In today's fast-evolving enterprise landscape, the decision to build or buy technological solutions is pivotal. This decision becomes even more critical when considering AI systems. Many enterprises find themselves questioning whether to develop custom AI tools in-house, akin to a ChatGPT-like assistant, or to invest in a pre-built solution. In this article, we will explore the compelling reasons why TextCortex is the ideal partner for empowering your business with cutting-edge AI systems that can integrate with your company knowledge.

The Complexity of Building In-House AI Systems

Building an AI system in-house comes with a myriad of challenges:

  1. Significant Investment in Resources: Developing, deploying, and maintaining AI models demands a substantial amount of dedicated engineering resources.
  2. Validation Difficulties: Given the probabilistic nature of Generative AI, testing and validation can be extremely complex.
  3. Rapid Obsolescence: The fast-paced advancement in AI means that in-house systems can quickly become outdated, necessitating ongoing updates.
  4. High Costs: Hiring and maintaining a team of specialized AI engineers and the necessary infrastructure can be prohibitively expensive.

Take BloombergGPT's adventure, which is rumored to have cost around 10m EUR to solely train and yet was quickly outpaced by general models as a study by Queen’s University found.

Ask yourself: Does your company have the time and capital to reinvent the wheel?

It's a clear signal that not every organization should construct its own roadways when there are highways - like TextCortex - already paving the way to success with optimized, up-to-date, and cost-effective AI solutions. 

buy vs build generative ai for enterprises

Taking into account these challenges, the quest to innovate by building your AI in-house can be a daunting and costly endeavor, often more so than initially anticipated.

Why Choose TextCortex Over Building Yourself?

TextCortex presents a robust alternative to the challenges of in-house AI development by offering a proven, reliable AI solution designed to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises. Here’s why TextCortex stands out:

  1. Opportunity Cost and Speed: Building an in-house AI solution can take at least 6 to 12 months, while the AI landscape is shifting every 2 to 3 months. By choosing TextCortex, companies can rapidly integrate a proven system without losing time on development and can immediately start reaping competitive advantages.
  2. Talent Acquisition and Cost: The cost of building an AI team is substantial, with the average AI talent costing around $160k per year per employee in the US. TextCortex eliminates the need for such high-level investments, providing access to top-tier AI capabilities without the recruitment hassle.
  3. Quality and Reliability: TextCortex's models have been fine-tuned over years, ensuring coherent and useful outputs, backed by 1000+ reviews on platforms like G2, Capterra, and Google Web Store. Compared to custom builds which struggle to deliver sensible answers, TextCortex provides high-quality, relevant responses.
  4. Knowledge Retrieval: TextCortex addresses the issue of AI "hallucination" with optimized knowledge bases, allowing for tailored and precise AI generations.
  5. Response Time: Efficient processing is critical. TextCortex ensures engagement and value creation by maintaining swift response times under 5 seconds.
  6. Cost-Effective Scalability: With the ongoing GPU shortages increasing hardware costs, TextCortex offers a solution that circumvents the need for costly infrastructure investments.
  7. Consistency and Trustworthiness: Unlike certain providers like OpenAI, which have faced criticisms for depreciating models, TextCortex guarantees continuous and optimal performance of its models.

Unmatched Features and Benefits

Choosing TextCortex brings a wealth of advantages:

  • Proven Interface: Trusted by a global user base, TextCortex AI assists users to save significant time by directly interacting with relevant knowledge, thereby enhancing productivity.
  • Industry-Leading Education: TextCortex has empowered over 6 million people worldwide with its extensive educational materials, available in multiple languages.
  • Top Rated Platform: With ratings of 4/5 on major review platforms such as G2, Capterra and Chrome Web Store, TextCortex's reputation speaks volumes about its reliability and efficiency.
  • Multilingual Support: TextCortex supports over 25 languages, facilitating seamless global usage for multinational teams.
  • Customizable AI: TextCortex’s AI evolves from general intelligence to personalized intelligence, aligning with the specific style, knowledge, and needs of its users.
  • Model Aggregation: Constant updates ensure that TextCortex integrates the latest models, with customizable geographies for data center locations.

In conclusion, while the decision to build in-house AI systems might initially seem appealing, the complexities, costs, and maintenance efforts often outweigh the benefits.

TextCortex offers a refined, efficient, and cost-effective solution that empowers enterprises to harness cutting-edge AI capabilities without the associated burdens of building from scratch. By choosing TextCortex, businesses can focus on their core goals, drive innovation, and enjoy unparalleled support and updates in the dynamic world of AI.