Wordtune is a handy AI tool for completing writing tasks with paraphrasing, tone of voice, expanding, shortening, and adding continuation sentences. With Wordtune, you can write original texts and paraphrase your existing texts. Thus, you can convey your message to the audience using different words and improve your communication skills.

While Wordtune works fine in English output generation, other languages including Swedish are not supported. Therefore, if you are looking for a Swedish AI writing tool, Wordtune may not be a good option.


  • Wordtune is an AI editor that can help you with writing tasks such as paraphrasing, tone of voice adjustment and adding continuation sentences.
  • Wordtune works well in English, but other languages are not supported yet; therefore it may not be suitable for those who need a Swedish alternative.
  • TextCortex is an AI writing assistant tool that offers features such as content creation, summarisation and translations in 25+ languages including Swedish.
  • TextCortex comes with ZenoChat, a customizable conversational AI available in 25+ languages, integrated with 4000+ websites and apps.

What is Wordtune?

Wordtune is an AI editor that can help you rewrite your content and add follow-up sentences in different tones. Wordtune can fix grammatical errors, paraphrasing, suggesting alternative writing tones, and generating continuation sentences. It is available as a web application and Chrome extension and can be used for educational, business, or other purposes to improve writing quality.

Rewrite Tool

Wordtune comes with a rewrite tool that lets you rephrase your sentences or even paragraphs. With this tool, you can get alternative suggestions for your paragraphs and sentences. While the Wordtune’s Rewrite tool for free-plan only offers sentence alternatives to users, its premium plan provides paragraph alternatives. Wordtune's rewrite tool only generates English output, so it's unproductive for users who want Swedish output.

Casual & Formal Tones

Wordtune offers a tool that allows you to switch between casual and formal tones for your sentences and paragraphs. While this tool is useful for converting existing text, it only provides those two options, making it insufficient for other writing tones. Furthermore, as the tool only generates English output, it may not be beneficial for non-English speakers.

Shorten & Expand 

For those looking to enhance their narrative and make it more engaging, Wordtune's Shorten & Expand feature is an excellent tool. It allows you to summarize paragraphs and transform sentences into paragraphs, thereby enriching your writing. However, to maximize this tool's potential, you will need a premium membership that unlocks the ability to shorten paragraphs.

Spices Tool

Wordtune's Spices tool is an AI tool designed to add flavour to your content and create continuation sentences in different tones. The Spices feature analyses your texts and creates related continuation sentences. The Spices feature has 13 different follow-up sentence options, these are:

• Continue Writing: Continue your text with Wordtune

• Explain: Add a detailed explanation

• Emphasize: Reiterate your message

• Expand on: Expand on a requested topic

• Give an Example: Demonstrate your message

• Counterargument: Add an opposing opinion

• Define: Add an informative definition 

• Give an Analogy: Add a simple comparison

• Statistical Fact: Add supporting data (in my experience results may be disappointing)

• Make a Joke: Add comic relief

• Historical Fact: Add a fun fact from history

• Nature Fact: Add a fun fact about nature

• Inspirational Quote: Add a quote by a famous person

What Languages does Wordtune Offer?

Wordtune can only generate English output, except for the Spices feature, which makes it weak for users to generate output in different languages. If you want to paraphrase your Swedish content, Wordtune does not the way to go. However, you can generate Swedish follow-up phrases using Wordtune's Spices feature. While these sentences are of average quality, there are better AI writing tools available.

wordtune swedish

Can you use Wordtune for free?

Yes, you can use Wordtune free for up to 10 sentences per day. However, Wordtune's free features will not be sufficient to paraphrase an entire content or even a paragraph, as it only allows you to adjust sentences. To access all the features of Wordtune and use it without limitation, you need to purchase the premium plan for $25 per month.

Better Wordtune Alternative for Swedish Speakers: TextCortex

TextCortex is an AI writing assistant that can generate top-quality output in 25+ languages, including Swedish. In addition to all the features offered by Wordtune, TextCortex also has a fully customisable conversational AI, 60+ templates and a browser extension integrated with 4,000+ websites. You can use TextCortex to complete tasks such as content creation, summarisation, spelling & grammar fixes, and translations in Swedish with high quality.

TextCortex Features for Swedish Users

Regardless of whether you are a student, professional, or individual user, you can use the features of TextCortex to improve your writing quality. TextCortex is a handy AI tool with various features; it can generate excellent output in 25+ languages, including Swedish. Say goodbye to unproductive AI tools and let TextCortex be your best AI writing assistant.

Paraphrase in Swedish

TextCortex has a paraphrasing tool that rewrites your paragraphs with different words and allows you to avoid plagiarism. By using this tool, you can get alternative sentence suggestions and narration formats for your paragraphs.

Simply highlight your text and click the “Rewrite” button to paraphrase it in any textbox on over 4000+ websites.

wordtune swedish alternative

Summarize Text in Swedish

With TextCortex's summarization tool, you can summarize your content in 25+ languages, including Swedish. TextCortex will analyse your texts and generate a brief summary with unique and informative sentences. You can also use our browser extension to summarize any written content on 4,000+ websites.

Expand Content in Swedish

If you need to enhance your Swedish text by adding extra sentences or making your paragraphs longer, TextCortex's expand tool is the way to go. Highlight the sentence or paragraph and click the “Expand” button to turn your words or sentences into paragraphs.

Translate to/from Swedish

You can translate your written content between 25+ languages including Swedish. Also, this tool works on more than 4000+ websites and apps. All you need to do is highlight the text and select the output language you want to translate.

translate content in swedish

Tone of Voice in Swedish

TextCortex stands out as the top AI tool for tone variety in writing. Unlike tools that only offer casual and formal tones, TextCortex provides a diverse range of options, including warm, gentle, detailed, respectful, and friendly, allowing users to tailor their content to suit their unique needs.

Swedish Text to Speech

If you want to listen to your Swedish texts aloud, TextCortex's text-to-speech feature is designed for you. TextCortex's voice feature has two different voice tones, Holly, and Michael. Just highlight the text on more than 4000 websites and click the text-to-speech icon.

ZenoChat – Customizable Conversational AI

ZenoChat, the conversational AI of your dreams, can provide a human-like conversation experience in 25+ languages, including Swedish. Also, ZenoChat is integrated with 4000+ websites and apps, so you can use it wherever you want.

TextCortex comes with 12 different personas to choose from for various purposes. Also, you can build your own AI persona with the “Customize Your AI” and “Knowledge Connectors” features of TextCortex. You can use these personas for business or academic purposes and maximize your productivity.

wordtune svenska

Zeno Assistant – Your Swedish Writing AI

If you're looking for an AI tool to accompany you throughout your writing process, Zeno Assistant is designed for you.

Zeno Assistant is integrated with more than 4,000 websites, including Pages and Google Docs. Simply use the "Alt/Opt + Enter" shortcut in any textbox to activate Zeno Assistant. Its features include:

• Fix Spelling & Grammar

• Make Texts Longer/Shorter

• Simplify the Language of Your Text

• Creating Blog Posts/Essays/Outlines/Social Media Posts

• Find Action Items/Meeting Agendas 

• Summarize/Break Down/Rewrite

• Continue Writing