Are you excited about the idea of creating an AI chatbot that you can use in your tasks and customize as you wish? Thanks to AI chatbot creators, you can build your own AI chatbot that you can use in various sectors, from your daily tasks to business tasks. Moreover, you do not need to learn Python or have a technical background to use AI chatbot creators!

In this article, we will explore what AI chatbot creators are and what you can create with them.


  • AI chatbot creators are platforms or applications that allow you to build your own digital assistant.
  • AI chatbot creators allow you to change the trained data and output style of existing large language models.
  • With AI chatbot creators, you can build AI chatbots for various purposes such as personal tutor, customer service, and co-assistant.
  • ZenoChat by TextCortex allows you to create custom chatbots suitable for different use cases with its advanced features and top-tier language understanding.

What is a GPT Builder?

A GPT Builder is a platform or software that is used to build a personal chatbot and integrate it into different apps and websites such as your customer service. While some AI chatbot creators require you to know coding languages, other advanced AI chatbot creators are easy to use as drag and drop.

gpt builder

How Do GPT Builders Work?

GPT builders / chatbot creators are tools that allow you to personalize large language models (LLMs) for specific purposes. These tools allow you to customize various functions of AI chatbots, from their trained data to their output style. Thus, instead of coding an LLM from scratch, you can use existing LLMs by personalizing them according to your needs.

Why Do You Need to Create a Custom AI Chatbot?

AI chatbot creators allow you to build AI chatbots that you can use in your personal tasks, making both your daily and professional life easier. There are a few solid reasons to take advantage of custom AI chatbots;

  • Custom AI chatbots can imitate your tone of voice.
  • They offer support in multiple languages.
  • They can lighten your daily workload.
  • They can assist you with a variety of tasks.
  • Custom AI chatbots can increase your productivity by 12 times.
  • Custom AI chatbots can generate new and unique ideas to spark your creativity.
  • Custom AI chatbots allow you to train them with the data you want.

What can You Build with AI Chatbot Creators?

It is possible to build AI chatbots for any purpose through AI chatbot creators. Using them, you can build an assistant that will help you with data analysis or organize your agenda. Let's take a closer look at what you can build with AI chatbot creators.

Personal Tutor

If you want to practice a subject or learn a new language, you can create an AI tutor to assist you by using AI chatbot creators. You can train your AI tutor with online accessible language learning data and adjust its personality as a professor or tutor. Thus, you can boost your learning process and discover a new and fun way to learn.

Moreover, you can use the AI tutor that you created with AI chatbot creators to practice the subjects or language you have learned. Your AI tutor will determine your learning level and prepare a personalized practice session.

Customer Service

When it comes to increasing your customer loyalty and satisfaction, AI chatbots are your most dedicated assistant. With AI chatbot creators, you can build an AI chatbot for your business and assign it to customer service tasks. Since you can train the AI chatbot with your business's data, it will avoid generating hallucinating or misinformative output.

Virtual Co-Assistant

You can build a personal co-assistant with AI chatbot creators to help you complete repetitive and tedious tasks, such as writing emails. By training your personal co-assistant to imitate your own tone of voice, you can leave the heavy lifting to it and make the outputs ready for use by editing them a little.

We recommend that you use custom AI chatbots to create a foundation that you can build upon, instead of relying on them to complete the entire task. This approach can help you avoid repetitive results and potential errors.

ZenoChat – Create Your AI Chatbot

ZenoChat is a conversational AI developed by TextCortex and designed to help users complete their tasks in both professional and daily life. Moreover, ZenoChat is a practical solution to reduce your workload with its unique features. ZenoChat is available as a web application and browser extension. Its browser extension is integrated with 30,000+ websites and apps such as Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram. So, it can continue to support you wherever you are on the internet.

Create Your Personal AI

ZenoChat comes with the "Knowledge Bases" and "Individual Personas" features, which allow you to customize it as you wish.

Using the Knowledge Bases feature, you can upload or connect the datasets that ZenoChat will use to generate output. Thanks to this feature, ZenoChat can help users complete tasks such as data analysis, summarization, translation, and multiple document comparisons. Moreover, with this feature, you can ensure that ZenoChat produces output using only the resources you provide and use it in tasks such as customer service, personal tutor, and writing assistant.

Using the Individual Personas feature, you can customize ZenoChat's parameters such as output style, tone of voice and sentence length. For example, you can build a co-assistant with this feature that uses your tone of voice and use it to automate repetitive tasks such as email writing.

Automate Your Tasks

After creating your own AI chatbot with ZenoChat's customization features, you can automate your specific tasks. ZenoChat offers and Zapier integrations that allow you to automate a variety of tasks. By connecting your TextCortex account with your Zapier and accounts, you can easily begin automating your tasks.

Get Started with ZenoChat

Actively using ZenoChat on 30,000+ websites and building your own AI chatbot is a straightforward and easy process. Here is how:

Create Your Free TextCortex Account

• Install Our Browser Extension

• Experience All TextCortex Features with Your Free Daily 10 Creations

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