Are you tired of typing away at your computer all day long? Say goodbye to sore fingers and hello to the future of productivity with speech-to-text technology! With just the sound of your voice, you can complete tasks faster than ever before. It's like having a personal assistant at your beck and call! 

In this article, we'll explore the incredible advantages of this cutting-edge technology and show you how to get started. So, sit back, relax, and let's get talking about speech-to-text!


  • Speech-to-text technology allows users to produce text by speaking without touching single keybutton.
  • This innovative solution provides many advantages, including faster completion of tasks with just the sound of your voice.
  • Voice-to-text technology allows for easy communication with speakers of other languages and efficient use of AI chatbots.
  • It offers advantages such as neurodiversity-friendliness, eliminating the need for typing in completing daily tasks.
  • ZenoChat by TextCortex provides high-quality voice communication for completing various writing tasks on 4000+ websites.

Brief Overview of Speech to Text

Speech-to-text technology is an innovative solution that allows users to interact with AI chatbots and devices in new and exciting ways. By detecting your speech, this cutting-edge technology can extract a transcript and convert your voice to text. It means that you can now produce text by simply speaking, without ever having to touch your keyboard.

How does it work?

The Speech-to-Text model utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning technology to analyse audio input. The algorithms analyse and identify the audio and match them with the words in its database.

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Use Cases of Voice to Text

There are various tools and devices that use voice-to-text technology, such as Siri to control your phone with voice commands. What's more, there are some ways to use voice-to-text technology in daily life.

Communicating with speakers of other languages has never been easier! You can easily chat with them using voice-to-text technology. AI tools like ZenoChat enable voice input and translation, allowing you to translate your sentences into different languages without any need for text input.

If you're seeking an efficient and user-friendly way to utilize AI chatbots, we suggest giving voice-to-text technology a try. There's no need for quick typing skills, simply speak to the chatbot and let it generate a response.

Advantages of Speech to Text

What if we told you there was a better way to complete your tasks instead of typing? Introducing speech-to-text technology! This cutting-edge innovation offers a plethora of advantages that are hard to ignore. If you're curious about the benefits of using an AI tool with a voice command feature, look no further! We've got all the information you need right here.


Neurodivergent users include people with conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD and autism: speech-to-text technology can be very useful for them, as it can help those who experience challenges with reading, writing and typing, better communicate their ideas and thoughts without the challenge of having to type or write them down.

If you have a neurodiverse condition such as dyslexia, you can make your work routine easier with AI tools that come with such technology. You can complete your daily tasks without any typing included in the process!

Refer to our case studies to see how we are helping our neurodiverse users out.

Customer Calls

If you want to increase customer satisfaction in your business, you can keep a copy of your customers' calls and analyse them using AI. These transcriptions provide valuable feedback that enables you to improve your business and maximize profit.

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Get Transcripts of Online Meetings

If you want to review the topics you discussed during online meetings, instead of watching the entire meeting again, you can obtain the transcript of the meeting by using voice-to-text tools. Additionally, you can use AI tools to summarize important issues and expedite the process significantly.

TextCortex – All-in-One AI Assistant

TextCortex is a multifunctional AI assistant designed to support you with a variety of written content tasks. Using TextCortex, you can complete your writing tasks with voice commands, from outline creation to proofreading and editing. Moreover, TextCortex is available as a web application and browser extension.

ZenoChat – Voice Commandable Conversational AI

TextCortex comes with the conversational AI of your dreams called ZenoChat. Since ZenoChat works with GPT-4 and Sophos-2 language models, it can complete all your writing tasks with high quality. Also, it is integrated with 4000+ websites, so it can accompany you anywhere on the internet.

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With ZenoChat's web search toggle, you can specify the data it uses from among the Internet, Scholar, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, and News options. Moreover, with the "Knowledge Bases" feature of TextCortex, you can upload any document or add your databases such as Notion and Google Drive to ZenoChat. Then, when using ZenoChat, you can select "Your Knowledge Base" from the web search toggle and have it use the sources you uploaded while generating output.

ZenoChat comes with 12 different personas designed for various purposes. With ZenoChat you can use a variety of personas, from Hemingwai, designed for copywriting tasks, to Theresa, designed as a therapist. If you want to build your own AI persona, TextCortex's "Individual Personas" feature allows you to do so.

TextCortex Features

TextCortex offers over 100 writing templates for its users. Among these templates, you can find options that cover your various needs, from business to academic life, as well as blogging, YouTube, and social media tasks. Some of the most popular TextCortex templates are:

and so much more. Create your free TextCortex account to explore its capabilities. In order for users to experience TextCortex freely, we provide our free plan users with 20 daily creations (you can earn more with the reward center) and access to all features. Feel free to experience it without limitations.

Automate Tasks

With the integration of TextCortex's Zapier and, automating your workload has never been easier. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to increased productivity! For instance, if you require high-quality product descriptions to boost your sales but don't have the time to write them yourself, you can automate the entire process with the Zapier integration of TextCortex. With just a single click, you can access the power of AI and complete your tasks in a fraction of the time.

TextCortex Pricing

TextCortex Lite plan is a flexible pricing plan that allows you to pay as you go, starting at $5.59. If you have run out of your monthly creations, don't worry, you can still use your free daily creations. If you require more creations, you can get one-time extra creations without upgrading your plan.