Keeping in touch is crucial in the modern world. 

We all want our messages to be crystal clear, whether sending the perfect email, writing an essay, or posting on social media. 

Because of this purpose, today we have software such as Quillbot and Ginger

Grammar, and spelling checks are just the beginning of the features these two widely used writing assistants offer.

However, which one is preferable? 

To better assist you in making a decision, whether you're a student or a professional writer, this article will dive deep into the Quillbot vs. Ginger overview.

We'll include their features, pros and cons, and prices.

Let's jump in!


  • Quillbot is a popular writing assistant, uses AI to summarize, paraphrase, correct grammar, and polish your content.
  • QuillBot offers features such as Paraphraser, Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker, Co-Writer, Summarizer, Citation Generator, and Translator.
  • Ginger is a proofreading tool for bloggers, SEO writers, and students.
  • Ginger's features include Grammar, Sentence Rephraser, Translate, Spell Checker, Online Proofreader, Essay Checker, and Personal Trainer.
  • TextCortex, an AI-powered writing solution, supports the writing of all types and complexity and includes AI developments like ChatGPT requires.

QuillBot Overview


Quillbot is a very popular writing assistant that uses AI to help you summarize, paraphrase, fix grammar mistakes, and improve and polish your content as a whole.

It has a simple interface with easy-to-use features that can rewrite text in up to 7 different writing styles to a very high standard.

Quillbot can be used as both a web app and a Chrome extension.

QuillBot Features

1. Paraphrase feature

QuillBot's online Paraphraser can help you rewrite your text with 2 free and 5 premium rewriting modes. 

Its paraphrasing capabilities also feature an AI-powered thesaurus and flexible rewriting options, ranging from minimal to extensive revisions.

  • Standard — A middle ground between changing the input text and keeping its meaning.
  • Formal — Rewrites ideas in a more sophisticated and professional way.
  • Creative — Rephrases text with the most inventiveness and expression.
  • Shorten — Conveys the meaning of a text with conciseness and clarity.
  • Fluency — Improves language and fixes grammatical errors.
  • Simple — Presents text in a way most people can understand.
  • Expand — Adds more detail and depth in order to lengthen the text.

2. Grammar Checker

Use QuillBot's free Grammar Checker to spot and fix typos and other grammatical mistakes.

It offers unlimited checks in English, French, and German languages.


3. Plagiarism Checker

You can examine your writing for plagiarized sections with QuillBot's Plagiarism Checker.

You can perform a text search in over a 100 different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, German, Greek, Chinese, and Japanese.

However, only the premium plan has this feature (scan 20 pages each month)


4. Co-Writer

The Co-Writer feature in Quillbot is an AI-driven research tool that finds relevant sources and inserts citations in your work.

It's a multi-purpose tool that improves your writing process by checking for grammar and citation errors as you go, allowing you to paraphrase, summarize, and conduct research in one place.


5. Summarizer

The Summarizer in QuillBot is able to quickly and accurately summarize lengthy content like articles, papers, and documents. 

This feature employs NLP to unearth relevant data while preserving the original context.


6. Citation Generator

The Citation Generator makes it simple to generate references in the APA, MLA, and Chicago formats.

You can use this free tool to generate citations for your articles, essays, presentations, and other projects.


7. Translator

Quillbot’s Translate feature can help you translate longer texts in more than 30 different languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, and more.


Now that we’re familiar with its capabilities, let’s review what are Quillbot’s benefits and disadvantages.

QuillBot Pros & Cons

Here's what we know about a potential benefit of using Quillbot:

✔️ It produces high-quality rewriting output in all 7 writing styles

✔️ Its has a convenient Chrome extension for assisting on other platforms

✔️ Co-Writer feature is extremely handy for creating longer pieces

However, there are a few drawbacks to using this tool that you should be aware of.

🚫 It is not capable to AI-generate text

🚫 Summarize feature is limited to 20 pages and only available for Premium users

🚫 Quillbot's Chrome extension offers too many readability suggestions

QuillBot Pricing

QuillBot offers a freemium plan and 3 premium tiers.


Now, let’s check out Ginger tool.

Ginger Overview


Ginger is a proofreading tool that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence.

It's an excellent resource for students, bloggers, and SEO writers.

Grammar, translation, rewriting, punctuation, content improvement exercises, and feedback are just some of the things that Ginger can help you with.

Similarly to Quillbot, Ginger is available as a web app and Chrome extension.

Ginger Features

1. Grammar Checker

You can use Ginger to check your English text for grammar, style, and spelling mistakes with its Grammar feature.


2. Sentence Rephraser

Ginger's Sentence Rephraser helps you to paraphrase a sentence by replacing words or adding idioms and phrases.

Depending on the context of your sentence, it will also add missing words, fix fragmented sentences, and correct spelling errors.


3. Translate

With Ginger, you can translate and check your content in more than 40 languages, including Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and many others.

4. Punctuation Checker

The Ginger Punctuation Checker assists you in punctuation correction quickly and effectively by examining the context of your sentences to make highly accurate corrections.

Ginger can find and correct punctuation errors, such as comma splices and improperly placed semicolons.

5. Spell Checker

The Ginger Spell Checker has a high degree of accuracy and can correct even the most serious spelling errors. 

Based on the context of a sentence, it corrects your typos, phonetic errors, spelling errors, and misused words.


6. Online Proofreading Service

Ginger Proofreader has two parts: a spell checker and a grammar checker

It is capable of catching errors such as: 

  • Typos
  • Crucial misspellings
  • Improper grammar
  • Word choice

Additionally, it can detect and rectify errors that more conventional proofreading tools miss.

Ginger Proofreader also lets you fix numerous typos with a single mouse click.

7. Essay Checker

Ginger Essay Checker enhances your writing by correcting your spelling, grammar, and word choice in any text (including entire documents) that you upload.

Using patent-pending technology, Ginger Essay Checker enhances essays just like a human editor would.

8. Personal Trainer

Ginger’s Personal Trainer feature reviews your writing in any application and offers feedback and practice exercises.

This feature will provide you advanced assistance by:

  • Suggesting the most relevant exercises
  • Provide feedback on how to correctly pronounce and correct your sentences
  • Enable you to learn from your mistakes by taking a few quick lessons

Ginger Pros & Cons

Here is what the most customers say about Ginger’s pros:

✔️ Advanced proofreading checker (grammar, spelling and punctuation checker)

✔️ Supports translation of 40+ languages

✔️ Personal trainer helps with improvement of grammar skills

And here are disadvantages of using Ginger:

🚫 No style checker

🚫 No plagiarism checker

🚫 Doesn’t offer a free version

Ginger Pricing

Ginger comes with 5 premium plans.


QuillBot vs Ginger — Which One is Better?

To sum up, both QuillBot and Ginger are robust writing tools that can significantly benefit writers. 

And, while Ginger is great at finding and fixing grammar and spelling mistakes, QuillBot stands out for its sophisticated AI-powered paraphrasing capabilities.

Your requirements and preferences will determine which of these options best suits you. 

If you want to avoid plagiarism or improve readability, the paraphrasing technique is a common task, and QuillBot can help with that better. 

At the same time, Ginger is probably the better option if correcting grammar and spelling errors is your top priority.

But, if you are searching for a tool that can produce high-quality content that is unique and error-free while providing assistance with various paraphrasing tasks, we suggest you consider more advanced tools, such as TextCortex.

Why Can TextCortex Be a More Suitable Alternative?

TextCortex is an AI-powered writing solution that provides a wide range of support for creating content of all types and levels of complexity.

It's an integral part of keeping up with developments in AI, like the ones that have followed ChatGPT.

Furthermore, you can use TextCortex as a web app or as a Chrome extension. 

However, what really makes this tool stands out are the complexity and extensiveness of its features:

🔥 There are more than 60 AI templates available for various content forms.

🔥 Our plugin is compatible with more than 2000 websites.

🔥 Paraphrasing toolbar offers features such as rewriting, summarizing, tone changing, etc.

🔥 Brainstorming features assist with getting fresh ideas for content.

🔥 Chrome add-on supports the creation, translation, and editing in 25+ languages.

🔥 Zeno Chat features conversational generation of content.

Tempted to check it out?

Sign up with a freemium plan to get up to 10 daily creations to discover an exciting side of content generation.