Wordtune offers its users various features such as rewriting, paraphrasing, formal and casual tone changers, and continuation sentences. However, these features are difficult to use for other language speakers as they only generate English output. If you are looking for an AI writing assistant that has more features than Wordtune and can generate output in 25+ languages including Spanish, we recommend you try TextCortex.


  • Wordtune, an AI writing assistant, provides features such as rewriting, paraphrasing, and tone changer.
  • Wordtune is limited to English, making it difficult for non-English speakers.
  • TextCortex offers more features with 25+ languages, including Spanish.
  • TextCortex's features include paraphrasing, expanding sentences into paragraphs, summarizing documents up to 2,000 words, and translation.
  • TextCortex comes with a conversational AI called ZenoChat that can generate excellent output in 25+ languages including Spanish.

Brief Overview of Wordtune

Wordtune is valuable AI support for changing the wording of your texts and rewriting your sentences or adding follow-up sentences. You can paraphrase your written content or add continuation sentences using Wordtune's web application. Additionally, you can use Wordtune's browser extension on different websites for the same purposes.

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The first feature Wordtune offers is "Rewrite", which allows you to rephrase your sentences with different words. You can use Wordtune's "Rewrite" feature to avoid plagiarism and create original content.

This feature has an additional tool that converts your sentences into formal or casual tones. You can also summarize your longer text or turn your sentences into paragraphs. Unfortunately, you can summarize just one sentence using Wordtune's free plan, although it is insufficient to produce a satisfactory result. However, you can enrich your content by using its expand feature.


Wordtune's iconic feature, Spices, is basically a tool that writes continuation sentences in different tones or formats. With Spices, you can write paragraphs without pressing a single key on your keyboard. Spices' writing features include:

• Continue Writing: Continue your text with Wordtune

• Explain: Add a detailed explanation

• Emphasize: Reiterate your message

• Expand on: Expand on a requested topic

• Give an Example: Demonstrate your message

• Counterargument: Add an opposing opinion

• Define: Add an informative definition 

• Give an Analogy: Add a simple comparison

• Statistical Fact: Add supporting data (in my experience results may be disappointing)

• Make a Joke: Add comic relief

• Historical Fact: Add a fun fact from history

• Nature Fact: Add a fun fact about nature

• Inspirational Quote: Add a quote by a famous person

Wordtune Pricing

If you are trying to write content using Wordtune without paying, it is virtually impossible. Free-plan users are limited to creating only 10 sentences each day, and they can't use the tool to rewrite entire articles. So, although there is a free plan available, it may not be suitable for those looking for more comprehensive features. For just $25 a month, you can have access to all the features of Wordtune's premium plan. Enjoy unlimited use of the platform and all its functions.

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Does Wordtune Support Spanish?

Wordtune does not currently support the Spanish language, as it only outputs in English except for the Wordtune Spices feature. This limitation makes it impractical for speakers of other languages to use Wordtune for their academic or professional tasks.

Better Wordtune Alternative for Spanish: TextCortex

TextCortex, the AI assistant of your dreams, is available in 25+ languages including Spanish with high-quality, accurate and creative text generation skills. TextCortex is available as a web application and browser extension. You can paraphrase in Spanish, create text in Spanish, translate from/to Spanish, summarize, or expand Spanish texts, and even create outlines and meeting agendas in Spanish.

TextCortex Features for Spanish Users

Whether you're a professional or student looking to take advantage of the AI writing capabilities in Spanish, you can use TextCortex. It offers a wide range of features in 25+ languages, including French, to take your writing skills to the next level. What's more, it is integrated with 4000+ websites and apps, so you can use TextCortex no matter what website or app you are on.

Paraphrase Sentences in Spanish

Paraphrasing tools are essential for avoiding plagiarism, expressing someone else's ideas in different words, creating original sentences, improving writing and communication skills, and effectively conveying information to your audience. With TextCortex, you can easily paraphrase texts in over 25 languages, including Spanish, to help you achieve these goals.

To take advantage of TextCortex's paraphrasing tool, simply highlight the text you want to paraphrase and click the rewrite icon.

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Expand Content in Spanish

TextCortex can help you take your words and turn them into paragraphs. All you must do is highlight the content and click on "Expand". TextCortex utilizes its advanced language models and datasets to generate informative, creative, accurate, and high-quality paragraphs from your sentences. By using this tool, you can ensure that your thoughts are expressed smoothly and cohesively.

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Summarize Text in Spanish

Do you have a lengthy document that you need to quickly get the main points of? Our summarizing tool can help! It'll analyse your content, which can be up to 3,000 words long, and provide you with a list of key points in paragraphs. Plus, it'll give you an approximate reading time and word count so that you can easily track your progress.

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Translate to/from Spanish

If you want to translate to/from Spanish of any written content, you can utilize TextCortex's translation feature. Highlight the content you want to translate from/to Spanish and choose the language you want to translate. TextCortex will instantly translate it for you.

translate text Spanish

Text-to-Speech in Spanish

If you are in a situation where you cannot read a text but can listen to it, you can use our text-to-speech feature. Just like for every other feature of TextCortex, you can use our text-to-speech feature in 25+ languages, including Spanish.

ZenoChat – Spanish Conversational AI

Did you know that ZenoChat, the world's best conversational AI, offers a human-like conversation experience in 25+ languages, including Spanish? With ZenoChat's GPT-4 and Sophos language models and its web search feature, you can quickly complete your tasks for creating market copies, producing written content, and answering questions.

ZenoChat has 12 different personas that you can use to complete your various tasks. Each persona is designed for a different purpose; for example, you can use Lisa for improving your language skills or Rebecca for relationship advice. ZenoChat also lets you create your personal persona with the "Customize Your AI" and "Knowledge Connectors" features.

Zeno Assistant – Write Faster & Better in Spanish

If you are looking for an AI that you can use from beginning to finish of your writing tasks in 25+ languages, including Spanish, then Zeno Assistant is designed for you. With Zeno Assistant, you can complete your various tasks from outline creation to proofreading, from generating continuation sentences to fixing spelling and grammar. Zeno Assistant's features include:

• Fix Spelling & Grammar

• Make Texts Longer/Shorter

• Simplify the Language of Your Text

• Creating Blog Posts/Essays/Outlines/Social Media Posts

• Find Action Items/Meeting Agendas 

• Summarize/Break Down/Rewrite

• Continue Writing

Click here to install TextCortex in your browser and take advantage of its various features!