Did you know that 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach customers?

And when you think about it, everything in marketing evolves around the audience — they will skyrocket your business or crash it to the ground. 

And the most successful marketers leverage email strategies even today to enhance brand awareness, generate more leads, and increase conversions and sales rates.

In fact, in the last 12 months, 77% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement.

On the other hand, the statistic also says that 15.8% of emails go missing or end up in spam folders. 

So how to make your emails more worthwhile and productive?

Today we'll discuss the best 9 email growth hacking tips to help you craft high-quality emails that are getting opened and engaged with.

Let’s start!

9 Email Growth Hacking Tricks For Astonishing Results

1. Gather Email Addresses

There are numerous ways to invite individuals to join your emailing list by using pop-up forms and interstitial advertisements. 

You can do it by utilizing a subscribe button on your landing page or by implementing a subscribe button on your social media platform, such as the one we can find on Twitter.


Conversely, if you don’t want to wait for subscribers to hup on your email list, you can implement tools such as Hunter.io to track information about your potential leads and reach them out first.

Hunter.io combines all of our data, including email formats, email addresses located online, verifications, and other indications, to quickly locate the correct contact information.

2. Use Lead Magnets

The email list is just a half-job done. Thus, you should focus on how to generate new leads and entertain the existing ones.

And lead magnets are an email growth hack that will do the trick.

We use lead magnets to remind our existing leads why they are on our email list and to encourage new ones to become our subscribers. 

Here is the list of suggestion forms you can use for lead magnets:

  • Ebooks
  • Templates
  • Toolkits
  • Cheatsheets
  • Scripts
  • Planners
  • Printables

Tools such as Canva or Wistia offer handy templates and design ideas to help you generate your first lead magnet.

Now that you have everything set up for your emailing list, it is time to start writing your compelling emails and initiating interaction with your audience.

3. Send Out High-Quality Emails

Depending on the outreach stage, you should craft your content personalized explicitly for the audience you want to target — marketing and sales funnel can help you with that.

For example, if you are reaching people from your email list for the first time (cold leads), it is much wiser to send nurturing type of email than a sales email, right?

If you are not sure how to write personalized emails for different stages, you can always rely on a free list of cold email outreach templates until you figure out your own form.

Pro tip: Do you know that you don’t need to write all your emails manually?

Most marketers use AI tools such as TextCortex for repetitive writing ‘gymnastics’. 

For example, TextCortex’s Chrome extension offers a ‘bullets to email’ feature that can write emails on more than 30 platforms. 

Highlight your main points in the form of bullets, select them, click on the logo, and hit a ‘bullet to email’ icon to generate your output.

Writing emails is time-consuming.

If marketers don’t use AI assistance, they will not have enough time to handle other business aspects — they will be writing emails all day long.

4. Build Topic Clusters

If you run a blog page on your website, you probably already included content clusters in your content marketing strategy.

Those are blog articles gathered around a pilar page — the main topic with subtopic clusters.

A good news is that content clusters are an excellent email growth hacking strategy that will bring more traffics to your website and keep the targeted audience engaged.

How to use it in your emails?

You can use platforms such as Quora to monitor customers' and prospects' discussions.

That will help you grasp the typical objections and the appropriate sales pitch.

Then plan a series of emails that cover the specific topic you plan to promote in your emails that are relevant to your targeted audience, using that context.

Keeping your audience engaged around one cluster or topic helps you better engage with them, segment them, and personalize your emails even more.

Schedule one email per week to build up a cluster with content tied to one another and focused on the same subject.

Note: You can use the repurposing content technique and create a series of emails with your existing blog content without starting from scratch.

5. Include Social Proof 

Some marketers and owners can overlook this, but social proof is a strong email growth hack that boosts your brand’s authority and the trust of your audience.

Imagine receiving an email from an unfamiliar brand that supposedly wants to offer you services on how to design a logo for your business.

Wouldn’t it make a difference if that email contained social proof in the form of a number of users currently using the service or product?

Well, it will intrigue your interest, that’s for sure.

You can include social proofs in your emails in a form of:

  • Customer reviews — Customer satisfaction feedbacks.
  • Number of users — A number of people using your products or services.
  • Expert endorsements — Feedback from professional experts in your industry that have tried your product.
  • Partnership with other brands — Established business relationships with other brands from your industry.
  • Media mentions — Articles that mention your products or solutions as trustworthy, high-quality products or services.

6. Utilize CTA Buttons

Did you know that including one clear CTA in emails boosts clicks by 371%?

Some good stuff in marketing never gets too old, do they? One of those good stuff are call-to-action (CTA) buttons — an old email trick that most marketers use to boost their clicks and sales.

We use CTA buttons as a navigation route for our audience to encourage them to take specific actions.

Here are some examples of the most common CTA buttons in emails:

  • Read more
  • Learn more
  • Buy now
  • Back to cart
  • Shop here
  • Download for free
  • Sign up
  • Start free trial

Unless you want to send information emails, don’t be afraid to tell your customers and prospects what you want them to do. 

Besides, it is much simpler to check things out when your emails include a CTA button that directs recipientsto the desired location rather than manually searching for the website.

7. Offer Rewards For Referrals

Referrals are another form of exclusivity for your audience. By offering a reward for a referral, you are accomplishing 3 things:

  1. Giving your subscribers additional value from your offerings,
  2. Appreciating their time to open the email and effort to help you advertise your products or solutions,
  3. Providing a solid reason to keep interacting with your business.

How do referrals work?

Ask your subscribers to recommend your offering to a friend. In exchange, provide them with discounts, free coins, free trials on the Premium plan, or a gift.

Quite simple, right?

You can establish yourself as a trustworthy brand with a referral system in your email marketing. 

This great email growth hack can help your emails stand out while saving them from unwanted spam folders.

8. Gamify

Another great growth hacking technique that you should use in your email marketing is gamification.

It can be used within emails in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Countdowns — Set a deadline for participants to finish a task.
  • Leaderboard — Construct a playable game and announce winners using a changing leaderboard.
  • Raffles — Encourage readers to participate in raffles to win special rewards.
  • Surveys, tests, or quizzes — Give participants the opportunity to win a prize with surveys, tests or quizzes.
  • Contests — Encourage customers to participate in contest.

And to help you start,  you can create reward cards with Giftbit free software, and Canapil to organize in-person, hybrid, or virtual events.

Gamification can help you enhance engagement, increase awareness, and forge meaningful connections with potential customers.

9. Use Email Retargeting

The true mastery of marketing is knowing to give your audience what they need when they need it.  

And believe it or not, you already have all the necessary data to achieve this — track the activity of your subscribers to retarget future emails according to their interests.

Retargeting emails is an 'email forking' strategy that helps you automatically move subscribers from a general email list to a more specific one.

Let's say that your email offers "monitors and keyboards."

If the subscriber clicks on "monitors," he will be automatically moved to a "monitor" specific email list with "monitor" retargeting ads.

These behavior emails will help reinforce click decisions and boost conversion opportunities.

Pro tip: Email automation tools such as MailChimp can help you organize and automate emailing processes such as retargeting emails.


With 4 billion daily email users and 37% of brands increasing their email budget, we can safely assume that email marketing strategy is a ‘must have’ arsenal at your disposal.

We hope that these 9 email growth hacks can assist you in discovering potential lacks in your email strategy and what you can do to improve it.

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