT-4 to optimize all of your prompts before sending them to DALL-E.

🚀Quality parameter - It allows you to modify the level of detail and the quality of your image.

🚀Text Embeds - This function allows you to easily combine textual content with graphics.

🚀Text-to-image conversion - This tool specializes in converting natural language inputs into illustrations.

🚀Icon Generation - You can select the style, size, and subject of your icon and get in SVG.

🚀Logo Generation - It enables you to create vector logo designs.

🚀Inpainting - DALL-E 3 supports inpainting, which allows you to change areas of an existing image using text prompts. This capability enables changes and adjustments to photographs without starting from scratch.​

🚀Multiple styles and variations - It can generate images in various styles, from realistic to abstract, based on your requirements.

🚀Contextual understanding - DALL-E 3 shows an excellent understanding of context and details in text prompts. It can generate visuals that precisely match the given scene, objects, and relationships between elements.

DALL-E 3: Pricing 💸

The pricing for DALL-E 3 is based on the size and format of the generated images.

Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

  • Standard Image (1024×1024):

Price: $0.040 per image

Description: This is the cost for generating a standard square image with dimensions of 1024x1024 pixels.

  • Wide Image (1792×1024) or Tall Image (1024×1792):

Price: $0.080 per image

Description: This is the cost for generating a larger, non-square image. The dimensions can either be 1792x1024 pixels (wide) or 1024x1792 pixels (tall), both of which are charged at this higher rate due to the larger image size and increased complexity.


5. Jasper


Jasper is a writing assistant powered by artificial intelligence for creating marketing content.

It can learn to write content in a brand's voice and style, set consistent messaging, create art, and plan marketing campaigns.

How can your business benefit from this tool?

⭐You can create more personalized content for your target audience.

⭐It allows you to produce high-quality material.

⭐You can get defined roles for every user on a Jasper account and therefore, organize work more efficiently.

Jasper: Key Features 🚀

🚀Campaigns - Jasper enables you to develop a complete marketing campaign without switching between platforms.

🚀Brand voice - Teach Jasper about your style guide, product catalogs, corporate data, and brand identity, or let it scan your website to learn more about your brand and style.

🚀Jasper chat - Begin a talk with Jasper by asking a question or providing a prompt.

🚀Art - Describe the image to Jasper's art generator, and include as many details as you want.

🚀Languages - It enables you to write in 30+ languages.

Jasper: Pricing 💸

For a business plan, you have to contact the sales team.


6. Cohere Generate


Cohere is a platform for creating realistic text based on user input.

Its applications include content creation, communication, data analysis, and product development.

Cohere can power chatbots, and virtual assistants, and create educational materials, making it a versatile tool for enterprise purposes.

How can your business benefit from this tool?

⭐It allows you to power an enterprise chat agent that can answer queries based on your company's knowledge.

⭐Their language models are customizable for your specific use case and can be integrated with your apps.

Cohere Generate: Key Features 🚀

🚀Command - Command can assist you in developing product descriptions, generating emails, and providing examples of press releases.

🚀Summarize - Extract short and accurate summaries from articles, emails, and documents.

🚀Neural search - Create an accurate, high-performance semantic text search for any document type in English or in over 100 languages.

🚀 Classify - Use text categorization to route customer support, identify intent, analyze sentiment, and more.

🚀Embeded - Get a managed embedding model that works in over 100 languages to build your own capabilities.

Cohere Generate: Pricing 💸

For pricing information, you have to contact their sales team.

7. Rewind Ai


Rewind is a personalized AI that learns from everything you've seen, said, or heard.

What makes this tool different is that it is designed as your business assistant, creating summaries and writing emails, rather than content generation.

It runs in the background, collecting both your screen and audio.

Then, it compresses, transcribes, encrypts, and stores your data locally, allowing only you access.

How can your business benefit from this tool?

⭐It helps with activities like creating emails and summarizing research.

⭐Rewind AI functions as a safety net, backing up all of your digital activity. If you forget to save work or have a system crash, you may easily recover lost information and save time.

⭐Rewind AI makes all of your digital interactions searchable and accessible, allowing you to make better decisions faster. You may easily recall earlier discussions, papers, and notes, and get useful context for decision-making.

Rewind Ai: Key Features 🚀

🚀Recording & transcribing audio - You can capture, record, and transcribe any meeting, whether in person or virtually, and even generate automatic summaries.

🚀Automated note-taking - Automatically take notes during meetings.

🚀AI Assistant - Use personalized AI to find details, draft emails, and summarize research.

Rewind Ai: Pricing 💸

Rewind Pro plan costs $19 per user, per month.


8. Scribe


Scribe is the AI writing assistant that can help you in summarizing papers, creating reports, and crafting guides.

What separates this tool from others is that it is primarily designed to streamline internal company tasks, such as creating procedural guidelines.

How can your business benefit from this tool?

⭐Scribe creates how-to manuals automatically and distributes them to your team at the optimal time.

⭐New employees can get up to speed quickly with precise guides on how to perform tasks. This reduces the time and resources needed for training and ensures new hires can start contributing faster.

Scribe: Key Features 🚀

🚀Edit - The Edit function allows you to generate titles and descriptions with AI, craft GIFs, upload brand images, format text, and edit screenshots.

🚀Redact - Redact sensitive information to be safe.

🚀Insights - Gain specific insights on how readers are engaging with your content, and be confident that it is up to date.

🚀Pages - Organize several guides for the same tool, project, or method in a single process document. Add text, videos, images, and links.

Scribe: Pricing  💸

You can use the Pro Team plan for $12 per month.


To Wrap Up

As you can see, you have a wide choice when it comes to selecting the best enterprise generative AI tool.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what exactly you need and what your budget is.

However, TextCortex stands out from the group because with one tool you can:

  • Create content
  • Create images
  • Answer emails
  • Do research
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Integrate it on 30,000+ websites and apps

Sounds profitable, right?

Contact us today for an enterprise plan and streamline your work within the organization!