QuillBot provides numerous potentialities for sparking up imagination in the practice of writing, without cost as it presents a permanent free registration.

What is QuillBot?

Quillbot offers an array of rewording and paraphrasing solutions which can assist you to communicate at the most suitable level for any instance. 

Boasting two free, as well as five payment-only, methods to pick from, it is easy to apply a phraser in order to reformulate your writing in plenty of approaches. 

This cutting-edge AI software assists you not only with fitting rhythms but amplifying diction and alterations relating style requested by any case too.

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Who is Quillbot For?

Quillbot can be utilized by academics, students, authors of written works, and those in sales to abridge the time spent on writing - identify terms that are germane as well as generate diversified language usage and shape the material to have a pleasing sound along with a specialist flare.

Now that we know what it is, let's move on with our QuillBot review and check out what features it offers.

Is it okay to use Quillbot?

It is okay to use Quillbot as long as it is used as intended. QuillBot intends to collaborate writing with the user, refining and honing the user's concepts and words. 

Trying to use somebody else's work without citing it as one's own is deceitful, even if QuillBot was used in this process. To retain honesty while giving due homage to external sources, crediting them explicitly is essential.

Is Quillbot Free?

Yes, Quillbot’s paraphrasing tool is free to use. The paraphrasing tool rephrases your sentence, paragraph, essay, or article with many options to customize and perfect the reworded text.

Quillbot - Core Features

Here are some QuillBot features that you can anticipate making use of:

Paraphrasing Mode(s)

QuillBot’s free plan includes unlimited usage of ‘Standard’ and ‘Fluency’ mode for paraphrasing.

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By subscribing to its Premium plan you can get additional 5 modes. Here they are: 

  • Simple mode Use this mode if you want to write content in the simplest terms.
  • Formal mode This method of communication is typically employed for formal correspondence, such as that seen in contracts, outreach emails, and letters sent to business associates.
  • Creative mode — Use this paraphrase mode to add a little extra originality to your content if you need to. Be cautious though, as this style may truly depart from the original context.
  • Shorten mode How frequently do you use excessively long sentences? All of us do. You can make your sentences shorter, clearer and more focused with help of this paraphrasing mode.
  • Expand mode — Not all short sentences are on point. There are the ones that can be too vague. With expand mode, you can add more information to your context.

Grammar Checker

Grammar checker offers a convenient means to spot and fix all of your grammar abuses as well as any writing errors you may have. This add-on assists with not only making sure your content is free of mistakes, but it also keeps it credible and better suited to the person you’re aiming the text at. The amazing thing here is that the program is unrestricted and is permissible via an extra token.

Plagiarism Checker

QuillBot puts a great emphasis on upholding the ethics of academic work, making the utilization of its plagiarism detection feature very beneficial. With this tool guarding one's contributions against potential accidental copyright violations, all writers should be able to dodge Google's bad temper.

However, this feature even with a Premium account allows you to scan only 20 pages for plagiarism. 

Synonym Recommendation

By choosing a good synonym from the wide range of QuillBot's word flipper possibilities, you may give your writing a more authoritative sound.

What languages does QuillBot support?

QuillBot offers multiple languages but the quality is not that good for French and other languages might sound clunky. It also doesn't support all the other available rewriting modes for French. That makes it hard for speakers of other languages to use Quillbot for their day to day tasks at school or at work.

Better Quillbot Alternative for French: TextCortex

TextCortex, on the other hand, is available in 25+ languages including French. 

You can paraphrase / rewrite your sentences in French, translate to/from French, use ZenoChat (ChatGPT alternative) in French and even create content from scratch in French.

TextCortex's Rewriting Features for French Language

Whether you are a student or a professional in need of generative AI capabilities in the French language, you are in the right place.

TextCortex offers a variety of features that you can use in 25+ languages including French.

Paraphrase in French

Use the power of TextCortex's paraphrasing tool to rephrase your content in any text box. Combine the power of rewriting with the most recent AI creation capabilities. 

You can use paraphrasing wherever you are on the internet by just highlighting the content you want to rewrite and clicking on Rewrite.

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Expand Content in French

Build on top of what you have already written. Use our expand function to add more relevant content and information to make your text even richer in content. 

Just like for every other feature, you can use the Expand function in 25+ languages. The only thing you need to do is to highlight your content and click on Expand.

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Translate to/from French with TextCortex Translate

You can also translate your content with our browser extension in one click. Translation is available for 25+ languages and works on 2000+ online platforms.

Once you have your content ready, highlight it end-to-end and choose the language you want to translate into. Let AI do the rest. 

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Summarize Text in French

If you have a lengthy content in your hand and want to summarize it to get the key points quickly, just highlight it all and click on Summarize. 

It works on every text box online when you have the TextCortex extension installed on your browser.

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French Text to Speech

Yes, you’ve read it right. TextCortex extension also offers text-to-speech / voice activation feature  in multiple languages for reading any type of content out loud. 

If you have a lengthy text and don't want to read it yourself, let TextCortex do it for you. It only requires a single click.

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ZenoChat – French ChatGPT Alternative

Zeno is able to communicate with you in 25+ languages. You can use ZenoChat for your everyday tasks, creating marketing copies, producing written content, getting quick information anytime, anywhere. 

french chatgpt alternative

You can open up the sidebar and start collaborating with Zeno in one click. Learn more about Zeno’s capabilities and limitations here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Quillbot support French?

Yes, Quillbot supports French. However, it does not offer all other paraphrasing modes when working with French texts.

Does QuillBot translate?

Yes, Quillbot offers a translation tool. However, since it does not offer any formality configuration (formal/informal), your text's structure can get broken in the process of translation.

How do I use QuillBot?

Simply enter your text in the input field and this AI tool will work with you to create the best possible paraphrasing result. Quillbot's other features include a grammar checker, plagiarism detector and summary generator.

What's the best free spelling and grammar checker?

TextCortex offers the best and free spelling and grammar checker. It works where you work so that you can immediately correct your mistakes while typing.