Jasper Chat and ChatGPT are conversational AIs that use pre-trained algorithms, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning systems to answer users' questions and generate output according to users' prompts. Both of them aim to produce human-like responses for the users by following the grammar rules and using the data they have.

In this article, we will examine the similarities and differences between Jasper Chat and ChatGPT.


  • Jasper Chat can do most text-based tasks such as email writing, article writing, story writing, paraphrasing, and summarization.
  • The core feature of ChatGPT is that it can produce human-like and high-quality output in response to its input. With the release of GPT-4, it can also receive visual input now.
  • Jasper Chat and ChatGPT have differences as well as similarities. The most critical of these differences is their pricing policy.
  • ZenoChat by TextCortex can do much more than two conversational AIs can. It has the most recent knowledge, is integrated with 2000+ platforms and you can customize it by adding your own persona.

What is Jasper Chat?

Before comparing two conversational AIs, we need to have basic information about them. Jasper Chat is a chatbot developed by Jasper AI that aims to provide users with a realistic conversation experience. Jasper Chat is programmed to complete most text-based tasks with high consistency.

Jasper Chat analyses users' text using natural language processing (NLP) and generates an output based on the user's input using the pre-trained dataset. For example, if you ask Jasper Chat for simple calculation problems, it can answer using its pre-trained data. If you ask it to write a poem, it can write a poem according to the data it has.

jasper chat vs chatgpt

What can Jasper Chat do?

Jasper Chat can generate human-like responses to users' inputs. For this reason, you can ask a question you are curious about to Jasper Chat and get the answer. Jasper Chat can do most text-based tasks such as email writing, article writing, story writing, paraphrasing, and summarization. For example, if you give Jasper Chat a "write a social media post promoting coffee" prompt, Jasper Chat will prepare a social media post that will promote coffee.

Who can Use Jasper Chat?

Jasper Chat is equipped with easily accessible functions for most people. For example, if you need a chatbot for your business, you can use Jasper Chat. Thus, you can increase customer satisfaction and increase their brand loyalty. If you want to  speed up your workflow, you can use conversational AIs.

If you are a teacher, you can prepare presentations with Jasper Chat and get support while preparing lesson plans. If you are a student and want to write an essay, Jasper Chat will be useful for you.


Jasper Chat can also generate and translate texts in 25+ languages. If you want to write marketing emails to people with different native languages to grow your business, Jasper Chat's translation feature will be useful for you. So, you can communicate with companies from different countries and have a customer base from different countries.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a pre-trained conversational AI developed by OpenAI. It is designed to produce high-consistency output as well as provide users with a realistic conversational experience. ChatGPT is a critical benchmark for most people to explore the limits of generative AI. Thanks to ChatGPT, people have realized the capacity and potential of conversational AIs.

ChatGPT has been trained with textual internet data until 2021. In addition, it can produce the most accurate output to the input by using thousands of parameters during that generation.

chat gpt vs jasper chat


The core feature of ChatGPT is that it can produce human-like and high-quality output in response to its input. If you ask ChatGPT to write a simple horror scenario, it will use pre-trained data to combine different horror elements and create a unique horror scenario. Since ChatGPT has text-based internet data, it knows the topics and scenarios that will scare people. Plus, this entire process happens in just a few minutes. It's a huge advantage to have a horror scenario where you need to spend days or weeks manually in a matter of minutes. You can use ChatGPT to develop the scenario and let ChatGPT run until it's perfect for you.


One of the major benefits of ChatGPT is that it can map programming languages to human languages. Since ChatGPT knows the structure and rules of both types of languages, it can translate between the two types. If you want the basic calculator code from ChatGPT in any programming language, it can handle it for you in minutes. If the calculator written by ChatGPT is insufficient for you, you can ask ChatGPT to update the code. Thus, you can quickly generate a complex calculator code.

Create Prompts with Prompts

With the development of Generative AI, visual art generators such as Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion have been developed. It is not always easy to describe the image you want to achieve using these tools. By using ChatGPT, you can create very descriptive prompts for an image you want to generate.

Jasper Chat vs. ChatGPT Comparison

Up until this point, we explored the basic information about Jasper Chat and ChatGPT. Now we can compare the similarities and differences between the two conversational AIs.

Both Jasper Chat and ChatGPT are designed to generate human-like outputs to users' questions and prompts. For this reason, both conversational AIs produce quality output in text generation. Both conversational AIs have internet data up to 2021. For this reason, both conversational AIs are not functional for current topics.

Core Differences

The most critical difference between Jasper Chat and ChatGPT would be the pricing. While ChatGPT promises free usage, you must pay $59 per month to use Jasper Chat. The fact that ChatGPT can do everything that Jasper Chat can do gives ChatGPT an advantage.

A Better Conversational AI than both: ZenoChat by TextCortex

If you are looking for a conversational AI that can use recent web data and accompany you on more than 2000+ websites, ZenoChat is designed for you.

ZenoChat Advantages

ZenoChat is capable of more than most conversational AIs are.

• Has up-to-date knowledge and can give you cited sources from the internet when you search for something.

• Is integrated with 2000+ platforms so that you can use it without switching between tabs.

You can customize Zeno by adding your own Personas and adjust the tone of your AI.

How to get started with ZenoChat?

Easiest way to get started with ZenoChat is to download TextCortex browser extension. After installing it, you can start your adventure with ZenoChat by clicking the purple bubble that appears at the bottom right of your screen!

You can quickly start working with Zeno by launching the sidebar. Additional information about what Zeno is able to do and its constraints can be found here.


Both Jasper Chat and ChatGPT are two different conversational AIs with similar features and capabilities. 

The fact that Jasper Chat is far more expensive than both products is a huge disadvantage.

In addition to all the features of Jasper Chat, ZenoChat promises to accompany you on every website on the internet, use the latest Google data, and have a customizable persona. You can access all these features for $19.99/month. ZenoChat has more features than the two with the recent Google data and being integrated into 2000+ platforms. All for a very much more affordable price.