Are you interested in learning how Wordtune and would fare in a battle of the paraphrasing titans?

Look nowhere else.

Both Wordtune and Jasper are currently well-known AI writing tools on the market.

Unfortunately, both severely restrict the features that can be used with their free plans.

Jasper also requires credit card details for a 7-day free trial.

That can be problematic, because many people are reluctant to pay for services they are unsure will provide the required assistance.

Today we will present you an in-depth Wordtune vs Jasper comparison that will assist you in deciding if these tools are trustworthy purchasing.

You will discover their key attributes, advantages and disadvantages, prices, and possible alternatives.

Let's get down to it!

What Is Wordtune?

Wordtune is a writing assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that can comprehend the meaning of text concepts and provide recommendations on making your writing more understandable, convincing, and authentic.

Who Is Wordtune For?

Wordtune is for anyone who wants error-free, engaging, and easy-to-understand writing.

Whether you're a freelance writer, student, or content marketer, this tool might benefit you.

So, let's check what features Wordtune offers to you.

Wordtune's Key Features

The Wordtune tool has two add-ons: the Wordtune Rewriter and the Wordtune Read. Here are the characteristics of both:

Rewrite Feature

You can use the rewrite function to suggest alternative ways of phrasing your content, whether a full sentence or just a single word.

Casual and Formal Mode 

You can get writing suggestions in a formal or informal tone, depending on what you're trying to accomplish.

You can tailor your writing style to suit your needs using this function within the Wordtune Editor.

Shorten & Expand Feature

The 'Shorten' option is helpful if you need to convey essential details in a condensed form from a longer sentence.

However, you can use the 'Expand' function to add more information to a sentence and make it sound more convincing.


The 'Summarizer' feature, also known as the 'Read' extension, is accessible through its dedicated plugin.

It's a tool for quickly sifting through any text, online or offline, and identifying the key points.

Wordtune’s Pros & Cons


✅ It's a website-compatible plugin.

✅ Wordtune Editor works in all browsers without plugins.

✅ Grammar correction tips are provided.

✅ Lists sentence synonyms.

✅ It ensures consistently reliable rewriting output.

✅ Summarizers speed up lengthy research projects.

✅ You can leverage the summarizer on any URL with the summarizer plugin.


🚫 It can't paraphrase the content in bulk.

🚫 Wordtune can't generate newly fresh content, but only improve it.

🚫 Summarizer extension requires additional sign-up.

Wordtune's Pricing

Wordtune Rewriter Pricing Plans

Wordtune Rewriter offers one free and 2 pricing plans:

Wordtune Read Pricing Plans

Wordtune Read tool offers one free and 3 paid pricing plans:

What is Jasper?

When it comes to AI-powered writing tools, Jasper is currently in the top 5 most popular ones.

It can help you effortlessly create high-quality content for your blogs, social media, landing pages, websites, and more.

Jasper's natural language processing features allow it to generate surprisingly persuasive copy. Accordingly, advertising writing and weblog posts occupy the bulk of its space.

Who Is Jasper For? is useful for all writers, especially those who write blogs, social media posts, ads, and other promotional content.

Additionally, If you need to write content quickly, you can use their generic templates or create a "recipe" for future use. 

Jasper’s Key Features

Jasper provides a "Starter" mode with the following essential tools if you're just starting up:

  • Keyword research
  • A brief content builder
  • AI-generated headlines and topics
  • Jasper's library of over 100 million images

Jasper also offers a "Boss Mode" for those who want even more writing power, though. Access everything included in the Start Plan, plus:

  • Advanced keyword research
  • AI-generated copywriting templates
  • A content calendar
  • Enhanced commands
  • And more

Businesses and individuals who take their content marketing strategy seriously and want to level up will benefit greatly from switching to Boss Mode.

Similarly to Wordtune, Jasper also has a few templates/features for paraphrasing that you should be aware of before beginning to rewrite content:

The Commands template

Using this template, you can give the AI clear and natural-sounding instructions in free-form conversation. 

For example, if you want to edit or rewrite a specific paragraph, just copy it and paste it into the "Background Information" section.

Try inputting some of these commands into the commands section:

  • Rewrite this sentence to be more technical.
  • Paraphrase this paragraph to be more interesting.
  • This paragraph needs more details.

Content Improver template

This sample document will take the information you provide and rewrite it in a fresh and exciting way. Give Jasper your rough draft, and let it flesh it out for you.

Explain it to a child template

This is an excellent template for rephrasing your ideas in a clearer and easier manner. In most cases, it will improve the text's readability and clarity. You can specify a final grade from first to ninth.

Text Summarizer template

Use this template to extract the most important information from any given text. 

Generally speaking, the text summarizer does an excellent job, and you should only need to generate about 1-2 outputs before you have the right summary.

Highlight and rephrase function in documents

You can find a glitter icon in the document editor's toolbar. That's the doc's in-built rephrase function. To use this feature, select the text of the paragraph you want to rephrase and then click the glitter button. 

A replacement suggestion for the highlighted text will appear as a floating suggestion.

When using this button to paraphrase, please do not select the entire article. The text you paste into the rephrase button will be most effective if it is relatively small.

Highlight and explain it to a 5th grader function in documents 

If you don't want to use a template, this template will help you streamline the content in your document. To begin simplifying your content, highlight it and click the smiley face icon. 

Please be aware that the default reading level is set to the fifth grade. 

Here, the grade is fixed and cannot be altered. 

Additionally, don't highlight the entire article to use this smiley button. It works best on shorter paragraphs.

Jasper Pros & Cons


✅Creates keyword-rich, plagiarism-free long-form content.

✅Generates social media posts, ads, comments, and more quickly.

✅Surfer SEO integration (content optimization tool)

✅Offers many features, starter templates, and recipes for any use case

✅Platform built for teams with multiple users


🚫 Doesn't have a plagiarism checker.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper offers Starter, Boss Mode and Business plan:

Wordtune vs - Conclusion

With the assistance of Jasper (Jarvis AI), writers can work more quickly and produce content of the highest caliber for various use cases. Although a human editor is still necessary, this is an excellent tool to speed up your output. 

On the other hand, Wordtune is primarily a rewriting tool that will give you ideas on how to edit your text to improve its quality unquestionably. 

It is practical for newcomers or untrained writers as well as those who have trouble keeping up with the frequent conversations of daily life.  

What about the "golden middle" — an AI-powered tool that combines excellent AI generation techniques with unique rewriting capabilities? 

An AI writing assistant called TextCortex provides a number of features for writing and rewriting your content. 

It also comes with a Chrome rewriter add-on and features for web applications. 

TextCortex allows you to quickly create any content type using Chrome extension, Zeno mode, or Zeno chat(an alternative to ChatGPT). 

TextCortex provides you with the ability to create:

  • Rewrite any content form in bulk and create it within 2000+ platforms online
  • Use 60+ AI templates according to your needs.
  • Leverage Zeno mode to help you create any content easily.
  • Create content in more than 72 languages, different tones, etc.

The TextCortex browser extension enables you to:

  • Rewrite paragraphs and sentences in bulk — Add fluency, clarity, and engagement to your sentences and paragraphs without changing the context.

  • Create blog posts without leaving the text box — Create a compelling blog post from a five-word idea that will captivate readers.

  • Create emails from bullet points — Compose new emails from key takeaways on-the-fly.

  • Expand your sentences to create lengthier text — Compose a lengthy text out of your rambling ideas.

The best part is that a fully-featured, free edition of TextCortex provides you with 10 new creations every day.

And there is also no requirement for a credit card when signing up.

Sounds enticing?

Add Chrome extension to help you save 20+ hours every week and unlock your full potential with an AI companion.


Is Wordtune premium worth it?

If you don't write regularly, you may not get enough benefits from Wordtune to justify the price of a monthly subscription. The tool will only be worth it if it's utilized often and has opportunities to affect gains in your writing. If you don't do much penning throughout the month, consider opting for a free grammar-checking program.

What is similar to Wordtune?

TextCortex is a Wordtune alternative that automates 70% of your work and saves you 20+ hours per week on rewriting articles, sales emails, social media posts, and other content.

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