Do you feel like you have a million things to write about but never enough time to write them?

We hear you.

Writing at scale can be a daunting task. You need to keep up with the high demand of your clients while keeping your content top-notch.

But we have good news – it is possible, with the help of AI writing tools that can create in bulk any content form you need quickly and effortlessly.

So, if you're seeking solutions to create content at scale, take a look at our list of the 5 best writing assistant software that will improve your content creation quality.

Let’s begin!

5 Best Writing Assistant Software to Create Content At Scale

Content writing is a critical part of any marketing strategy. Still, it can be hard to find the right one. 

Choosing the best AI writing assistant primarily depends on your business requirements.

Let’s find out which one will be your favorite pick.

1. TextCortex

Text Cortex is an AI writing assistant based on use-case modules that can answer the challenge of producing content at scale.

It can generate unique and natural-sounding content on any topic because it utilizes deep learning models that are trained on millions of best practices.

This means that TextCortex can produce equally high-quality results for both long and short text.


TextCortex offers web-based and extension-based features for generating content at bulk.

With web applications you leverage 20+ AI templates for generating blog articles, ads, emails, product descriptions, youtube captions, social media posts, and more.

However, what truly distinguishes this tool are the unique and original rewriting capabilities included in the Chrome extension:

1. Paraphrasing – Rewrite your sentences and even entire paragraphs at once.

2. Long-form post – Use a 5-word-idea to create blog posts.

3. Bullets to email – Transform bullets into emails ready for sending.

4. Text expander – Extend your text for a longer form.

5. Text summarizer – Extract key takeaways from a long portion of text.

6. Autocomplete feature – Create whole sentences from incomplete ones.

7. Tone changer – Adjust your content tone to the purpose of the text.

8. Translate feature – Translate your text in other languages.


✅ 20+ AI templates for any content form.

✅ Rewriting features allow large-scale tweaking.

✅ Web app and Chrome extension.

✅ AI-generation and manual writing in the same editable canvas.

✅ It adjusts content across 30+ platforms.

✅ Writes content in 72+ languages

✅ Saves project templates.


🚫 TextCortex produces relevant content using patterns. For better results, its AI writers may need clearer instructions.


TextCortex comes with forever-free and 2 premium plans.


2. Jasper AI

The Jasper AI writer is a GPT-3 tool for making content that is based on AI and can help you write content that ranks better.

The software uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to help you come up with new, original content.

Jasper has a number of templates and recipes, like the AI blog writer template, that will help you write SEO-friendly blog posts and articles that are educational, original, keyword-rich, and free of plagiarism.

It can help you write clearly and creatively in more than 25 languages.


✅ 50+ AI templates and recipes.

✅ 25+ languages are supported.

✅ Boss Mode feature for full-length blog articles.

✅ Repurposes old content.

✅ Generates SEO-oriented articles.


🚫 Can be pricey.

🚫 Output can be sometimes inconsistent.

🚫 GPT3 restricted topics.

🚫 Requires a third-party SEO tool because it lacks built-in SEO functionality.

🚫 Free trial requires credit card information.


Japer offers 3 premium plans and free trial for Starter and Boss mode.

3. Frase

Frase is an AI writer that combines SEO features with AI writing. 

It uses AI and natural language processing to explore how top-ranking web pages cover a specific topic. 

Frase provides a list of keywords and phrases you can use in your content to rank higher on search engines like Google. 

In addition, the SEO add-on will enable you to see the domain authority and backlinks for each page that ranks.

With the Frase, you can make your content brief by hand or let the tool do it for you. It also comes with some content templates to use as a brief to start your blog posts.


✅ 10+ Content Templates.

✅ Document editor with SEO checker, grammar corrections, and basic task management.

✅ Question Finder pulls questions from Quora and People Also Ask.

✅ Expander & Rewriter features.

✅ Multi-tool AI platform.


🚫Doesn’t offer a free plan.

🚫UX can be overwhelming for new users.

🚫Only basic SEO tools are included.


Frase comes with 3 premium plans:

4. Rytr

Rytr is a cloud-based AI writing assistant that helps businesses and individuals generate quality content at scale. 

It can help with any type of content, from blog posts and emails to social media posts and white papers.

Rytr is designed for people who don’t have time to write or spend hours on research and generating ideas for the content they need.

In addition, this writing assistant software will enable you to choose a piece of text and then use numerous features to adjust and fine-tune it. 


✅Editing and formatting tools.

✅30+ languages.

✅40+ use cases and templates.

✅Built-in plagiarism checker.


🚫The output can be repetitive.

🚫Long-form content creation can be complex.

🚫Quality of the output can be inconsistent.


Rytr comes with free and 2 premium plans:

5. Article Forge

Article Forge is another AI-powered writing assistant that can generate numerous high-quality content for you.

This piece of software can produce long-form content that is both topic-relevant and optimized for Google's algorithms.

Article Forge can examine the content of millions of web pages on a certain topic using artificial intelligence and then rewrites the results in its own language.

It may not be the most creative or well-written AI tool on this list, but it's great for a business owner who wants to write many keyword-focused articles quickly.


✅ AI content generation in bulk.

✅ Integration with WordPress.

✅ Add links, images, and LSI keywords to your articles.

✅ 7+ languages.

✅ Plagiarism checker by Copyscape.


🚫 AI content is not top-notch all the time.

🚫 It can take a while to generate content.

🚫 Articles may have grammar errors.

🚫 Content output can be repetitive.


Article Forge offers 3 premium plans:


With our top 5 list of best writing assistant software, we hope you can find the ideal solution for your business needs and focus on the more fun parts of writing.

Again, depending on your business goals, scope of work and the budget, you should aim for the solution that can provide maximum assistance for less money.

If you're still not sure which AI writing tool to choose, we can help you take the first step in the right direction.

Choosing the TextCortex can be a helpful addition to your writing because:

  • It reduces writing load by 80%.
  • Provides features with a wide content form coverage.
  • Generates SEO-oriented and natural-sounding text on each creation.
  • Produces content at scale.
  • Allows you to edit, format and tweak content in real-time.
  • Offers AI-writing flexibility within any online textbox.
  • Enables you to save your projects.
  • It is free to use.

What's great about utilizing TextCortex is our free plan that guarantees 10 daily creations and the ability to extend the free content creation by validating and referring to the tool.

Download our Chrome extension today and discover how TextCortex can help you create natural-sounding and high-quality content on the fly wherever your pen needs it.