If you want to talk to a community and inform them about a new topic or introduce your new idea to them, a presentation is the ideal way. Whatever your purpose, if you want to convey your message effectively, your presentations should be attention-grabbing and creative. Fortunately, developing AI technology has unlocked new methods of preparing presentations. For example, Tome AI is a functional AI tool that focuses entirely on presentation creation.

In this article, we will introduce Tome AI which will help your presentation process!

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  • Tome AI is an AI tool that uses generative AI to simplify the presentation preparation process.
  • Tome AI aims to reduce the workload of its users and boost their efficiency with its advanced capabilities.
  • In addition to producing AI presentations, Tome also offers AI templates covering various categories from marketing to education.
  • If you are looking for a customizable AI assistant with more features than Tome AI, TextCortex is the way to go.
  • In addition to advanced AI writing features, TextCortex also offers a customizable and web-enabled conversational AI called ZenoChat.
  • In addition to ZenoChat's writing and research capabilities, it also has an AI art generation feature.

What is Tome AI?

Tome AI is a practical and innovative AI tool that brings new perspectives and convenience to presentation preparation. With its advanced generative capabilities, Tome AI is designed for you to prepare high-quality and interesting presentations. Tome AI aims to accelerate the entire process and reduce your workload by combining generative AI with presentation.

Tome ai

Advantages of Tome AI

Preparing presentations via Tome AI and using these presentations in your daily or professional life comes with lots of advantages.

The first of these advantages is that Tome AI noticeably speeds up your presentation preparation process. Tome AI can produce all the content you may need in a presentation by generating both visual and text output. Moreover, producing this content is as easy as writing a prompt. Thus, you can spend more time on your presentation preparation by minimizing the presentation preparation time.

Another advantage of Tome AI is its integration with popular tools such as Google Images or large language model APIs. Thus, you can both produce high-quality images and generate unique and professional texts. Since Tome AI generates output with algorithms and parameters, it may generate generic or non-original content.

Use Cases of Tome AI

Tome AI is an AI tool that significantly simplifies and speeds up the process of creating presentations. These features of Tome AI make it suitable for many use cases. For instance, if you need to create a presentation about a specific topic in your academic life, Tome AI can help. Some of the use cases of Tome AI include:

  • Sales pitch
  • Sales forecast
  • Sales report
  • Landing pages
  • Press kits
  • Lecture
  • Research report
  • Group project
  • Professional portfolio
  • Product design review
  • Freelance pitch
  • Weekly company updates

Tome AI Pricing

Tome AI offers three different pricing plans to its users: Basic, Professional and Enterprise. The Basic pricing plan is a plan that does not charge any fees but offers very few features. The Basic plan only offers manual editing, browse templates and unlimited sharing features to its users.

On the other hand, Tome AI's Professional pricing plan offers features such as AI generation, design tools, 100+ templates, customized branding, and export to PDF for $20 per month. Tome AI Enterprise pricing plan, on the other hand, offers features such as custom data integration and AI output tuning in addition to all the features of the Professional plan.

Tome AI Pricing

Tome AI Features

Tome AI is an AI tool that offers AI solutions in categories such as marketing, sales, startup, product, personal and education, both personal and professional tasks. If you are curious about Tome AI's features, let's examine them together!

Tome AI Presentation Desk

Tome AI is designed to improve the presentation preparation process for users and increase their efficiency. In other words, you can use Tome AI to prepare interesting and creative presentations.

With its advanced generative AI capabilities, Tome AI can produce everything you might need in a presentation by generating both textual and visual output. This way, you can ensure that your presentations have unique visuals. However, since Tome AI's text generation feature produces output using generic patterns, it may generate non-unique or misinformative output. For this reason, we recommend that you always double-check the texts you produce using Tome AI.

Tome AI Templates

Tome AI offers AI templates not only for preparing presentations but also for various content types such as landing pages, research reports, resumes, work portfolios, invoice templates, marketing sites, and job descriptions. Using Tome AI, you can produce AI templates in the following categories:

  • Founder
  • Creative
  • Design
  • Product
  • Sales & Pitch Decks
  • Personal
  • Themes
  • Education
  • Career
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
Tome AI templates

Tome AI Integrations

Tome AI allows integration with third-party apps so that you can enhance the outputs you produce using advanced AI features or use them in specific cases. For example, if you want to embed a YouTube video into a template you created with Tome AI, you can use Tome AI's YouTube integration. Tome AI offers the following integrations:

  • Spline
  • YouTube
  • Figma
  • Twitter
  • Miro
  • Framer
  • Typeform
  • Mode
  • Google Sheets

How TextCortex Can Help You with Presentations

TextCortex can help you with drafting the first outline of your presentation, generate copyright-free images with the power of DALL-E 3 inside ZenoChat.

ZenoChat - The Most Customizable AI Copilot

TextCortex comes with a customizable conversational AI called ZenoChat. With ZenoChat, you can produce any type of written content, generate output by using the entire internet as a data source, or edit your existing texts.

ZenoChat offers a fully customizable AI experience thanks to our "Individual Personas" and "Knowledge Bases" features. Our "Individual Personas" feature allows you to customize ZenoChat's output style, tone of voice, and personality as you wish. Using this feature, you can build your own digital twin and use it to complete your tasks.

Our “Knowledge Bases” feature allows you to upload or connect data sets that ZenoChat will use to generate output. Thus, you can adapt ZenoChat for your specific use cases or chat with your PDFs through it. Moreover, this feature also has an integration option that allows you to integrate all your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive data.