Do Wordtune tool limitations bother you, but you don't feel comfortable replacing them with just any alternative?

We hear you.

When you start using one tool for your business, it becomes more than just a mare tool — you get used to it, understand how it works, and the pricing plan fits your budget.

The idea of replacing it can give you headaches because you do not want to waste your time and money on different tools that provide the same results.

Conversely, your business screams for better content outcomes, and content rewriter tool replacement becomes an inevitable decision.

But, what are the best Wordtune alternatives that can offer better results at similar prices?

Today, we prepared the Wordune tool's overview and the list of the top 5 alternatives.

We will point out each tool's advantages, disadvantages, and ratings to help you choose the perfect switch for your business.

Let's jump into that. 

What is Wordtune?

Wordtune is an AI-enabled content rewriting tool that offers to rephrase, extend and summarize your content.

It uses AI learning models that understand the text before rewriting it, and they are capable of generating content according to the required tone of voice.

Wordtune is available as an online application and an add-on extension that you can further use in Google Docs, Outlook Web, Slack, LinkedIn, etc.

In addition, it helps you translate your content into several different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian.

Wordtune Advantages

User-friendly UI — an interface that is easy to use.

Format tone — allows you to format your text in a specific tone type.

Shorten text — offers the option to summarize your text.

Text expander — gives you the possibility to extend your text.

Online editor — edit text directly in an online editor.

Sentence rewriter — rewrite your sentences for better context.

Reasons For Considering Wordtune Alternatives?

❌ Rephrasing sometimes loses the original text's context, so you must edit it manually.

❌ Its free edition enables you to rephrase only 20x sentences per day.

❌ It does not create output that is SEO-oriented. 

❌ It does not offer the option to rewrite in bulk.

Wordtune Pricing Plans

Wordtune offers 2 pricing plans:


Wordtune Ratings


Wordtune Overall Impression

Wordtune is a solid content rewriting tool that is straightforward and convenient for beginners.

It provides a decent output and can be a handy assistant for daily business tasks.

However, if you are looking for a tool that can help you autocomplete, rephrase and reorganize your content in a more convenient way, you should think about switching to one of these alternatives.

5 Best Wordtune Alternatives To Consider Switching To

1. TextCortex


TextCortex is the best Wordtune alternative for content writers who want to automate the writing process without overthinking their content.

Unlike Wordtune, TextCortex uses a machine learning process when rewriting your sentence to get the best output.

Our models follow complex algorithms founded on best practice examples to reorganize your content.

That means AI writers can understand the sentence you provide, predict the best context, and rewrite it according to the required format of the sentence.

All of that by following the SEO rules for blog purposes.

To rewrite content quickly using the TextCortex Chrome extension, all you need to do is enter the 5-word idea, highlight it, and hit the “Rewrite” button until you find the perfect fit.

Choose the output that fits you best, and you’re ready to go.

What’s great that differentiates TextCortex in comparison to Wordtune is that using TextCortex, you can rewrite whole paragraphs in a single click.

On the other hand, using Wordtune, you’re forced to do that sentence by sentence.

Implementing the TextCortex rewriting extension into your workflow can help you improve your writing skills instantly.

The best part is that it provides an error-free output on each rewriting creation with just a couple of clicks.

TextCortex Advantages

✅  70+ Languages — Create your content in more than 70 different languages.

✅  Sustainable— Our models require less energy to produce text with different levels of complexity.

 Native content creation — AI writers generate content that has natural, human-like output.

✅  Extender on demand — You can extend your predicted content according to your needs.

✅  Long-form generator — Our models are capable of writing 3x as much text as GPT-3 models, based on billions of sentences' knowledge base.

✅  All-in-one tool — Apart from the Rewriting, Expanding, and shortening sentences, you can automatically generate product descriptions, titles, blog posts, emails, and ads.

TextCortex Disadvantages

Number of features — TextCortex currently offers not that big number of main features, because our primary focus is on constantly improving the machine learning process and providing high-quality output.

TextCortex Pricing

TextCortex comes with 2 paid plans: Unlimited & Lite plans starting at $7.99.

text cortex pricing

TextCortex Ratings


2. Ginger


Ginger is a content rewriter tool that helps you improve your writing and avoid grammar and spelling writing mistakes.

It provides feedback on misused words and offers suggestions for rewriting your sentences to the better fit context of the text.

After entering your text, Ginger will automatically point out the errors in your text.

All you need to do is use your mouse to hover over the underlined word or phrase and click on it to use the suggestions.

Additionally, Ginger offers valuable videos on how to improve your writing skills.

Ginger Advantages

Sentence rephrase feature — Helps you come up with a perfect phrase to express your point.

Translator option — Translate your content in several languages.

Text-to-speech option — Text reader that helps you improve your pronunciation skills.

Proofreading option — Corrects spelling and grammar mistakes.

Dictionary — Provides a definition of each word you are interested in using.

Learning center feature — Offers videos to learn about the most common writing mistakes.

Personal trainer feature — Keeps track of corrected and suggested changes within your content.

Ginger Disadvantages

❌ Ginger sometimes misses catching all mistakes in writing.

❌ Most features come only with a premium account.

❌ Software does not work offline.

❌ Suggestions and errors are labeled with the same color, making them difficult to distinguish.

Ginger Pricing

Ginger offers 3 pricing plans:


Ginger Ratings


3. WordAI


WordAi is a Wordtune alternative that uses a machine learning model to help you rephrase and rearrange your content without losing the original text's context.

It can help you enrich your content with SEO-optimized keywords and removes all grammar and spelling mistakes. 

WordAi also creates a concise version of your original text and helps you split long sentences into multiple short ones.

This content rephrasing tool allows you to upload multiple articles at once, begin the rephrasing process on all of them, and download them in bulk when the process ends.

WordAi Advantages

Rephrasing in bulk — Upload and rewrite multiple articles at the same time.

Grammar and spell checker tool — Corrects typos and errors in your text.

Enrich output with SEO keywords — Choose keywords to keep your output SEO-friendly.

Split and summarize text — Split and summarize long-form text into multiple short sections.

WordAi Disadvantages

❌ Available only as a browser extension

❌ Compared to Wortune pricing, monthly plans are a little pricey.

WordAi Pricing

WordAi comes with 3 pricing plans:


WordAi Ratings


4. ChimpRewriter


ChimpRewriter is downloadable rewriting software that enables automatic, manual, and bulk rephrasing of your content.

This content rewriter tool uses AI and NLP processing to rewrite your content 

ChimpRewriter can help you with synonym and quality of phrase replacement, phrase/paragraph reorganization, and frequency of word replacement.

It has advanced features for rewriting, such as:

  • Nested level spinning 
  • Anchor text spin 
  • Random ordering & anchoring
  • Bulk directory rewrites
  • List reordering

Chimp Rewriter is a multilingual rewriter tool that can rewrite your content in 12 languages.

ChimpRewriter Advantages

✅ Available to use in offline mode — You can use the tool without internet access.

✅ Supports all rewriting methods —  You can rewrite content automatically, manually, or in bulk.

✅ Advanced rewriting features — Helps you reorder and rewrite content differently. 

✅ Integration of free videos and photos — Add relevant images and videos directly from the platform.

✅ Multilingual rewriting — Rewrite your content in 12 different languages.

ChimpRewriter Disadvantages

❌ Not so great output on automatic rewriting.

❌ Only available as a desktop application.

❌ Not MAC friendly.

ChimpRewriter Pricing

ChimpRewriter offers 2 pricing plans:


ChimpRewriter Ratings


5. Quillbot


Quillbot is a content rewriter tool similar to Wordtune that offers more rewriting features.

You can use it to restructure your paragraphs, check your content for grammar errors, summarize the text, and create citations.

Quillbot will help you rephrase your text into 6 different types of voice and let you save specific keywords from rephrasing so your content can remain SEO-optimized.

If you need to compare the original text with the rephrased version in a different tone, you can do that by using compare mode.

Additionally, Quillbot allows you to rephrase the entire article automatically and manually.

Quillbot Advantages

Up to 6 paraphrasing tones — Rewrite your content in different tones of voice.

Rephrase articles — Helps you rewrite long-form content.

Save keywords from paraphrasing — Helps you keep content SEO optimized.

Summarizer and grammar checker — Shorten your content without typos.

Compare mode — Helps you compare the original text with the rephrased suggestion.

Citation generator module — Helps you create APA, MLA, and Chicago style citations.

Quillbot Disadvantages

❌ The premium plan has limitations for summarizing option and can scan 20 pages per month.

❌ Rephrasing outcomes sometimes can be out of original context. 

Quillbot Pricing

Quillbot offers 3 premium pricing plans:


Quillbot’s Ratings


Wordtune Alternatives Comparison Table

If you haven’t decided which content rewriting tool fits your needs the best, here is a comparison table that can help you in that process.


The Best Wordtune Alternative For You

We hope that this list can help you decide which one of Wordtune alternatives is your perfect match to better organize your content and improve your writing process.

As a writer, you want to ensure that your content is grammatically correct, clear, and concise so your readers can easily understand it.

Content that is not well organized can make readers feel confused, losing confidence in what you have to say. 

Proofreading and cleaning up writing mistakes are essential before publishing to avoid getting your readers confused and leaving your page.

But what if you can get rid of all that dirty work?

TextCortex offers you complete automation of your writing process, regardless if you are running an online store, writing blog posts, or running ads daily.

Generating original and unique output on demand can give your readers something better than simple rewriting — consistency in quality and always fresh content.

Incorporating TextCortex in your workflow will:

- Provide always the same quality of content on each creation

- Create up to 10x more content than you did manually 

- Save up to 70% of your writing time

- Scale up your SEO rankings in search queries 

- Establish you as a trusted and reliable source for your readers

- Save your money

Additionally, TextCortex Chrome extension can bring AI writing wherever your workflow needs it.

TextCortex rewriting extension can help you:

  • Create high-quality writing within every textbox
  • Go from a 5-word idea to a full paragraph in a single click
  • Write three bullets about the topic and create the emails on the fly
  • Convey your thoughts better where your workflow needs them
  • Improve your writing skills and your phrases 
  • Get rid of writing mistakes and typos

Our AI content writing models are specifically trained & capable of writing 3x as much as GPT-3 tools.

Download the TextCortex Chrome Extension and be the first to transform your writing skills to the next level within any textbox you need.