Generative AI involves utilizing procedures like ChatGPT to generate new material—including audio and video, code, names and other identities, images or artifacts, and written texts. The most recent advances in this area have the potential to completely redefine traditional content generation processes.

A generative AI system uses deep learning algorithms to generate new data from existing data. The main advantage of generative AI is that it can generate realistic and unique data that can be used in various applications, such as creating virtual agents, providing personalized experiences, and creating augmented reality scenarios.

What Can ChatGPT Do?

ChatGPT is a type of AI which can produce any writing that is desired, be it letters, poetry, psychotherapy conversations, or computer program code.

It is based on a technology called natural language processing (NLP), which allows computers to understand natural language and generate text that is meaningful and relevant.

ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can be used to create engaging conversations with users. It can be used to personalize the user experience by providing more natural and human-like conversations. Additionally, ChatGPT can be used to automate or streamline some business aspects like customer service and support processes which require a lot of written communication with people.

how to use chatgpt?

Is ChatGPT Free?

ChatGPT has a free plan. However, it is very limiting when the demand for ChatGPT is high — which is the case for 99% of the time. If you want to keep on using it even when the demand is high, you have to upgrade your plan to Premium by paying $42 monthly.

What is a prompt?

Prompting essentially allows a way for people to communicate with Artificial Intelligence tools by letting them specify what they're looking for in their desired output. For instance, you might want a machine to generate visuals but don't have anything explicit to use as an exemplar.

How to create ‘good prompts’ for ChatGPT?

When communicating with AI, be precise and provide detailed information about the topic. Requests should be clear; if not phrased correctly, the AI may become confused and you won't receive the desired outcome.

Good prompt examples:

  • “Tell me more about the latest trends happening in video game industry.”
  • “Write me a brief email for a potential lead and schedule us a meeting.”

Bad prompt examples:

  • “Tell me about everything you know.”
  • “Write me a sales email.”

Using ChatGPT for Writing & Art

Using ChatGPT to reduce your workload and get help for tedious writing tasks has been very popular lately.

You can even start writing your dream book by leveraging AI and accelarate your production speed or you can integrate it to your copywriting workflow.

Keep in mind, in order to obtain a satisfactory response from ChatGPT after providing it with an appropriate prompt, it is necessary to follow a few steps.

  • Give some background information

When entering into a new dialogue, it is essential to provide an idea of what you hope Artificial Intelligence will produce. This will sharpen the final result.

  • Define what you want AI to achieve

Come up with an objective for ChatGPT which it can strive for when you give it your prompt, so that it can adjust itself accordingly.

  • Define the ChatGPT's role or tone of voice for writing

You can specify the tone desired in your writing, which will assist ChatGPT in tailoring the content of its marketing writing to your liking.

10 ChatGPT Prompts for Writing Purposes

We have some great prompts for ChatGPT to create written content. Feel free to make use of them and add your own flair.

Write a narrative

Write a narrative on a war from perspective of a cat. Also highlight the feelings of the cat within the narrative.

Write an essay

Write an entry paragraph for an essay titled “Introduction to the UK’s constitutional law” the outline should include an introduction, four main points, and a conclusion.

Write a lengthy poem about…

Write a lengthy poem about some stairs inside a car manufacturing plant. It should rhyme.

Act as a Screenwriter

I want you to act as a screenwriter. Develop an appealing and inventive screenplay for a film that can fascinate its audience. Get going by devising compelling characters, the setting of the plot, dialogues between the characters. Once you're done building your characters - devise a thrilling narrative full of unforeseen events to keep audiences entranced until the very finish.

Act as a Poet

I want you to act as a poet. Craft poetry that instills passionate emotions and resonates deeply with people's hearts. Take on the subject of love but ensure your words reflect the attitude you desire to showcase through elegant but impactful expression. Similarly, consider crafting short lines that still grasp readers' imaginations.

Act as a Composer

I want you to act as a composer. Create music for the following lyrics: [insert your lyrics here]. Make sure to include specific instruments or tools in order to create melodies and harmonies that bring the lyrics to life.

Act as a Novelist

I want you to act as a novelist. Come up with a creative story that can engage readers for long periods of time. In this novel, dragons are taking over the world and humans are trying to fight back - the aim is to write something that has an outstanding plotline, engaging characters and unexpected climaxes.

Write a Story About…

Write a story about the first person to discover onion and to figure out how to use it as an ingredient for preparing dishes.

Act as a Stand-up Comedian

I want you to act as a stand-up comedian. I need you to write me some jokes about sensitive topics revolving around politicians, feminists and about vegans. Utilize your wisdom, versatility, and observational talents to devise a pattern based on those topics. Furthermore, to cause it to be more down-to-earth and captivating for the punchline, make sure to involve some individual memories.

Act as a Songwriter

I want you to act as a songwriter. You will come up with the lyrics of a song about streets of New York City. You are the best rapper in the world and your lyrics are inspiration for many  people. Include deep and meaningful emotions within the words for people to relate to the song and get them emotionally attached to it.

Use the power of AI wherever you are on the internet

Artificial tools like ChatGPT really proves to be fun in many ways. However, it comes with a price when you are having the most fun. Unfortunately, you can’t keep on using ChatGPT at all times when the demand is high. Most of the time you will come across this page below.  If you don’t want to see this page, you have to pay 42$ every month for the Premium plan.

chatgpt is at capacity right now

On the other hand, TextCortex allows you to make use of generative AI features in every textbox with its browser extension. You can start writing your dream book instantly on a Google Docs or on a Notion page with TextCortex's AI writing assistant. Wherever you are, we are there with you — and for a much more affordable pricing.

We hope that this article has been helpful for your creative journey. Make sure it doesn't affect your creativity in a bad way.