AI-powered tools have various uses and benefits, from visual generation to audio-based tasks. Another area where AI is proficient is text-based content creation. AI writing generators can generate paragraphs of output based on a few words. For this reason, AI writing generators are suitable for active use in different sectors such as marketing and e-commerce.

In this article, we will explore what AI writing generators are and the tips & tricks of using them.


  • AI writing generators are AI-powered tools that create text-based content by analysing given prompts.
  • You can create outlines for any type of content using AI writing generators.
  • With AI writing generators, you can rewrite, expand, summarize, simplify, change the tone of voice, or translate your sentences/paragraphs.
  • With AI writing generators, you can create follow-up sentences for your paragraphs or check their grammar & spelling.
  • TextCortex is an all-in-one solution designed to simplify your writing process by offering a variety of solutions from outline creation to continuation sentence generation.

What is an AI Writing Generator?

AI writing generators are tools that create written content using technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, and the data they are trained on. AI writing generators analyse the given input and use language models to generate output. 

If an AI writing generator does not have a web search feature, it can only use the trained data to generate output. However, AI writing generators with web search, such as TextCortex, give more accurate and informative output than others because they produce output using whole internet data.

What can AI Writing generators create?

AI writing generators are perfect fits to help you complete most text-based tasks. Whether you are writing an essay, email, blog post, marketing copy and so on, you can use AI writing generators to help you. AI writing generators can create;

  • Blog Posts
  • Emails
  • Creative Writing
  • Essays
  • Product Description
  • Meta description
  • Articles
  • AI Art Generator Prompts
  • FAQs Page
  • Website Copy
  • LinkedIn Summary
  • Social Media Captions

and more. It is possible to generate any type of text-based content with AI writing generators.

Benefits of AI Writing Generators

AI writing generators enable users to save time by automating repetitive tasks and completing them that would take hours to do manually in just minutes. In addition to time-saving, AI writing generators also reduce your mental workload. Furthermore, high-performance AI writing generators can increase the quality of your content by generating human-like, error-free, and readable output. Moreover, you can access all of these features at a wallet-friendly price.

Tips and Tricks to Use AI Writing Generators

AI writing generators are tools that come with various advantages and aim to reduce the user's workload. Like every technological product, there are methods to use AI writing tools effectively. We will share with you the hacks of using AI writing generators!


The most important part of producing written content is to prepare a proper outline. No matter what type of textual content you produce, you need an outline to be your compass. Using AI writing generators, you can produce outlines for any content type in seconds. Instead of using the outline directly, you can change it according to your brand voice and needs.

AI Writing generator

Paraphrase Your Sentences

Since AI writing generators have knowledge of the grammar in dozens of languages and are trained with large amounts of data, they can rewrite given paragraphs while keeping their meaning. If you need to change your paragraphs or want to avoid plagiarism, you can use the paraphrase feature of AI writing generators.

how to use ai writing generator

Spelling & Grammar Check

Before publishing any written content, you need to fix its spelling and grammar errors. This leads to a long manual proofreading phase. However, you can check and fix grammar and spelling errors in all your content by using AI writing generators. If you want to make sure your final product is error-free, you should consider using AI writing generators.

Plagiarism Detector

If you want to check whether your paragraphs or articles are original, you need an AI writing generator that offers the plagiarism checker feature.

Plagiarism Detector

AI plagiarism checkers scan the entire internet to check whether there are any plagiarized sentences in your article. They also cite which website and source your sentence was taken from, if any. This way, you can be sure that your content is plagiarism-free and original.

Change Tone of Your Content

While some texts should be written with a formal tone, others should be written with a warm tone of voice. However, changing your tone of voice between writings can be tiring and challenging. Fortunately, you can change the tone of voice of your existing texts in less than a minute by using AI writing generators. With AI writing generators, you can rewrite your existing texts in warm, formal, informative, professional, cheerful, casual, gentle, friendly, decisive, and more tones.

tone changer ai

Make Longer/Shorter

If you have gone out of your way and written paragraphs that will exceed the maximum word limit and want to shorten your paragraphs while preserving the key points and main idea, you can use AI writing generators. AI writing generators will read your paragraph, analyse the highlight points, keep them, and generate a paragraph in a shorter form.

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

On the contrary, if you are unable to reach the required word count and need to expand your sentences, you can use AI writing generators. Such generators can analyse your sentences and create meaningful and longer paragraphs.

Simplify Language

If you've used too many technical terms in your content and want it to be understandable by everyone, AI writing generators with a language simplification feature can help. These AI writing generators will read your content and make it easy to read.


Since AI writing generators are trained with the sentence structure and grammar of dozens of languages, they can translate the given content into other languages. If you have a multilingual business and want to send emails to your customers in their native language, you can use AI writing generators.

Generate Continuation Sentences

Have you ever sat in front of the keyboard for hours and been unable to complete your content? That's called writer's block, a non-medical condition in which the author's creativity slows down and they cannot produce anything more. Luckily, AI writing generators are here to save the day. They can analyse your sentences and generate related and original follow-up sentences. Say goodbye to writer's block with AI writing generators.

TextCortex: 100% Personalized AI Assistant

TextCortex is an AI assistant designed to help you with a variety of writing tasks, from creating outlines to checking for plagiarism. With TextCortex, you can create any type of text, rewrite your existing texts, check your content for plagiarism and grammar, and much more. It is available as a web application and browser extension. TextCortex browser extension is integrated with 30,000+ websites and apps, so it can support you throughout your internet journey.

TextCortex Key Features

TextCortex comes with a toolbar that you can use for various purposes, from paraphrasing to tone of voice changer. TextCortex toolbar offers a paraphraser, tone changer, simplifying language, expander, summarizer, and creative writer. Its tone changer has cheerful, decisive, casual, encouraging, formal, gentle, friendly, detailed, respectful, warm, blunt, concise, and urgent options.

Another feature of TextCortex is 100+ AI templates designed for different tasks. Some of the most popular TextCortex AI templates include;

  • Online Grammar Checker
  • AI Plagiarism Checker
  • Summarizer
  • Speech to Text / Text to Speech
  • AI PDF Translator
  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Product Description Generator
  • Blog Post Writer

and much more. Like all of TextCortex's features, AI templates can generate output in 25+ languages.

ZenoChat – Your Second Brain

TextCortex offers the conversational AI of your dreams called ZenoChat. ZenoChat is a conversational AI that can generate output from scratch or rewrite your existing paragraphs by analysing the given prompts. ZenoChat offers users a human-like conversation experience thanks to its advanced language models and self-training. Moreover, thanks to the ZenoChat web search feature, it can generate output using up-to-date Google data.

ZenoChat is a fully customizable conversational AI thanks to our Individual Personas and Knowledge Bases features. With these two features, you can train your own custom AI chatbot. Our "Individual Personas" feature allows you to adjust ZenoChat's output style and tone of voice as you wish. Our "Knowledge Bases" feature allows you to upload or connect data sets that ZenoChat will use to generate output. Thus, you can train ZenoChat with your custom data and build it for specific uses.

Zeno Assistant

We offer an AI tool that integrates with online word processors and editors to speed up your writing process and lighten your workload. From creating outlines to generating follow-up sentences, Zeno Assistant can effectively complete a variety of tasks and maximize your productivity. Simply use the "Alt/Opt + Enter" shortcut to activate Zeno Assistant in any textbox. Zeno Assistant's key features include:

  • Rewrite
  • Summarize
  • Fix Spelling & Grammar
  • Make Longer / Shorter
  • Simplify Language
  • Continue Writing
  • Draft Outline / Blog Post / Essay / Social Media Post
  • Create Meeting Agenda
  • Find Action Items