In today's highly competitive job market, it can be difficult to make an early impression.

Thus, showcasing your knowledge, expertise, and effective self-presentation can be challenging.

But what if usually overlooked details (such as the subject line, the person we refer to, or word choice) could make a crucial difference?

In this article, we will delve into the key details for composing an email to a potential employer that can bring positive responses and reduce unnecessary stress when crafting them.

Let's dive in!

What Is an Email to a Potential Employer?

An email to a potential employer is a formal message you send to express interest in an advertised career opportunity or inquire about work opportunities in their company.

It usually consists of brief information about your qualifications with a short introduction. 

Since this is the most common way of establishing initial contact with the hiring manager, leaving a good first impression should be your #1 priority.

How to Write an Email to a Potential Employer - 6 Crucial Components

We’ll explore 6 essential elements of formal emails directed to your potential future workplace!

1. Craft a Brief and Clear Email Subject

A concise and straightforward subject line immediately sparks interest in your hiring manager's inbox. It should clearly state the purpose of your communication.

✍️ Example: “Applying for [Company name and job title] Position - Your Name”

💡 Always remember to include your first and last name. By doing this, you demonstrate professionalism to your potential employer.

2. Address Your Communication to the Relevant Person

Address the person in the company that is in charge of reviewing job applications.

The probability of not receiving a response to your email is high when you send it to a random person within the company.

✍️ Example 1: “ Dear Ms. Wilson” or “Dear Mr. Wilson” 

If you only have their email address, but their name is unknown you can refer to their job title.

✍️ Example 2: “Respected Hiring Manager,
I am reaching out to express my keen interest in the [Job position] at [Company name]."

💡To identify the appropriate contact within the company you are emailing, you can visit the company's LinkedIn profile or website and search for the Hiring Manager or HR personnel.

3. Compose a Formal Introduction

Once you address the person, you should clarify the purpose of your communication in the very beginning.

✍️ Example: "I am reaching out to express my interest in the [Job position] with [Company name] as advertised on [mention where you found the advertisement].
Given my experience in [relevant experience], I look forward to bringing my competence to your team”

4. Pay Attention to the Main Part of the Email- The Body

In this section, we’ll review each section of the email body.

The well-organized email indicates your sincere interest in this job application, not just another submission in a long list of applications.

4.1 List the Experiences

When writing an email to a potential employer, you don't need to list every possible work experience that you’ve had.

Digital marketing companies couldn’t care less about one summer you were selling ice cream, right?

Focus on mentioning your education related to the job opportunity you are applying for and your relevant experience in the field.

✍️ Example:“I would like to highlight that my Bachelor's degree in [Title of degree], followed by four years of experience, makes me a strong match for the [Name the position you are interested in] position currently available."

4.2 Demonstrate Your Qualities

Secondly, be careful to highlight your qualities without coming across as overly self-promotional.

Instead, you can write a few sentences that concisely describe your best skills.

✍️ Example: “ In my prior job experiences, I earned acknowledgment for being an organized, practical, and imaginative employee."

4.3  Name Reason for Applying to This Company 

As mentioned earlier, you don't want your job application to appear as if you're applying to multiple companies.

It's important to communicate any specific aspect of the company's operations that caught your attention.

✍️ Example: “One appealing feature of this company is its commitment to professional growth and development, a quality that matches my goals”.

4.4 Express Your Compatibilities with the Company

In many job advertisements, companies tend to outline their specific requirements.

If you believe you meet these criteria, the next part of your email should focus on addressing them.

✍️Example 1: "While I may not have extensive experience in project management as specified in the job requirements, I am eager to emphasize my ability to quickly grasp new concepts and my strong commitment to continuous learning.”
✍️Example 2: “In my previous role, I was tasked with taking on unfamiliar projects, and I successfully adapted by proactively seeking out relevant training and mentorship. I believe my adaptable nature and dedication to growth would enable me to quickly become an asset to your team."

💡 It's crucial to maintain authenticity throughout. 

Even if you don't meet every requirement, showcasing your willingness to learn and adapt can be a valuable asset.

4.5 Show Eagerness to Become Part of the Team

Your email to a potential employer should be personalized. You want them to feel your motivation to be part of their company.

✍️ Example:
“I'm very enthusiastic about the opportunity to become a part of your team and to contribute to its achievements."

5. Closing of the Email

Last, but not the least, remember to conclude your email with a sincere expression of gratitude for their time and consideration.

✍️ Example: "I want to express my appreciation for your efforts in reviewing and considering my application.”

6. Attach Your Resume

Your resume should reflect the effort you've put into it, appearing well-organized and easy to read.

✍️ Example: "My resume can be found attached to this email. I look forward to the possibility of discussing how my skills and experience align with the [Job Title position] at [Company Name]."

💡 Make sure to leave out any unnecessary information since it will take attention from important and representative information.

While these steps for crafting an email to a potential employer can help you secure the job, let’s look at some bonus tips to keep in mind to excel even further.

Bonus Tips

Here are our bonus writing tips to elevate your communication and make your email more impactful:

Maintain a Professional Image - By using a professional tone, you convey seriousness and respect, which can help you make a favorable impression.

Perform Company Research - Showing that you've researched the company highlights your commitment and can boost your credibility.

Express Willingness to Learn and Grow - Demonstrating eagerness to learn and progress implies you're not only interested in personal development but also in contributing to the company's success.

Personalize Your Communication - Personalization sets you apart while still adhering to formal conventions, making your email memorable.

Foster Genuine Interest - Asking questions shows your sincere interest in the role and the company, making you a more attractive candidate.

Mind Your Grammar - Proper grammar ensures that your email is read attentively from start to finish, leaving a lasting impression.

Example of an Effective Email to the Potential Employer That Guarantees Feedback

Here is an example of a simple but effective template you can use the next time you are applying for a new position:


Overall, be concise and provide all the necessary information while following the form. This is a risk-free strategy that will help you land the job!

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