Are you torn between using the Wordtune or TextCortex paraphrasing Chrome extensions?

Communication in written form  is the crucial weapon for negotiation and selling online.
Thus we must convey our thoughts in the best possible way.

And every one of us who must utilize formal communication methods is concerned with making the best impression possible to achieve particular business objectives.

However, it is easy to lose inspiration and get too sluggish to think professionally from time to time. 

In those situations, we need a paraphrasing tool that will transform our thoughts into something that sounds thoughtful.

Today we will get in touch with paraphrasing tools benefits and make a comparison between Wordtune and TextCortex to help you determine which one is better solution for your needs.

Let's start!

What Are Paraphrasing Tools?

A paraphrasing tool, often known as a content spinner, article rewriter, or sentence paraphraser, has only one job — to rewrite your text while keeping its original context.

In other words, paraphrase tools assist you in finding new methods to present your thoughts and make them unique by rewriting your sentence or whole articles.

What Are the Benefits of Paraphrasing Tools?

The following are some everyday situations where using a paraphrasing tool will be beneficial:

  • It helps you avoid Google's penalties for plagiarized content (especially if you need to reword someone else's thoughts).
  • It helps with writer's block moments — It will ensure that your ideas are always relevant and clear.
  • It enables you to quickly transform your ideas into persuasive concepts.
  • It will save you a lot of time when you have a tight deadline and need to generate a lot of content.

How to Recognize A Good Paraphrasing Tool?

Here are some requirements for paraphrasing tools to consider before utilizing a tool:

  • Paraphrased output must be different from the original text, not a replica.
  • The paraphrasing tool will rewrite the original information, not make things up.
  • The meaning and ideas of the original text or source information must remain intact.
  • The solid paraphrasing tool will rewrite your thoughts in natural-sounding output.

Now that you know what your rewriting tool should look like, let's see what these tools can offer you.

What Is Wordtune?

Wordtune is an AI editor that can assist you in reworking your content fast, making it more understandable. 

It is an all-in-one grammar checker, spelling tool, and article rewriter that will rewrite your text to make your idea clearer. 

How Does Wordtune Work?

Wordtune uses a new type of neural network known as Transformers and the large language models with billions of parameters to paraphrase your sentences.

It utilizes the method also known as the "fusion of neural network-based language models" and an older form of artificial intelligence (AI) to express human knowledge.

What Is TextCortex?

TextCortex is an all-in-one AI writing assistant designed to generate various content types, including:

  • Product titles
  • Product descriptions
  • Blog articles
  • Ads
  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • YouTube captions

Additionally, TextCortex offers a paraphrasing tool that helps you rewrite your sentences while keeping the original text's context intact.

How Does TextCortex work?

TextCortex utilizes machine learning and complex algorithms to offer alternative ways to deliver your message while preserving the same purpose.

These processes allow TextCortext first to understand the context of the original message and then to predict the best possible human-like output.

Whether you are about to generate a blog article or simply rewrite your sentence, its AI writers will rely on 3 billion sentences' broad knowledge base of best practices to generate the most relevant content.

Let's look at what each of them has to offer to comprehend their essential differences better.

Wordtune vs. TextCortex: User Experience

1. User Interface

Wordtune Interface

Wordune is a straightforward tool with quite a simple user interface.

It has a distraction-free canvas that allows you to edit your text on the spot while not overwhelming you with numerous and complex options.

As you can see, it is centered and intuitive where you can add your text and edit it accordingly.

Furthermore, Wordtune's Chrome extension offers the same options as the browser application:

The extension offers all features except the word recommendations option.

TextCortex Interface

TextCortex's user interface, like Wordtune, has a distraction-free and editable canvas.

Unlike Wordtune, TextCortex offers options to edit, rewrite and generate text according to your needs.

Within the TextCortex web application, you can:

  • Edit, format, and paraphrase your text straight within the editor.
  • Create different content types based on your input .
  • Enter keywords or thoughts that will guide its AI writers on what topic to focus on.
  • Create text based on your length preferences (S-100 words, M-200 words, L-300 words).
  • Generate your content according to the desirable creativity level (Low, Medium, High, Best). We advise you to stick with the golden mean for the best quality output (Medium and High).
  • Save your document for future use.

The best aspect of TextCortex canvas is that you may alter generated content to your liking.

For example, TextCortex utilizes a paraphrasing tool within the web application — just hover over part of the text you want to use and choose the desired action.

What’s great is that you can use TextCortex's paraphrasing Chrome extension wherever you need it — such as Gmail, Slack, Hemingway or any other textbox online

Now, let's get the full experience and get through the main features of both tools.

2. Main Features 

After the user interface, one of the primary aspects distinguishing one tool from another is its usage — what can you do with it.

Wordtune Features

You can use Wordtune primarily to edit, improve or paraphrase your sentences. However, it offers additional features that can come in handy when needed. 

Here are the primary features of the Wordtune tool:

  • Casual rephrase option — Make your sentence more informal and less formal.
  • Formal rephrase option — Add a corporate and professional tone to your writing using this feature. For instance, you can use this option if you need to write an email to your boss.
  • Sentence shortener  — Helps you cram as much information as possible into as few words as feasible.
  • Sentence expander — Useful when you want to express a notion in the most thorough and lengthy way possible without feeling needless and fluffed.
  • Sentence rephrase  — Suggests better words and sentence alternatives.

Let's see how Wordtune works in action:

TextCortex Features

TextCortex is a content writing assistant that, along with its effectiveness in generating different types of content, offers paraphrasing features that we’ll help you understand.

Thus, we will focus only on paraphrasing features today. 

Here they are:

  • Bullet to email — Helps you generate effective outreach emails from a few bullet points.

  • Blog body — Create a blog post from a few-word idea without leaving the comfort of your textbox.

  • Expanding — This option helps you extend your text even from a partially completed sentence into a full piece of content.

I bet you wonder, what is the difference in the quality of the output they provide? This brings us to:

3. Quality Of Rewriting Output

To provide the best and most objective feedback about the quality of paraphrased text that both these tools offer, we’ll use the same part of the text and compare their paraphrased outputs.

The original text is this:

Here we go.

Wordtune Rewriting Output

Once you enter the desired text and hover over the entire text, you can see recommendations on synonyms that are more likely to fit best in the context of the sentence.

That option is incredibly convenient because you don't have to worry about repeating exact phrases, such as simple, quick, very, important, interesting, and so on.

Another thing you can notice is that Wordtune offers you to rewrite sentence by sentence only. Even though Wordtune provides several variations on the sentence, this limitation can be tedious  for users who want to rewrite the whole paragraph, for example. 

As per the quality of the output, the most important thing is that it doesn't have a robotic tone — it sounds natural and consistent.

TextCortex Output

The first thing about using the TextCortex rewriting tool is that it allows you to paraphrase in bulk

Let me show you an example:

You will also notice that TextCortex offers you to paraphrase sentence by sentence and to choose between various outputs.

TextCortex, unlike Wordtune, doesn't offer sinonyme suggestions. 

Part of the reason is that its modules generate text from best practices (as mentioned earlier) and will provide the best possible, grammatically correct output

This goes without saying that the generation process also influences consistent and natural-sounding output quality, as you may see in the example.

4. Pros And Cons

Wordtune Pros and Cons


✅ Provides high-quality paraphrasing output.

✅ Features are simple and easy to use.

✅ Offers recommendations on how to improve your text.

✅ Available as a web application and Chrome extension.


🚫 It doesn't support paraphrasing in bulk.

🚫 Supports only paraphrasing features.

🚫 It doesn't allow you to save your projects.

🚫 All features, except rewriting, are available with a paid version of the tool.

TextCortex Pros and Cons


✅ Generates consistent quality of natural-sounding and unique content.

✅ Can paraphrase in bulk.

✅ Provides handy features for paraphrasing and content generation.

✅ You can use it simultaneously with a content generator to edit your text.

✅ Available as a web application and Chrome extension.

✅ Free versions offer you up to 15 creations per day with all features included.


🚫 Doesn't provide word suggestions.

🚫 Sometimes, output variants are limited to only two or three possibilities.

5. Pricing Options

Wordtune Pricing

Wordtune offers 3 pricing plans:

TextCortex Pricing

TextCortex as well offers 3 pricing plans:


Let's compare pricing plans for Wordtune and TextCortex so you can see the differences in what you can get for the same price:


Free version offers only rewriting feature.

You can use Wordtune as a web application and Chrome extension.

Wordtune extension offers rewriting, casual and formal tones, short and expand option.

Paid version of the tool includes only paraphrasing features.

Paid version of Wordtune offers unlimited creations.

Wordtune supports only English language.


Free version offers 15 creations per day for all features.

You can use Text Cortex as a web application and Chrome extension.

TextCortex extension offers bullets to email, blog post generation, rewriting, and expanding option.

Free and paid version includes paraphrasing features + numerous templates for different content formats.

Paid version of the TextCortex offers unlimited creations.

TextCortex supports 72 languages.

Wordtune vs. TextCortex: Which Paraphrasing Tool Is Best For You?

What you hope to achieve with the budget you are ready to spend on utilizing a paraphrasing tool will determine your pick in scenario Wordtune vs. TextCortex.

If you are looking for a simple tool that you want to use only for paraphrasing — both tools will serve their purpose.

Both offer a solid paraphrasing quality that will provide you necessary assistance when crafting personal, professional, or even academic content.

However, if you want to rewrite multiple paragraphs with a single click and use templates tailored to your needs, we suggest TextCortex.

With our free version, you will not only have access to paraphrasing features, but you can also try to generate different content types such as Facebook ads, YouTube descriptions, or even marketing copies.

TextCortex will take over 80% of your writing work, help you produce content at scale, and make you write any content type up to 10x faster.

Sounds tempting?

Sign up today and see how TextCortex transforms all your writing tasks into a painless process while boosting your writing skills and increasing your communication confidence.