When you work as a software developer, it is very common to run into bugs. In these situations going on forums such as Stack Overflow can be lifesaver; fellow programmers participating there, exchanging useful information with each other. It's always a nice thing to get an extra hand.

With the recent trends like ChatGPT or Github Copilot, there is an increased trend towards automating your workflows or accessing to needed information very quickly by just asking questions or explaining your requests to an AI tool.

AI-assisted innovations are serving to make it easier for us with tedious chores by permitting us to make use of AI when we find ourselves stuck with issues.

Introducing: Developer Mode

So.. How do you get help instantly when you are stuck? Or automate your workflow just a little as a software developer? TextCortex's Developer Mode was designed as an AI companion to help you out with your coding journey.

What programming languages does Developer Mode support?

We currently support multiple programming languages including Python, Javascript, Go, PHP, Java along with SQL and Regex.

How do you use Developer Mode?

Developer mode can be accessed through Creator Suite by clicking on the TextCortex Icon and selecting Developer Mode within the tabs. Additionally, if you are already on a webpage where you can write some code, it will automatically open up Developer Mode when you click on our icon at the right bottom corner.

Popular Use Cases for Developer Mode

Our Developer Mode can be used for many purposes for different needs including generating Python codes, building SQL queries, coming up with Regex patterns and so on.

Python Code Generator

Coming up with Python codes when stuck can help you streamline your coding processes. For example, you can quickly implement a function that computes the size of a file called "filepath" by just literally describing this and clicking on the Generate button. Or you can generate a function to compute the accuracy of predictions using metrics from sklearn. The only limit is your imagination.

python code generator

Javascript Code Generator

JavaScript is an interpreted programming language of advanced level. Additionally, it is distinctive for being dynamic, loosely typed, based on prototyping and applicable to more than one computing model. On our Developer Mode, explaning what you want to create with JavaScript is the way to go. You can turn your written prompts into code blocks almost instantly.

javascript code generator

SQL Query Builder

TextCortex Developer Mode also introduces an SQL Query builder for you to create beautiful queries. Especially if you are a non-engineer person, we know that it is even harder to create complex queries. With the help of our Developer Mode, now you can just explain what data you want to see on your database.

  1. Describe your table, its rows and columns.
  2. Describe what you want to see from that database
  3. Click on Generate SQL Query
SQL Query builder

Don't forget to check out other programming languages and generate codes there. We hope that this introduction has been helpful for you to get a first impression of our newest addition to the Creator Suite: Developer Mode. We are looking forward to your feedback to improve it even further.