You will need to review and write dozens of essays of different types throughout your academic life. Producing a thesis about a topic, researching a topic, and writing the essay as a whole can often be a time-consuming and tedious task. Fortunately, you can speed up essay writing tasks like research, paraphrasing, proofreading, and plagiarism checking by 12x with AI tools. When it comes to the best AI tools that will help you in your essay-writing process, we have prepared a list for you!

In this article, we will introduce the best 3 AI tools that will simplify your essay writing process and boost your productivity.

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  • An essay is an academic writing that aims to inform readers about a topic or convince them of an argument.
  • The most distinctive feature of an essay is that it is written entirely using academic sources.
  • Essay writing can be a time-consuming and challenging task in most aspects, but you can make these processes easier with AI tools.
  • TextCortex AI is an AI assistant that aims to support you in your entire essay writing process, from research to proofreading.
  • You can complete your basic essay writing tasks by using ChatGPT with the prompting method.
  • Quillbot is an AI tool that aims to support your entire essay writing process, apart from research.

What is an Essay?

An essay is a type of academic writing in which the author explains a topic to the target audience or convinces them with their argument. The most distinctive feature that distinguishes an essay from other types of writing is that essays are written entirely using academic sources. For this reason, when writing an essay, you should use data and peer-reviewed research that you can prove to be accurate.

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Sections of an Essay

Although it varies slightly depending on the essay type, the structure of each essay is almost the same. When writing an essay, this structure leads to a smoother writing process and to providing more effective information to your audience. An essay consists of the following 4 sections:

  • Introduction: This is the part where you attract the reader's attention, provide background information about your essay, and present your thesis.
  • Body Paragraphs: This is the part of your essay where you explain your thesis and argument in detail.
  • Conclusion: This is the part where you give a general summary of your essay and restate your argument.
  • References: This is the section where you list the data sources you used when creating your essay in the appropriate format.

Essay Types

When it comes to writing an essay, the type of essay you choose to write depends on several factors such as the purpose of writing, your essay topic, and your argument. In case your assignment does not specify which essay type to use, it is recommended that you use one of the most commonly used essay types. The five most common essay types are narrative, descriptive, persuasive, argumentative, and expository.

Top 3 AI Tools to Help You Write an Essay in 2024

When it comes to writing an essay, you may encounter different difficulties such as research, structuring, proofreading, paraphrasing, and citation. If you want to facilitate these processes and boost your efficiency, AI tools are designed for you. Let's take a look at the best 3 AI tools that will help you with essay writing.

1-) TextCortex AI

TextCortex is an AI assistant that aims to support its users in all processes of essay writing, from research to paraphrasing. TextCortex is available as a web application and browser extension. The TextCortex browser extension is integrated with 30,000+ websites and apps. So, it can continue to support you wherever and whenever.

TextCortex offers a rich paraphraser that helps you to rewrite, summarize, paraphrase, expand, and extend your sentences or change their tone of voice. If you want your essay to look more professional, this tool is designed for you.

TextCortex comes with a conversational AI of your dreams called ZenoChat. With ZenoChat, you can rewrite your existing paragraphs, generate text from scratch, generate output by researching the whole internet, or summarize longer documents. While ZenoChat uses the whole internet as a dataset thanks to its web search feature, it can use only academic sources as data with its scholar option. In other words, you can speed up your literature review and academic source research process through ZenoChat.

With our "Knowledge Bases" feature, you can upload the academic resources you have collected to ZenoChat. ZenoChat will use the resources you have uploaded as datasets while generating output. Thanks to this feature, you can summarize dozens of pages of documents in less than a minute or chat with your PDFs.

2-) ChatGPT

ChatGPT, one of the pioneers of AI tools, can boost your essay writing process with its various features. Using the ChatGPT-4 model, you can access the latest internet data and streamline your research process. However, since the ChatGPT-4 web search feature does not have the academic resource research option like Scholar, we recommend that you double-check all outputs.

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ChatGPT-4 model offers advanced language understanding and text generation capabilities. Thanks to these features, you can use ChatGPT for tasks such as paraphrasing, rewriting, and grammar checking with the prompting method. Simply type a prompt for the task you want ChatGPT to do for you. Moreover, with its multilingual skills, ChatGPT can translate data from another language into your native language and enable you to benefit from more resources. However, we recommend that you always double-check the translation results you obtain with ChatGPT.

3-) Quillbot

Another AI tool that will boost your essay writing efficiency is Quillbot. Quillbot aims to fully support your essay writing process, apart from research, with 7 different AI features. The first feature that Quillbot offers to its users is its paraphraser tool. With this tool, you can rewrite your extinguishing texts with different words while preserving their meaning. Additionally, the paraphraser tool's academic option will rewrite your paragraphs with a more formal tone of voice and sentence structure.

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The second and third features that Quillbot offers to its users are a grammar checker and a plagiarism checker. These features ensure that your essay is error-free and plagiarism-free. You can avoid possible embarrassing spelling mistakes by using Quillbot's grammar checker, and you can check whether your essay is original or not with the plagiarism checker.

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Another essay-writing feature of Quillbot is the summarizer. If your paragraphs are too long and you want to shorten your sentences without compromising the integrity of the meaning, you can utilize this feature. Moreover, Quillbot offers its users a citation generator, allowing them to create reference pages with just a few clicks.

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Quillbot's biggest contribution to your essay writing is the "Quillbot Flow" feature. To use this feature, simply enter your essay topic. Afterwards, Quillbot will generate an outline for you that will guide your essay writing. You can change this outline according to your needs and arguments and reduce your workload.