Online documents or PDFs translators are useful tools to reduce your workload, save time, and use your time more effectively in both daily and professional life. Online document translators automatically perform the task of translating the documents you provide into the target language. Additionally, AI-powered online document translators eliminate human errors and generate more accurate output. One of the online tools that can help you with these tasks is onlinedoctranslator.

In this article, we will discover what the onlinedoctranslator tool is and what are better alternatives than it!


  • Onlinedoctranslator is an online tool designed to help you complete your translation tasks among 109 languages.
  • To use Onlinedoctranslator, simply upload any text or document and click the "translate" button.
  • If you are looking for better alternatives to Onlinedoctranslator, Google Translate, Smartcat, and DeepL are alternatives that focus on translation tasks.
  • If you are looking for an AI assistant that will help you translate documents and achieve much more with any kind of text-based task, TextCortex is the perfect solution for you.

What is Onlinedoctranslator?

Onlinedoctranslator is a tool that can translate documents into 109 languages using the Google Translate infrastructure. You can upload documents in different formats such as docx, ppt, xls, and srt to onlinedoctranslator and translate them into 100+ languages. Since onlinedoctranslator uses Google Translate, there may be spelling grammar or meaning errors in your outputs. For this reason, we recommend that you double-check the outputs you obtain with the onlinedoctranslator tool.

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How Does Onlinedoctranslator Work?

Onlinedoctranslator converts the formats provided by users into text and translates them into 109 languages using Google Translate. To translate any of your documents into another language with onlinedoctranslator, just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Upload your document to onlinedoctranslator
  2. Choose the target language and click the translate button
  3. Download the translated document

Onlinedoctranslator Features

Onlinedoctranslator is an online tool that you can use not only to translate your documents into another language but also to convert your documents. Onlinedoctranslator offers the following features to its users:

  • Convert a PDF to Word
  • Convert PDF to JPG
  • Split to PDF
  • Ultra-Compress Images

You can use whatever you need from these features and speed up your related tasks.

Onlinedoctranslator Pricing

Onlinedoctranslator is a document translation tool that you can use completely free of charge. In other words, using this tool, you can translate any document into 109 languages for free. However, if you like the service you receive from the onlinedoctranslator, you can donate to the website from the translation result screen.

Better Alternatives for Onlinedoctranslator

Although Onlinedoctranslator is one of the most useful online translation tools you can find in the market, it does not always offer accurate and error-free outputs. AI-powered translators are better options for error-free translation of your documents into another language. Let's take a look at the better alternatives for onlinedoctranslator.

TextCortex Translate

TextCortex offers a suite of features, one of which is the ability to translate documents. With our intuitive PDF and DOC translators, you can easily upload your documents and initiate translations into over 25 languages, such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, English, among others.


If you use ChatGPT with a Plus subscription, you will have access to GPT-4 and advanced AI features. By using ChatGPT's file upload feature, you can upload your documents to ChatGPT and have them translated to another language. If you are using ChatGPT on the default plan and do not have access to the GPT-4 large language model, you can visit the extensions designed for ChatGPT and install the file upload extensions. However, using third-party extensions may not always be a safe and wise choice.

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Google Translate

Google Translate is an online translator that uses the neural machine translation (NMT) system developed by Google to complete translation tasks between over 130 languages. It can translate input into another language in terms of grammar and meaning by using AI systems developed by Google. Although Google Translate frequently makes semantic mistakes and errors in many languages, it is a useful tool for obtaining output that you can work on.

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Although Google Translate is designed for text translation tasks, it also has a document upload feature. With this feature, you can translate your long documents into another language in just minutes. Additionally, it offers alternative sentence options by dividing output into sentences and words.


Smartcat is an online tool that offers AI-powered translation services and can translate text and documents between 280+ languages. Smartcat offers not only document translation but also website, file, software, video, and design translation services. Smartcat uses AI technologies such as natural language processing to translate the given inputs into another language.

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In addition to translation services, Smartcat also offers localization. Using this feature, you can localize your website, software, design, or e-commerce in another language. Smartcat offers an annual pricing plan that amounts to $99 per month. To avoid confusion, we would like to point out that this plan is billed as an annual fee. In other words, Smartcat offers 150,000-word translation services per year for $1188.


DeepL is an AI-powered online translator that aims to translate users' text or documents quickly, accurately, and securely. DeepL offers accurate translation services across 30+ languages. DeepL is available as a web application, Chrome extension, Windows application, and iOS & Android application.

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In addition to its translation features, DeepL also offers an AI writer feature to enhance your writing. DeepL offers its users four different pricing plans, including a free one. Each of these plans expands your access to DeepL features and increases the maximum document and upload limit you can translate.