OpenAI's Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is a language model that acts as an engine for hundreds of applications. It is possible to see that most AI applications on the market are powered by GPT-3. The main reason for that is offering generative AI services to the end users.

Let's explore some of the best GPT-powered applications together.


  • GPT-3 is the third version of OpenAI's Generative Pre-trained Transformer series.
  • GPT-3 is an AI language model that uses machine learning techniques and more than 175 billion parameters.
  • GPT-3 has advantages such as time efficiency, streamlining the workflow, and generating high-quality content.
  • If you want to experience an application powered by GPT-3, we have prepared a list for you at the end: TextCortex, Replika, AI Dungeon and many more are in that list.

Overview of GPT-3

OpenAI's GPT-3 is the third iteration of Generative Pre-trained Transformer series, released in June 2020. Its main purpose is to produce outputs that will meet the needs of the user by using the data given to it. Since GPT-3 is trained with massive datasets on the internet, it has grammar structures of more than 80 languages and thousands of topics.

gpt 3 overview

What is GPT-3?

GPT-3 is an AI language model that uses machine learning techniques and more than 175 billion parameters to complete most tasks such as translation, question answer, summarization, and text generation. GPT-3 can answer users' questions and prompts with its massive amount of data. Also, GPT-3 trains itself in “conversations” with users to give users the best responses. In other words, GPT-3 develops using conversation and knowledge sharing, which is the basic learning method of humankind.

What can GPT-3 do?

Since GPT-3 has self-learning capability and a massive amount of data, it can be used in various applications. It can do arithmetic calculations, analyse data, write stories, translate, summarize long texts, write paragraphs from a few words, etc. in high quality in seconds.

GPT-3 Landscape

GPT-3 is an AI language model that can be used in most areas. You can use GPT-3 tools to increase the efficiency of your business in the professional field such as analysing your potential customers, creating a digital identity for your business, and creating a website. In your personal life, you can automate tasks such as preparing to-do lists, scheduling meetings, managing your assignments, and earning more me-time using GPT-3 tools.

Advantages of Using GPT-3 Applications

GPT-3 apps are quite useful for people in all parts of life. If you work in marketing or copywriting field, you can speed up your work and automate repetitive tasks with GPT-3 applications. If you need marketing emails to grow your subscription base, you can use GPT-3's text generation capabilities to quickly come up with the content piece that you need.

gpt 3 applications

Time & Budget Efficiency

GPT-3 applications automate your repetitive and mundane tasks and minimize the time you spend on tedious tasks. In addition, you can grow your business faster by using the budget you spend on completing these tasks manually in different areas of your business.

Streamlining Processes and Workflow

There are several steps you need to follow to streamline the workflow of your organization or business. These stages are process listing, breaking large stages into small steps, determining work priorities, and documenting the process. By using GPT-3 applications, you can automate these processes and ensure that the process continues without errors. In addition, you can obtain a complete and error-free process document by using the right application.

High-Quality Content

If you want to complete your text-based tasks with high quality and fast, GPT-3 applications are designed for you. For example, you can use TextCortex to get high-quality, grammar & spelling error-free, unique emails within seconds. Text-based GPT-3 applications can summarize your lenghthy text, rewrite it or change its tone to adjust to the situation while assisting you in creating content.

Popular GPT-3 Applications

OpenAI's GPT-3 language model is used by hundreds of companies as it is one of the most advanced language models. Let's examine the most useful and interesting GPT-3 applications.


TextCortex is an AI-powered writing tool that assists with generating texts such as blog posts, emails, video scripts, product descriptions, and company bios. Also, it is available as a web application and browser extension. Our browser extension is integrated with over 2000 platforms so you can use it everywhere on the internet. The extension comes with 60+ AI writing templates to cater your needs with specifically-trained models.

TextCortex offers a wide range of other features that could be useful for creating engaging content. Additionally, TextCortex provides you ZenoChat, the best conversational virtual assistant to accompany you anywhere on the Internet.

Let's take a look at what is TextCortex capable of:

• Question & Answers

• Paraphrase

• Summarize

• Expand Text

• Translate

• Rewrite

• Emails

• Blogging

• FAQs

• Website Copy

• Product Description

• Video Script

• Outlines

• Bullet Point Answer

...and so much more.

All waiting for you. Create your TextCortex account now. is a functional application that you can use to convert your video meetings from audio files to text. It can capture that video and audio and convert it to a transcript in minutes. So, you can make five-minute summaries of one-hour meetings and review the meeting later. You can listen again by filtering the key topics that you discussed in the meetings. integrates with Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, Webex, Aircall, and RingCentral.

If you want to increase customer satisfaction and analyse customer interactions, is the app designed for you. With, you can gain insights from customer interactions and maximize your frontline team performance. analyses all customer interactions, you can use this data to make a SWOT analysis and grow your business.


You can use Headlime for writing copy and get an article by providing only 100-character input. Using headlime machine learning, it connects words and can create an article according to your needs. All you must do is enter a small amount of text and get the writing copy.


If you are having problems with timing, we recommend you try Timingapp. Timingapp is an application that automates your time tracking and minimizes the time you spend organizing your daily work. While Timingapp offers suggestions for your time tracking, you can drag your events and create rules. You can save all the time you would spend manually creating meetings and appointments using Timingapp.

AI Dungeon

If you are looking for an old-school RPG game experience and cannot find a dungeon master, AI Dungeon will be your dungeon master. AI dungeon uses GPT-3 to generate stories based on user input. Also, it allows players to create and share their settings. Using text-to-image apps like Midjourney or AISEO Art, you can visualize your adventure and have a satisfying RPG experience alone or with friends.

Lyrebird AI

Lyrebird AI is an application that generates custom voices from audio files using GPT-3. You can use Lyrebird AI to change your voice to add it to videos or to voice texts.


Replika is an artificial intelligence chatbot designed for personal conversation powered by GPT-3. By using Replika, you can create a virtual companion with simple designs and develop it. The application's interface is easy to understand because it works on game mechanics.