Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is a language model that uses deep learning to create new, unique, and human-like output. It can create outputs such as text, voice, code, story, poem, image, avatar, portrait, sketch, etc.

In this article, we will explore GPT-3 and talk about its capabilities.


  • GPT-3 is an artificial intelligence that learns publicly available datasets and various texts with grammatical structures to produce text.
  • Although the GPT-3 provides consistent and realistic outputs for short texts and medium-sized tasks, it cannot yet produce consistent outputs for long texts.
  • You can produce articles, poetry, product descriptions, stories, news reports, etc. by using AI tools powered by GPT-3.
  • Top 5 applications using GPT-3 module

GPT-3: A Brief Introduction

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is an artificial intelligence language model that was released on June 11, 2022 and uses the natural language processing (NLA) system. GPT-3 uses deep learning and machine learning to produce human-like content.

GPT-3 uses the data given to it to generate text using pre-trained algorithms. It has 570 GB of text data along with publicly available datasets like Wikipedia and texts selected by OpenAI.

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How Does GPT-3 Work?

Although GPT-3 seems simple in usage, there is a language algorithm in the background that uses internet text databases. GPT-3 calculates probabilities that can predict what the next word should be in a sentence. It has been developed repeatedly to provide consistent and accurate output by feeding inputs.

What Can GPT-3 Do?

GPT-3 is an artificial intelligence that learns publicly available datasets and various texts with grammatical structures to produce text. Accordingly, GPT-3 can quickly do tasks such as writing articles, creating emails, generating stories, summarizing long texts, creating blog posts, writing poems, etc.

Since GPT-3 can create anything with a language structure, it can translate texts into different languages. GPT-3 trained with grammatical structures of more than 80 languages. For this reason, translating text from any language to another is on the list of things GPT-3 can do.

Among the data that GPT-3 has, there are also software languages. For this reason, if you need code in a programming language, you can create and develop your code using GPT-3. While the GPT-3 is not proficient at writing professional code, it can produce most entry-level and intermediate-level code. If you want to improve your code to an advanced level, GPT-3 will be your helpful companion.

what can gpt 3 do?

Some Problems with GPT-3

Although GPT-3 is more advanced than most AI models, it has not yet reached its final form. It is a preview with minor spoilers for the future for now. Artificial intelligence will develop more and more gradually and will adapt more to daily life. Like all technologies that change the habits of humanity, artificial intelligence also needs investment and time to develop.

Although the GPT-3 provides consistent and realistic outputs for short texts and medium-sized tasks, it cannot yet produce consistent outputs for long texts. Accordingly, when using GPT-3 applications, it is necessary to obtain short inputs and combine them to create a whole.

The beginning of the hesitations about artificial intelligence is that it threatens some job areas. Although generative AI models such as GPT-3 seem to threaten humanity with unemployment, they are actually developed to make people's jobs easier.

What is so Special About GPT-3?

The GPT-3 model can produce text up to 50,000 characters. It can also apply the spelling and tone of famous authors to these texts. For example, the GPT-3 can compose texts and produce stories with Franz Kafka's literary style. Since the text produced by GPT-3 and the original text will be of similar quality, it will be difficult to determine who wrote the text.

Although GPT-3 seems to do all these tasks instantly, there are more than 175 billion machine learning parameters in the background. Using all parameters, GPT-3 can predict how a simple sentence can continue, and how the next sentence will start from the last word of a sentence and use this information to generate output.

Capabilities of GPT-3

GPT-3 is an artificial intelligence language model designed to produce output using deep learning and machine learning methods. It can produce flawless plagiarism-free texts on any subject with spelling and grammatical mastery. GPT-3 can do all these operations in seconds, minimizing the time spent producing content.

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Human-like Responsiveness

Because the GPT-3 can generate human-like text, it can be combined with most industries. For example, you can use a chatbot powered by GPT-3 to increase customer satisfaction in your online store. You can use generative AI tools powered by GPT-3 to organize your mailbox.

Create Text

You can produce articles, poetry, product descriptions, stories, news reports, etc. by using AI tools powered by GPT-3. GPT-3 applications allow you to write various texts in seconds with high quality.

For example, GPT-3 applications are useful for increasing the profitability of your business. By using ZenoChat or TextCortex web application, you can quickly get the texts required for your business by filling in bullet points.

Editing Existing Text

Since GPT-3 is an artificial intelligence language model trained with language structures, it will help you edit your existing text. Thanks to GPT-3 applications, you can paraphrase your existing text, increase its fluency, expand your text, or complete the text you left unfinished.

GPT-3 applications will be useful to summarize your existing text or to remove unnecessary words from long sentences and simplify the text while preserving the meaning.

Benefits of Using GPT-3 Applications

GPT-3 applications have features that allow you to generate new and unique articles and improve your existing article. You can maximize your profit by increasing the efficiency of your business with GPT-3 applications.

Time Efficiency

It is helpful to use GPT-3 applications to shorten your hours of content creation or email writing sessions. With GPT-3 applications, you can automate repetitive and mundane tasks and complete them in minutes that would take hours.

Minimize Errors

GPT-3 applications can reduce the risk of human errors, such as spelling and grammatical errors, and generate unique high-quality texts. You can use GPT-3 to make your texts error-free and improve quality of your text.

Multiple Use Cases

GPT-3 applications are designed for multiple uses. They are artificial intelligence models with features that will assist you in various fields. Here are a few cases where you can use GPT-3 applications:

• Coding

• Chatbots

• Writing Blog Posts

• Generating Emails

• Ads and Marketing

• Social Media

• Translate Texts

Top 5 GPT-Powered Applications

The benefits of using GPT-3 powered tools include faster task completion, multiple use cases, time & budget efficiency, minimizing errors, boost social media games. We have listed the top 5 GPT-3 applications for you!


TextCortex is an AI writing assistant that will support you in a wide variety of tasks such as the creation of product descriptions, emails, blog posts, company bios, ads copy, and bullet point answers. Technically speaking, TextCortex is an AI-powered language model that transforms data into natural language.

In addition to the GPT-3 module, TextCortex trains its module that can produce content based on practical applications. In this way, TextCortex can produce original, Google-friendly, and human-like content. TextCortex is ready to create the most suitable content for you with its 60+ templates!

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You can experience TextCortex as a web application or use it as a browser extension on more than 2000 web pages.

TextCortex comes with an artificial intelligence chat companion called ZenoChat powered by an AI language model. It has been trained on a diverse range of internet text to generate human-like responses to prompts given to it.

Jasper uses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning models to produce content based on your inputs. With Jasper, you can generate persuasive and engaging blog posts, landing pages, social media posts, ads, and much more.

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If you want to work in a single programming environment instead of working with multiple programming tools, we recommend using Replit. Replit allows you to write code anywhere and on any device, thanks to its cloud-based environment. Replit increases the comfort of its users by offering various features for its users.

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If you are looking for a voice assistant to use in your business and daily life, PolyAI has been developed for you. With PolyAI, you can automate routine tasks such as scheduling, ordering, booking, and meeting. You can also provide voice customer service support using PolyAI to increase your business's customer satisfaction.

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If you are one of those who spend hours on the character creation screen in video games, CharacterGPT is a fun application for you. CharacterGPT is an artificial intelligence tool that creates realistic characters using your text prompts. It can be used in combination with PolyAI to increase customer satisfaction in your business.