Did you know that an average office worker receives 121 emails per day?

With that in mind,  many emails go into spam, or people never open them, simply because they receive so many a day.

Sending a generalized, long mail without an attention-grabbing subject line is a mistake you can easily make.

Yes, but you want to sound “ official” when reaching out to your employer, and you don’t know how to create an email that will be appropriate but still different.

For someone to notice your email, it needs to be well-thought-out, straightforward and personalized to make you stand out from the crowd.

After sending a personalized email, you have a higher chance of getting a reply from someone you don’t know.

Yes, but you have to spend a lot of time crafting that email, and applying for different jobs makes it even more time-consuming.

Don’t worry. You can follow our tips on writing a cold email and use the templates to craft good emails with a high open rate.

Let’s go through the tips.

What are cold emails, and why should you use them?

A cold email is an email you send to someone you've never met.

You can use cold emails for many different things like contacting someone for the first time, offering a business relationship, or asking for something.

Writing a well-crafted cold email is a proactive approach to getting noticed by employers and standing out from the crowd.

Writing good cold emails for jobs can help you:

  • Land jobs that aren't advertised.
  • Show initiative that can increase your chances of getting a job.
  • Make contact after an interview, networking event, etc.
  • Make the company keep you in its database for future jobs.

Things to do before writing an effective cold email

To write an effective cold email, you should consider these 8 tips below:

  1. Determine your goal - What is the purpose of your email? It can be to apply for a job, remind them of your application, etc. By determining your goal, you will craft a more concise email.
  2. Create a list of potential recipients - Creating a list of potential recipients upfront will help you make your email more relevant because you will know who to address.
  3. Create an interesting subject line -  Disclose your email’s intentions immediately, so the recipients know what they will spend their time on.
  4. Use first names - Making the recipient feel respected, so there is a higher chance they will read your email.
  5. Create a personalized intro - Making the recipient interested from the beginning.
  6. Pitch your offer -  Clearly state how you can benefit their company and provides further info or ways to contact you.
  7. Highlight the value - Know what you will say and offer, and write it in the first couple of sentences, so the reader gets to the point fast.
  8. Keep it simple - A cold email should not be your whole application. Keep it short and simple because no one has the time to read long emails.

If you want to get noticed by employees and increase your chances of getting a job, here are the best tips for crafting cold emails.

The best 5 examples for writing a cold email for a job

1. Send a quick overview + application

Instead of just applying through the website, you can personalize your application and send it in an email with a short overview.

This can make you stand out from the crowd and make your application more memorable. 

Plus, there is a higher chance of getting a reply if you contact your employer directly.

Here is what this cold email can look like:

This cold email is a great way to introduce yourself shortly because your future employer can find out the most important information about you -  your background and how it can benefit them.

So, don’t forget to highlight your most significant achievement or skill that will get your employer wanting to know more about you.

What can you take from this template:

  • Address the right person for the job  -  Include the name and position to make them feel respected.
  • Introduce yourself briefly - Highlight one crucial part so that you grab their attention immediately and intrigue them to find out more.
  • Leave links for more info - Make getting to know you smooth and easy.
  • CTA - Invite them to the next step of the hiring process with you to make the decision easier for them.

2.  Remind them of your application

The sad truth is that in the hiring process, some CV’s just simply get lost in a pile, especially if it is a big company.

You can use the email example below to turn the spotlight on your and make your employer see your CV and portfolio for the first time or revise it.

Here is what this cold email can look like:

What's great about this email is that it's short and clear.

Even though it can show how persistent you are by reminding the employer of yourself, it also provides all the relevant additional information you can provide through the links in case they're interested in rethinking your application.

By empathizing with them and simplifying your application, you can stand out from the crowd of people who apply for numerous jobs at the same time and don’t care about the company itself.

You can use this cold email template even if you are applying for the first time and just want to make your application stand out.

What can you take from this template:

  • Use the subject line to remind them of your application - This can stress that you really want to work with them, which is always a big plus.
  • Show empathy -  Empathize with them by saying that they must have forgotten your emails because of loads of work, which can make you stand out as an empathic person they can work with.
  • Quickly introduce yourself - Stress your main advantages quickly, so they can get interested in reviewing your application once again.
  • Provide further info - Don’t waste their time finding your application. Make it easier for them to know more about you. Stick to the key points because they already have your lengthy application.
  • CTA -  Tell them the next step, so they know what to do after reading your email.

3. Show interest in the company’s work 

To make your employer’s decision process easier, show that you are interested in their work and that work with you will run smoothly.

By showing interest in the company and knowing its past projects, values, and principles, it will be easier for you to join the team.

Everyone wants their business to be successful, and a clap on the back that they are on the right track can mean a lot. 

So, if you show interest and explain how you are a good fit, you will increase your chances of getting hired.

Don’t forget to congratulate them on their accomplishments to make your employer feel special.

Here is how you can show that you know the company in and out:

This cold email is perfect for showing that you know the company and have followed its path. 

Don’t forget to do your research and find a milestone that is a big win for the company and that they are really proud of. 

What can you take from this template:

  • Use their most significant achievement for your own good - Don’t just state or congratulate them. Use their achievement to put the spotlight on your achievements that can benefit them.
  • Explain and provide proof that you can improve it -  Every company wants to break records, and you will interest them with a promise of setting a bigger goal. Plus, you should prove it with your previous experience or set of skills.
  • CTA -  Make it easy for them to contact you and talk to you so they don’t waste time finding out more about you.

4. Explain why they need you

To make your application memorable, let them know in the first couple of sentences why they need you.

You can emphasize what the company lacks or doesn’t get results and provide a solution that is based on your experience and skills.

Showing that you follow and know what the company’s up to will give you bonus points because employers like it when someone shows interest in their work early on.

Plus, showing that you know the aspect they need help with will make them consider your proposal even though they didn’t think they needed extra people at that point.

Even if they think they don’t need you at the moment, they will keep your application because you stressed their weaknesses and provided crucial feedback.

Here is how you can show your employer that they need you:

What's great about these kinds of emails is that you can point out some lacks that your potential company is missing. 

Not only will they be thankful because you showed them the problem, but seeing that you can help them solve it might be a great chance to get your application seriously considered.

Plus, these emails can show that you have done some research on their company, making you a proactive person.

What can you take from this template:

  • Straightforward subject line -  It can help you grab their attention quickly, and they will know what your email is about
  • State the problem and the solution -  Help them with constructive feedback, and tell them why they need you to make them think about your application.
  • Make a quick introduction - Let them know why they should listen to you to increase your chances of them considering you.
  • Links to more info -  Help your employer get to know you easily, without wasting time trying to find more information about you.

5. Present yourself in another way

Receiving numerous similar applications every day can be very tedious and time-consuming for an employer.

Not unless you use your cold email to present yourself in another way, such as a personalized video to the recruiter.

Talking about your experience and skills in a video can make you stand out and present yourself more innovatively.

Yet, you can’t just send a video out of the blue. You need to write an email that will disclose your intentions.

Here is how to make your email an excellent introduction to your personalized video:

What is great about this email is that it is different and quickly unravels the point of the email - the introduction video.

It is more informal, but it is an excellent way to hit the target because it will be recognizable in the receiver's inbox.

Don’t spend your time introducing yourself in the email because the video won’t have a point then. 

You only need a couple of lines to get them hooked on clicking .” play.”

What can you take from this template:

  • Interesting subject line - Addressing the company in a fun way that will make your cold emails stand out in the inbox.
  • Shortly explain your intentions - Say that this is a job application and that you would like to work with them so that they are not suspicious and know what to expect.
  • Attach a creative CV - A video is an innovative and personal approach to sending your information, so your employer will appreciate the effort. There is a high chance they would love to hear what you have to say.

Use TextCortex to create cold emails that get replies quickly.

Cold emails are a great way to reach out to your employer because it gives your more space to draw attention to your skills and experience compared to a standard application.

You can use cold emails to direct your attention to yourself in multiple entertaining ways, as shown in the examples.

Cold email templates can make your job application process easier and more successful because you can use a pre-made template that works.

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