Struggling to meet the word count of your essay? Fear not, for we have the ultimate hack to help you out! With the help of AI paragraph extenders, along with some nifty tricks like adding examples, quotes, and references, you'll be able to hit that target word count in no time. 

Want to know more? Keep reading, as we reveal the top 5 ways to beef up your essay and make it shine!


  • You should stop using fluff words, repetitive sentences, and passive voices that degrade the quality of your essay to increase the word count.
  • One of the methods that will increase the word count and the quality of your essay is to use the AI paragraph extender.
  • You can meet the word count and write a better essay by adding examples, quotes and references.
  • You need to research your topic in detail to write more sentences, you can use ZenoChat with its web search feature with unique options to take your research to the next level.
  • TextCortex is designed to improve your essay writing experience with a variety of writing features, including the paragraph extender, so don't hesitate to take advantage of it. 

Wrong Ways to Increase Your Essay Word Count

One of the most annoying aspects of writing an essay is spending time meeting the required word count. After writing the main ideas of your essay, it can be disappointing to realize that you are only halfway through the required word count. However, we recommend that you do not use any method to increase the word count of your essay; some ways will reduce the quality of your essay and make it difficult to understand.

Avoid Using Fluff Words

If you use fluff words to meet the required word count of your essays, you are reducing their overall quality. We know that fluff words can take your sentences from 12 to 40 words but adding meaningless words will make it difficult to give your main ideas to the audience.

Stop Using Passive Voice

Although the passive voice makes sentences longer, using the active voice helps you express your ideas better. Using passive voice in academic papers negatively affects both your grade and the quality of your paper.

Keep Away from Repetitive Sentences

To craft a top-notch essay, it's crucial to steer clear of repetitive ideas and topics. While repeating yourself may inflate your word count, it can also leave your essay feeling confused and difficult to follow. To ensure a well-crafted and coherent piece of writing, aim for diversity in language and ideas across each paragraph. Not only will this make your essay more engaging and easier to follow, but it will also demonstrate your mastery of the topic at hand.

5 Best Ways to Increase Your Essay Word Count

I will share with you some pretty cool hacks that I discovered while writing hundreds of essays and academic papers, which will increase the word count and take the quality and readability of your essay to the next level! Using them, you can spend less time on heavy lifting while focusing on the critical aspects of your essay, which will lead to higher grades at the end of the day.

Use an AI Paragraph Extender

Adding extra sentences using AI tools is a smart way to increase word count. For example, you can enhance your sentences and paragraphs using TextCortex's text expander feature.

ai sentence extender

You have three ways to use the "Text Expander" feature of TextCortex. The first is to head to its web application and use the rewriting tool. The second method is the browser extension of TextCortex that you can use on 4,000+ websites. You can access the expand feature from the sidebar of TextCortex!

ai essay extender

The most effective way to use TextCortex's expander feature is to simply highlight the text you want to expand and click the small expand icon after installing our browser extension. It is integrated with 4,000+ websites and apps, so you can activate it in any text box.

sentence expander

Create an Outline 

If you're looking to whip up a well-written essay in record time, it may be tempting to dive right in and start writing. But hold on just a moment! To effectively manage the writing process and ensure you hit your word count targets, it's crucial to start by crafting a solid outline. With an outline in place, you'll be able to determine how many words you need to allocate to each section and build a sturdy skeleton for your essay. After all, as any seasoned writer will tell you, preparing a thorough outline is one of the most critical steps in completing a successful essay.

If you are having trouble creating an outline, you can use AI tools. You can ask conversational AIs like ChatGPT or ZenoChat (the best ChatGPT alternative) to create an outline for you. All you must do is type a detailed prompt for the outline, and watch the AI do its magic. Check out our ChatGPT prompt guide to get better writing outputs!

When it comes to creating an outline, TextCortex's Zeno Assistant is the way to go. To activate Zeno Assistant in any textbox, simply use the shortcut "Alt/Opt + Enter" after installing our browser extension. Then, all you must do is issue the "Draft Outline" command.

sentence extender AI

Add Examples in Your Essay

If you're looking to increase word count of your essay, incorporating examples is an essential technique to keep in mind. By using examples to illustrate your ideas, you can help readers better understand your arguments and drive your point home. Not only will this make your essay more convincing, but it will also make it more engaging and readable.

So don't be afraid to bring in a few well-placed examples to spice up your writing and elevate your essay to the next level!

AI sentence extender for essays

Research Your Topic

One of the most effective ways to increase the word count of your essay is to know more arguments and counterarguments about your topic. The better you know your topic, the more sentences, and examples you can write. For this reason, be sure to do in-depth research before writing your essay!

Unless you're using AI, research takes time and effort. By using AI tools, you can streamline your research process and access useful academic resources in seconds. 

Add Quotes and References

Quotes and references lend credibility to your writing and can help to reinforce the points you're making. However, it's essential to keep in mind that simply dropping quotes and references into your essay isn't enough - you also need to ensure that you properly cite them in your citation list. Failing to do so can lead to plagiarism and formatting errors, so be sure to double-check your work and ensure that all sources are properly attributed.

TextCortex – All-in-One Writing Assistant

TextCortex is an AI assistant designed to take your essay writing experience to the next level with various writing features including the text expander. It is available as a web application and browser extension. TextCortex is integrated with 4000+ websites and apps, so you can continue to take its advantages wherever you are on the internet.

TextCortex Writing Features

TextCortex comes with 60+ different templates designed for your various writing needs. Some of the most effective TextCortex templates for essay writing are:

• Text Expander (with fluency, rewrite, simple and creative options)

• AI Tone Changer

• Summarizer

• Passive to Active Voice

• Online Grammar Checker

• Paraphrasing Tool

• Auto Complete

By using all these templates, you can increase the word count of your essay and take its quality to the next level.

ZenoChat – Advanced Conversational AI

Once you install the TextCortex browser extension, you can access ZenoChat, the best ChatGPT alternative. ZenoChat is the conversational AI you've always wished for, with its large language models and ultimate capabilities. You can use ZenoChat by giving a command or typing a prompt to generate text, do research, or create an outline/template.

ZenoChat comes with 12 personas designed for different purposes. If these personas are not enough for you, you can build your own digital AI with the "Knowledge Connectors" and "Individual Personas" features. For example, you can quickly complete mundane essay writing tasks by customizing ZenoChat as your personal essay writing assistant.

TextCortex has evolved ZenoChat in its latest update, enabling it to unlock new superpowers! It can now do specific research on the sources you want, including scholars, Wikipedia, or specific URLs.

Zeno Assistant – Online Writing Assistant

Another outstanding feature of TextCortex is Zeno Assistant. Using Zeno Assistant, you can complete various writing tasks and even generate follow-up sentences. To activate Zeno Assistant in any textbox, simply use the "Alt/Opt+Enter" combination. Zeno Assistant's features include:

• Fixing Spelling and Grammar

• Making Texts Longer/Shorter

• Simplifying the Language of Your Text

• Creating Essays/Outlines/Paragraphs

• Finding Action Items

• Summarizing/Breaking Down/Rewriting

• Continuing Writing