The era of preparing manual presentations with PowerPoint predated the development of AI. Nowadays, it is possible to prepare professional and visually engaging presentations with a few prompts using AI technologies. If you want to prepare AI-powered presentations, Tome AI is one of the first AI presentation tools that come to mind. However, despite all its features, Tome AI has flaws such as generic text generation. Fortunately, Tome AI is not the only AI presentation tool on the market!

In this article, we will explain what Tome AI is and explore the best AI presentation tool alternatives.

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  • Tome AI is an AI presentation platform designed for marketing and sales teams.
  • Tome AI analyses the text input provided by users and creates presentations that include text and visuals.
  • Tome AI provides over 100 AI presentation templates designed for various use cases.
  • If you are seeking an alternative AI presentation tool to Tome AI, consider Gamma, Simplified, Canva, and Slides AI.
  • TextCortex can help you create a well-structured presentation outline and copyright-free visuals for your presentation.

Introduction to Tome AI Presentation Desk

Tome AI defines itself as an AI research and presentation platform for marketing and sales teams. Tome AI aims to reduce the workload of its users and help them prepare interesting and visually stunning presentations. Tome AI uses generative AI when preparing presentations for its users.

Tome AI Features

Tome AI analyses textual inputs and generates presentations containing both visuals and text for its users. In other words, Tome AI offers both text generation and image generation features to its users. Moreover, Tome AI also has AI presentation templates designed for different use cases. By using these templates, you can significantly reduce your workload and maximize your overall efficiency.

Benefits of Tome AI

Tome AI makes it easier to complete presentation-based tasks such as presentations, sales pitches, research reports, landing pages, and product design reviews. It is possible to complete these tasks within hours with Tome AI, which would otherwise take days or even weeks to complete manually.

Moreover, Tome AI offers integration with popular applications such as Google Images, YouTube, and Google Sheets. Thus, you can embed videos into your presentations or transfer your presentation to Google Sheets.

Tome AI Pricing

Tome AI offers its users three different pricing plans: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. Although the Tome AI Basic pricing plan is free to use, it offers limited features. The Tome AI Professional pricing plan allows you to unlock all Tome AI features. Tome AI Enterprise pricing plan, designed for companies and organizations, offers several customization options.

Tome AI Pricing

How TextCortex Can Help You with Presentations

TextCortex can help you with drafting the first outline of your presentation, generate copyright-free images with the power of DALL-E 3 inside ZenoChat.

Best Tome AI Alternatives in 2024

Although Tome AI is an effective AI-powered solution for preparing presentations for a wide range of tasks, it does not cover all tasks. If you're wondering about the best Presentation AI tools you can use instead of Tome AI, we've got you covered. Let's take a closer look at the 4 best Tome AI alternatives.

1- Slides AI

If you are working with Google Slides and want to enhance your working process, Slides AI is designed for you. Slides AI is an extension for Google Chrome that is designed to improve your Google Slides experience.

slides AI

You don't need design skills, a complex setup process, or spending hours to use Slides AI. Simply install the Slides AI Chrome extension and open a new Google Slide document. Afterwards, you can open the Slides AI interface by clicking on the “Extensions” tab. After accessing the Slides AI interface, simply write a text describing your presentation topic, select the presentation type and enter the number of slides. Slides AI will generate a high-quality and engaging presentation using the information you provide.

2- Canva AI

Canva, the popular design platform, has introduced an AI feature that can enhance your presentations. While it doesn't create entire presentations automatically, it greatly assists in preparing your slides. With Canva AI, you can easily complete any visual task, including generating images in the specific artistic style and aspect ratio you require.

In addition to the AI feature, Canva provides a range of presentation tools that allow you to perfect your slides and create professional-level presentations. Overall, Canva AI is a powerful tool to revolutionize your slide preparation process.

canva AI

In addition to artificial intelligence features, Canva also offers presentation templates. Among these templates, you can choose the one that suits your needs and topic and start creating presentations or slides. Although Canva's presentation templates are not AI-powered, they are an effective way to reduce your workload.

3- Simplified

Simplified is an AI tool library that offers various AI solutions to its users. One of the AI tools that Simplified offers is "Presentation Maker". This feature aims to generate unique slides and presentations containing both text and visuals by analysing textual inputs.

To generate presentations via Simplified, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. On the Simplified Dashboard, click "Generate with AI" and select "AI Presentation."
  2. Write your topic and hit "Generate."
  3. Customize the output.

4- Gamma AI

If you are looking for an AI tool that is visually impressive, easy to use and focuses only on presentation, Gamma is the way to go. Gamma offers its users three features that have the same functionality:

  • Paste in Text: Create a presentation from outline, notes, or existing contents.
  • Generate: Create a presentation from a one-line prompt.
  • Import a File: Create a presentation from a document.
Gamma AI

While Gamma generates presentations of up to 10 slides for free, the Plus subscription charges $10 per month for presentations of up to 15 slides, and the Pro subscription charges $20 per month for presentations of up to 30 slides.

gamma ai pricing

When you enter a topic on which you want to prepare a presentation for Gamma, it will create an outline for you. You can delete or customize the slides in these outlines. Moreover, you can choose the text density, image source or image license in your slides from the presentation outline screen. Afterwards, you can generate an AI-powered presentation in a few minutes by clicking the “Continue” button.

gamma ai

Gamma's biggest advantage over other AI presentation tools is its easy-to-use user interface. This interface offers users various customization options in an eye-catching and simple design.