Have you ever wanted to create artwork without using brushes, canvases, painting software, and drawing tablets? What if I told you that you don't need to practice drawing for years and use quality drawing tablets to create the design you have in mind? With the development of Generative AI, you can create artwork with just simple commands and sentences. You can use Midjourney, the AI tool that creates artwork from textual descriptions!

In this article, we'll take a look at what Midjourney is and how it works.


  • Midjourney is an AI tool that converts natural language inputs into visual outputs.
  • Midjourney generates four different images for your prompts. You can get variations of each of these images or upscale them.
  • If you want to use Midjourney effectively, you should write a very specific prompt with lots of details.
  • You can use ZenoChat to generate well-structured and detailed Midjourney prompts.

Midjourney 101

Midjourney, Inc., an independent research lab based in San Francisco, released its artificial intelligence service on July 12th, 2022—in open beta. This service is capable of generating images based on natural language descriptions called "prompts". Midjourney stands out for creating futuristic, gothic, and distinctive artworks.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is a generative AI tool that converts natural language descriptions, called prompts, into images. What makes Midjourney popular is its unique ability to generate dark tones, fantastic themes, and a sci-fi atmosphere. With Midjourney, you can turn your idea into a visual—as Pablo Picasso said: “Everything you can imagine is real.”

what is midjourney?

Is Midjourney Free?

It is possible to use Midjourney for free. You are allowed to produce a total of 0.4 hours worth of art in the Midjourney free trial, approximately 6-10 artworks. If you want to use Midjourney more, you must choose one of three pricing plans.

Is Midjourney Legit?

Midjourney uses open-source data on the internet to generate images/artworks. In other words, Midjourney generates art using completely legal sources. Anyone who has been involved in art and drawing at some point in their life knows that it is in the nature of art creation to be inspired by other people's works. Midjourney produces a creative and unique product based on visuals in the public knowledge base.

Pablo Picasso famously said: “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.” This sentence is quite common in the art world. However, Midjourney takes inspiration from other artists' works rather than copying or stealing them. In this context, Midjourney's AI develops and produces using knowledge—just like other artists.

How does Midjourney Work?

Although Midjourney has not explained in detail how it works, we do have a few insights into its generating system. Midjourney uses the diffusion process to convert prompts into visual data using machine learning and generative AI technologies.

How Do You Use Midjourney?

You must first sign up with Discord to be able to use Midjourney. Discord is a communication software that you can use as both a web app and a desktop app. Then, you can start using Midjourney on Discord by creating an account on Midjourney's official website.

After entering the Midjourney server on Discord, you can click on one of the "newbies" rooms and type your prompt by entering the "/imagine" command.

After entering your prompt in Midjourney, you will get four different images. Although these images are in different styles, they remain faithful to your prompt. Then you can upscale the image you want or get its variations.

how to use midjourney


Midjourney generates four different artworks according to your prompt. Below this artwork, you will see buttons labelled U1, U2, U3 and U4. These buttons are designed to increase the resolution quality of the artwork you choose.

Example prompt: white background, illustrated full body, front view, female in jeans and high heals, travelling in the city, 8K, flat image, artistic, style of classic french movie poster art, UI, use colors HEX E91E29 and 1C1A31 --q 2 --v 5 --s 750 -
midjourney prompts

U4 of Image:

midjourney upscaling


When Midjourney produces an output according to your prompt, you will see V1, V2, V3, and V4 buttons at the bottom of the output. These buttons allow you to create variations of the image you choose. By selecting one of the four artworks that Midjourney offers you, you can get four new artworks that are more similar to it.

Example prompt: Realistic anime style of exquisitely beautiful goddess woman, 25 years old, angel wings, long straight brown hair, hyper detailed, harajuku fashion, futuristic fashion, colorful reflective fabric inner
midjourney anime prompts

V2 of Image:

anime midjourney prompts

What is Midjourney V5?

Midjourney released its final version, V5, on March 15. Midjourney V5 enables artificial intelligence to understand your prompts more clearly. In addition, it generates higher resolution and better-quality outputs. The Midjourney V5 model is better than the V4 at understanding natural language prompts and producing output according to them.

There are two methods for using Midjourney V5. The first of these methods is to add the V5 command to your prompt. The second method is typing `/settings` in Discord and choosing the MJ option. Then, choose MJ 5 in the menu that appears and click `Apply`.

What is the Midjourney Prompt?

Midjourney is an AI tool that uses prompts to generate artwork. If you want to get artwork with Midjourney, you must first create a prompt. With these prompts, you can define the image in your mind and enable the artificial intelligence to generate artwork according to your text-based descriptions.

Prompts, in the simplest terms, are short texts that Midjourney Bot uses to generate images. In other words, you need to use a prompt to communicate with Midjourney Bot.

Using ZenoChat for Midjourney Prompts

Midjourney needs prompts with detailed definitions to generate the image the user wants. Generating these prompts is often the most tedious part of using Midjourney. If you want to create the image in your mind with Midjourney, you need detailed prompts. 

Guess what the world's best conversational AI can do about it! You can use ZenoChat to generate these prompts. Thanks to natural language processing and machine learning, ZenoChat can generate detailed and descriptive prompts from your input of just a few words.

chatgpt for midjourney

Come up with an Idea and let ZenoChat Take it Further

ZenoChat, which we have designed to meet all your needs, can detail your prompts for you. Also, you don't need to leave Discord to get a prompt. You can use the command “Expand the following sentence to form an image generation prompt: [write a sentence or just throw words]” by opening ZenoChat in the Discord tab of your browser. ZenoChat will use its generative AI magic to generate detailed prompts for you.

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