Working with the World's Largest Cross-Channel Advertising Platform

Our client is a successful enterprise sales director working with the world’s largest e-commerce cross-channel advertising platform.

Their technology joins forces with top-tier marketing professionals to design a plan that is tailored to their customers’ business goals. Thousands of sellers from all over the world rely on their comprehensive optimization method to make the most of their selling advertising across multiple platforms, fully integrated and at scale.

Sales is a demanding profession that requires a lot of hard work and commitment. Excellent communication skills are needed to build relationships with potential customers and, of course, high motivation and a drive to succeed are essential to close deals and reach quotas.

The Pain of Email Writing

In the current digital age, writing emails is part of quite literally any job. Whether you’re communicating with colleagues or customers, email is one of the most common forms of workplace communication. While some people may be natural born email writers, others may find the task a bit more daunting.

"I write an incredible amount of emails for business, targeting CEOs, founders of organizations and I often need to check my tone and make sure I’m not coming across too casual or too aggressive."

Crafting an engaging email and ensuring the overall tone is appropriate can be challenging, especially when corresponding with influential individuals or potential/existing clients.

But what makes an email sound professional? Here are a few basic tips:

  1. Keep your subject lines short but meaningful: the receiver should understand right away why you are contacting them.
  2. Address the receiver appropriately: a simple “hi” or “hello” can work wonders as they’re not too formal nor casual options.
  3. Make your email easy to read: include indentations or spaces between paragraphs to facilitate reading and skimming. Make sure the most important information is at the start of each paragraph so the receiver can quickly identify your key points.
  4. Mention topics that were discussed previously: if you had the opportunity to converse with the recipient prior to your email, bring up something you discussed that was distinctive. Most likely, they already had a lot of exchanges with other people so anything you can say that will jog their memory of you is advantageous.

TextCortex Is Unrivaled

After trying out other tools, our client has tested TextCortex to make his email writing process less of a pain and he claims our AI companion has worked wonders for him.

The thing he was most satisfied with and surprised about are the algorithms used by TextCortex to create content, edit emails and support his overall daily communication.

TextCortex combines advanced NLG alghoritms (trained with billions of lines of text) with proven marketing practices to grant you the best AI software for content creation.

“I’ve tried many AI writing tools, literally the only one that seems to work well for me is TextCortex. I recommended it to all my colleagues, to my business. It couldn’t be easier, it couldn’t be faster”.

Moreover, our AI tool can also be used to quickly come up with text messages to send to your colleagues, family or friends. Our client has tested this specific function to send a message to his mom about plans, to make sure that his tone came across right, and he was wholly happy with the outcome.

Write Emails in Seconds with TextCortex

The TextCortex toolbar has a bullet point to email feature: it allows you to highlight 3 to 5 bullet points and turn them into a meaningful message!

Additionally, our tone changer feature has 13 different options that will allow you to pick the most suitable tone for your email.

Quick AI Reply Feature

Communication can be a hassle, especially when you're dealing with a heavy inbox: that's why we have developed an AI-powered feature that generates sparkling email replies in an instant!

Whether you're responding to a client, colleague, or potential customer, our system tailors its responses to match the tone and context of your email.

Moreover, you will be able to use our Persona feature outside of our virtual assistant ZenoChat for the very first time! This will allow you to further personalize your email replies and make sure they always sound exactly how you want them to.

A Marketplace Of Possibilities

Our vast selection of 1.000+ AI templates are formulated to facilitate the production of various forms of written content, from blog articles, to emails and landing page outlines.

The TextCortex Marketplace offers an extensive variety of top-level prompts, grouped by category and occupation for easier filtering, all in a user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, our users can develop their own prompt templates with ease through our user-friendly and intuitive template creator. This handy tool allows for customized templates to be published by anyone using our platform.

Our templates can assist you in generating and maintaining a variety of topics both beneficial and appealing, while making sure that the open rate of your emails is high.

ZenoChat: Fully Customizable Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, Zenochat will help sales professionals by analyzing customer data to identify patterns and trends, creating personalized messaging for prospects and generally streamlining sales processes, increasing efficiency and providing valuable insights.

Zenochat can also help sales professionals to identify areas where they can differentiate themselves to gain a competitive advantage and predict future sales trends by analyzing past sales data and current industry trends.


The Individual Personas section of our App allows you to customize your AI experience according to your preferred communication style, a great option regardless of whether the user is an individual or a business.

Once you have created your own persona, your new virtual brand representative will be able to tell your customers all about your vision, your brand's goals and how your business plans on achieving them.

All while sounding exactly how you want it to!

Reach a Wider Audience as a Non Native Speaker

Translating content is important for sales professionals to reach a wider audience, improve customer experience and enhance brand reputation.

Fortunately, both the TextCortex toolbar and sidebar have a translation feature that supports 28 languages!

Automate 70% of Your Work on 30.000+ Platforms

Over 250.000 words are created using TextCortex every single day.

Our AI tool will generate the perfect content with just a few indicators, taking about 70% of work off your shoulders.

Additionally, TextCortex AI is a product designed to adapt to each and everyone of its users: the more you use it, the more TextCortex will learn about your writing style and provide more personalized outputs.

As a sales professional, you can use TextCortex on 30.000+ platforms and connect Zeno with thousands more apps via Zapier!

What are you waiting for? Join the writing revolution now!