AI chatbots are useful tools that can be integrated into different sectors for various tasks and reduce the workload of users. Using AI chatbots, you can quickly and efficiently complete various text-based tasks, from marketing to writing. You can take things a step further and train your custom AI chatbot to make it more adapted to specific tasks.

In this article, we will explore what custom AI chatbots are and their use cases.


  • AI chatbots are already used in various sectors to reduce workload and increase efficiency.
  • You can customize AI chatbots to take things one step further and maximize your efficiency.
  • You can use Custom AI chatbots for various purposes such as customer service, co-workers, alternative search engines, financial mentors, and marketing strategists.
  • ZenoChat by TextCortex is a conversational AI designed to support you with its advanced customization options and unique features.

AI Chatbots Review

AI chatbots are machine programs that automatically generate consistent and relevant responses to given prompts and offer human-like experiences. Using an AI chatbot, you can have human-like conversations on various topics, from your daily life to your business. Moreover, since AI chatbots work with language models, they can write paragraphs on any subject or summarize/expand existing paragraphs.

How do they work?

AI chatbots employ a combination of natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding, machine learning, deep learning, and trained data to generate output. AI chatbots match user queries with the data they must produce output. Then, they produce new and unique sentences/paragraphs using technologies such as natural language processing and knowledge of grammar.

Can Chatbot be Customized?

When AI chatbots were first announced, they did not have any customization options. However, the rapid development of AI technology has made it possible to completely customize AI chatbots, from their personality to their trained data. You can customize the AI chatbot's output style, tone of voice, characteristics, and the data it uses to generate output.

Why You should Use Custom AI Chatbots?

An AI chatbot is capable of producing generic output on any topic. Although these AI tools can produce quality output on every subject, custom AI chatbots can generate high-quality and data-focused output on specific subjects because they are built for specific tasks. In this context, the outputs that a custom AI chatbot will provide about the subject on which it is specifically trained will be of higher quality and consistency.

Custom AI Chatbot Use Cases

We've talked about what custom AI chatbots are and why you should use them, it's time to examine a few of their use cases. Custom AI chatbots come with a lot of advantages, as they are trained to professionally produce output on specific tasks. Let's take a closer look at the use cases of custom AI chatbots.

Marketing Strategy

AI chatbots are successful in quickly and accurately completing calculations that humans make with calculators and algorithms. If we combine this feature with a large amount of data, it is possible to obtain consistent and reliable analyses on any topic. In other words, by training AI chatbots with specific data, you can generate valuable analyses on any subject.

You can analyse your marketing needs by training custom AI chatbots with your business data. Moreover, you can analyse market movements and customers to create your next marketing strategy with custom AI chatbots. You can use techniques such as SWOT, SOAR and PESTLE in seconds for your business with AI chatbots that you can customize.

Customer Support

Using AI chatbots for customer service purposes already comes with many benefits. You can take the quality of your customer service one step further and increase customer satisfaction by training a custom AI chatbot for your brand.

By feeding custom AI chatbots with FAQs, the chat log of your existing chatbot, your product/service information and data about your brand, you can ensure that it generates accurate and consistent responses to customers. Moreover, custom AI chatbots will provide better service by training themselves in every chat with customers. Additionally, custom AI chatbots can collect conversation data and provide valuable insights to improve your business.


If you want to automate tasks to improve productivity in your business, you can use custom AI chatbots in various text-based tasks, from email writing to product descriptions. Unlike other AI chatbots, Custom AI chatbots can generate articles, emails, blog posts, newsletters and any text-based output using your brand's tone of voice. In this way, you can increase your productivity and maximize the profitability of your business by leveraging custom AI chatbots.

Alternative Search Engine

Researching any subject using search engines can sometimes be a tiring and tedious process. It may not always be easy to access accurate information due to information pollution and misinformation on websites. Luckily, AI chatbots that come with web search features can turn your long search engine surfing sessions into a fun conversational format. Moreover, you can achieve maximum efficiency from your research by building AI chatbots according to your research purpose.

ZenoChat – Customizable AI Experience

ZenoChat by TextCortex is a conversational AI that offers a customizable and interactive AI experience. ZenoChat is available as a web application and browser extension. ZenoChat browser extension is integrated with 30,000+ websites and apps, so it can continue to support you wherever and whenever you are.

ZenoChat comes with various text-based features such as article generation, email writing, summarization, translation, text expanding, and product description writing. Moreover, all features of ZenoChat can generate output in 25+ languages.

Another feature of ZenoChat is web search. Thanks to this feature, ZenoChat can generate output using the latest internet data. ZenoChat's web search feature has seven different options: scholar, Reddit, YouTube, News, Twitter, Wikipedia, and the Internet.

How to make your own AI chatbot?

Thanks to our "Individual Personas" and "Knowledge Bases" features, you can build Zeno to meet your specific needs.

With our "Individual Personas" feature, you can customize ZenoChat's output style, tone of voice, and sentence length as you wish. This makes it possible to build a custom conversational AI that will mimic your brand's voice. Additionally, our developer team has added 12 unique personas designed for different generic tasks to ZenoChat. Don't forget to try them out too.

With our "Knowledge Bases" feature, you can upload or connect the datasets that ZenoChat will use to generate output. Using this feature, you can analyse data with ZenoChat or chat with your PDFs.


The most effective method to maximize your business's profitability and reduce workload is automation. ZenoChat by TextCortex can automate any text-based task thanks to its Zapier and integrations. To automate your text-based tasks using ZenoChat, you should consider authorizing your TextCortex and Zapier accounts.

How to get started with ZenoChat?

To start integrating the power of ZenoChat, which offers a customizable AI experience, with your tasks and reduce your workload, simply follow three simple steps;

• Create your free TextCortex account

• Install our browser extension

• Click the little purple bubble icon to activate ZenoChat on 30,000 websites

Click here to create your TextCortex account and start using its unique features, including ZenoChat.