Resigning from a job can be a difficult decision and writing a resignation letter can be even more challenging. When writing a resignation letter, you need to choose the right words and use a formal and polite tone. In order to write a high-quality resignation letter, you need to follow the correct formatting. You can get inspired to write a resignation letter by examining resignation letter samples.

In this article, we will explain what a resignation letter is and how to write one.


  • A resignation letter is a document in which the employee officially notifies the employer of his/her termination from employment.
  • Although writing a resignation letter can be a challenging process, you can make the process easier by following the proper format: greeting, intention and last working day, reason for leaving, gratitude, closing statement and signature.
  • When writing a referral letter, you should avoid giving detailed information and using a non-formal tone of voice.
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What is a Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is a document in which an employee officially notifies the employer of his/her resignation from employment. The resignation letter usually includes the employee's last day of work and a brief description of the reason for leaving. Resignation letters are one of the important and final parts of the relationship between employee and employer. For this reason, you should use a formal and polite style when writing a professional resignation letter.

what is a resignation letter

Why do you need to write a Resignation Letter?

A well-written resignation letter serves as a formal document of the employee's leaving and resignation. For this reason, you need to write a resignation letter to create an internal paper trail and make your leave official. You can also write a resignation letter, determine your termination of employment date and remaining working days, and ensure that your employer follows the process. It is also standard in some companies for employees to write a resignation letter when leaving.

How to Write a Resignation Letter

You can use the simple six-step format to write a resignation letter. This format includes:

• A proper greeting

• State your intention to sign and the date of your last working day

• Briefly provide your reason for leaving

• State your gratitude with a thank you section

Closing Statement

Signature and contact details

By following this format, you can create a high-quality and concise resignation letter.

What to Avoid while writing a Resignation Letter?

When it comes to writing a resignation letter, there are points you should avoid including. Although you may briefly explain your reason for leaving in your resignation letter, there is no need to give a detailed explanation and mention your decision-making process. You should also maintain a formal tone and avoid negative remarks about your team, job, working hours or work standards. If you have a complaint about the job, you can leave it out of the resignation letter and submit it as a report to HR.

Resignation Letter Templates

We explained the purpose of a resignation letter, its format and what to avoid. Next, we will share resignation letter templates that will allow you to examine this theoretical information in practice. All templates are generated by ZenoChat.

Resignation Letter Template #1

This example is a generic template that you can edit to suit any scenario.

how to write a resignation letter

Resignation Letter Template #2

If you want to use a formal tone of voice and want your resignation letter to be used as an official document, the following template will meet your needs.

how to write a letter of resignation

Resignation Letter Template #3

When leaving any job, you need to give your employer time to fill the gap left by your exit. You can use this template to inform your employer two weeks before your leave.

how to write resignation letter

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