AI art generation is an effective solution in both social media and professional designs in today's world. By using these tools, it is possible to complete image, art and video tasks that will take 2 weeks in a few hours. Midjourney, the pioneer of AI art generators actively used in various sectors, announced its latest version, the v6 model. Midjourney v6 model comes with features such as more realistic and better overall quality, more accurate prompt following, and a brand-new style tuner.

In this article, we will discover what the Midjourney v6 model is and its capabilities. Ready? Let's dive in.


  • The Midjourney v6 model comes with various features and is still in the alpha phase.
  • You can integrate minor texts into images with the Midjourney v6 model.
  • Midjourney v6 can generate more realistic and detailed output than its predecessors.
  • Midjourney v6 offers subtle and creative upscale options.
  • Midjourney v6 is better for understanding prompts and following longer prompts.
  • If you want to create high-quality Midjourney v6 prompts, you need to relearn how to prompt it.
  • Using ZenoChat by TextCortex, you can smooth your Midjourney prompting relearn process and generate well-crafted prompts.

Midjourney V6 Review

Midjourney is an AI art generator that produces visual output by processing textual prompts. Since its announcement, it has received upgrades and improvements for more effective use. Midjourney has introduced a new version with every major upgrade. Midjourney V6, the latest of these versions, was released with the alpha version.

How to Use Midjourney V6?

Midjourney generates images using the V5.2 model by default. To activate the Midjourney v6 model and generate art or an image with it, you need to type "/settings" in any of the Midjourney Discord channels. Afterwards, you can select and customize the Midjourney v6 model from the dropdown menu in the message sent by the Midjourney Bot.

midjourney v6 review

What’s New in Midjourney V6?

The Midjourney V6 model has introduced an innovative feature that sets it apart from its predecessors - the ability to integrate text with images. In older models, users would often receive outputs containing messy words and incomplete letters when trying to generate images that contain text. However, thanks to the Midjourney V6, users can now generate images that include any text without encountering any errors. This enhancement has significantly expanded the potential applications of Midjourney v6.

Midjourney V6 is more successful in understanding longer prompts and following user prompts concisely than its previous models. It also has new features such as improved coherence, style tuner, and improved upscale.

Midjourney V6 Pricing

To utilize the Midjourney V6 model, you just need to subscribe to any of its plans. Midjourney pricing plans are:

• Basic Plan: $10/month

• Standard Plan: $30/month

• Pro Plan: $60/month

• Mega Plan: $120/month

Midjourney V6 New Features

Midjourney V6 comes with enhanced features and improvements compared to its predecessor, the V5 model. Midjourney V6 isn't just a new version; it's a big step forward in the quality and creativity capabilities of AI art generation. Midjourney V6 offers enhanced user experience, more creative outputs, improved realistic image generation, accurate color representation, and text integration.

Text in Images

Text in images has long been one of the biggest problems of Midjourney, it was having a hard time integrating those texts into images. Moreover, when you wanted to generate art containing text with Midjourney, the letters in the images would generally be incomplete and the words would be meaningless. No matter how hard you tried or edited your prompt, Midjourney could not integrate text into images.

midjourney v5 vs v6

With Midjourney V6, you can add text to any of your images and include textual content in your sample images, such as agendas. Here is an example prompt for Midjourney v6 “/imagine a photo of the text "Date" written with a marker on a sticky note --ar 16:9 --v 6”.


Hyperrealism, an art movement that became popular in the late 70s, is now one of the skills in which Midjourney is proficient. Midjourney was popular for generating gothic and artistic output. But with Midjourney V6, you can now generate realistic or hyper realistic outputs. With Midjourney, you can ensure that even the smallest details of the outputs you produce are realistic. Additionally, with this new feature, we see fewer errors in human renderings.

midjourney hyperrealism

Midjourney V6's realism feature does not reduce its creativity and stylistics. In other words, you can generate outputs containing both realism and surrealism with Midjourney V6.

Improved Upscales

In all Midjourney models, it is possible to generate variations of the outputs and upscale the variation you choose. Midjourney has taken things one step further and expanded your upscale options. You can now choose between "subtle" and "creative" modes when upscaling the outputs. You can find buttons for upscale modes under your images after clicking U1/U2/U3/U4.

Enhanced Prompting

Midjourney V6 prompting is significantly different and newer than V5. For this reason, you need to relearn how to prompt Midjourney. Midjourney V6's advanced prompt-following feature makes it more sensitive to user input. For this reason, we recommend that you do not add words such as “photorealistic, 4K, 8K” to your prompts. If you want your output to be realistic, you should use the "-- style raw" parameter.

What is the Midjourney Prompt?

Midjourney v6 is an AI tool that follows prompts to generate unique and new image output. If you want to get the image that you need with Midjourney, you must write high-quality and clear prompts. Since Midjourney v6 has a different prompting method than previous models, you will need to relearn Midjourney prompting. No need to worry, the parameters you have already learned still work, but you need to stop using extra words like “8K, 4K, realistic, photorealistic, surrealistic, gothic” to describe the outputs.

Midjourney Settings

Since Midjourney v6 settings will greatly affect your prompts, you need to take a look at its settings before you start crafting your prompts. Midjourney v6 settings allow you to edit its style and variation modes. Thanks to Midjourney v6 settings, you can make your output realistic or surrealistic.

Using ZenoChat for Midjourney Prompts

Since Midjourney v6 is more capable of following text prompts and producing concise output, you should enhance and rewrite your prompts accordingly. Thanks to ZenoChat by TextCortex, you can make use of templates to create prompts suitable for Midjourney v6.

chatgpt for midjourney prompts

ZenoChat offers a fully customizable AI experience thanks to our “Individual Personas” and “Knowledge Bases'' features. You can train ZenoChat as a “Midjourney Prompt Engineer” using our Knowledge Bases feature. Thus, you can turn Zeno into an AI assistant that will reduce your workload by 12x and speed up your process in Midjourney prompting tasks.