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What is a Product Description? A product description or ‘description’ is the first impression of your products, services and business. It describes what you do or offer. A good product description contains information that helps customers decide whether to buy from you or not. That helps in building trust with the customers that will eventually lead to sales. But most businesses don’t have any idea about how they can create better product descriptions. So here are some simple techniques that can help.

Product Description Generator (PDG) This free tool can generate great product description templates in seconds. All you need is to upload one file to this website and it generates all the necessary formats in the desired format for you. The output is very impressive and very easy to use. You just need to enter your product title and product category to generate product descriptions.

TextCortex product description generator will return 4-5 different results that you can choose from. If you don't like the produced content, you can always create more by clicking on the generate product description button.

Easy to Use: This tool is user friendly. No coding knowledge required. Just input your product details and click on generate.

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Writing Amazing Product Descriptions

Easy way to write amazing product descriptions: In order to make a great article about anything for example a new app or website you simply ask yourself. What do I want people to say when I tell them that I am building this thing?

Product Descriptions are a critical component of every marketing strategy that includes product marketing. These can be written in many different ways as there are no rules when creating an awesome product description. Once you understand that then it’s time to start working on it, right?

Let's take a look at some tips to keep in mind while writing a great product description.

1. Don’t be too long; Your title should be concise and should contain only the key points and the benefits of your product. Make sure the description includes all of the following-

• Keywords

• Brand name and slogan

• Important features

2. Be specific, but catchy; Use your best keywords. Avoid using generic words as these are the worst possible match and won’t provide any value to your audience. If you have to mention your brand name or your company’s logo in the description, you must include them.

3. Keep it Short; Keep it short, simple, and sweet. Try to avoid lengthy sentences, but if needed include short paragraphs to give more impact.

4. Add images; You can add images to build your products credibility. Images make products seem more real and trustworthy. They also attract readers to buy your products. There are plenty of free image generators out there that you can use to make your own image files and include them in your listing.

5. Include an About Us page; Include an About Us or Contact us page in your description. People always visit this section while searching for products and services. Including this element makes your profile more professional and complete. It can be added later on after the customer has made a purchase.

6. Write Customer reviews; If you have customer reviews then include them in your description. Not only it is important but it increases your sales as well. Customers like to read reviews and testimonials about their experiences with products and brands. Adding an element describing customer satisfaction in your product documentation will encourage the customers to leave positive feedback.

We know that it is challenging to write compelling product descriptions by hand. Therefore we want to support entrepreneurs with our copywriting tools. Signup to TextCortex to start generating product descriptions for free!