2024 is all about raw and authentic content, and you don't want to appear as if you are not in charge of what you write.

You're probably worried about losing your brand's identity trying to follow too many trends, which are constantly changing.    

Following the right directions can help your copy fit the market's needs but still express your story in the best way. 

However, many writers are failing to do this properly, which makes their copies repellent.

To keep up with the right strategy, make your copy more professional, and draw the right audience, we created 7 copywriting trends in 2022 that can help you on your journey. 

So let's dive in!

Why should you follow copywriting trends?

Keeping up with copywriting trends can benefit you in different ways:

  • Trends help with keeping your copy relevant and modern.
  • Trends can help you get noticed, stand out from the crowd, and draw your audience.
  • Trends can give you new ideas on how to reuse your content.
  • Trends can give you ideas on how to get ahead of your competition.

Now that you know the benefits, let's dive into our top picks and how you can use them for your business.

Top 7 copywriting trends in 2024 & how to use them   

1. Tell your authentic story.

Who is behind your brand? The year 2022 emphasizes authentic and raw stories  you should bring to your copy.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Even though there are copywriting rules that help you make the story move from one stage to the other, your audience needs a personal touch from you. So here is what your audience wants to know:

  • Why did you start your business?
  • What problem are you trying to solve?

Think about one specific problem for your audience that your business/product can solve.

Explain the problem briefly and then offer an effective solution with social proof.                         

For example, your company sells healthy snacks for pregnant women.                                            

The problem you are trying to solve is an unhealthy diet for pregnant women.                                      

Explain the ingredients and the benefits of healthy snacks after introducing the problem.

  • Behind the scenes of your product/ business

Write about the making of your product, the ingredients, or the people behind it.  

Write about the problems you faced during the process and the improvements you made.

  • Why is your product/ business different?

See what your competitors are doing and highlight your unique points and strengths.

  • How can they relate to your product/ business? 

Call out your target audience and focus on their goal. Look at the example below:

Today's audience doesn't want anything fake, unauthentic, or boring.                                                                

By answering these questions, your audience gets connected with your business and perceives it as one of a kind and unforgettable.     

Don't set unrealistic goals for your audience because they won't believe it.

Highlighting the flaws of your product is a better strategy than telling lies.

By telling an authentic story, your audience will trust, believe, and connect with you and your product more. 

2. Narrow your target audience

You can't please everyone, and you can't solve all problems.

It is better to talk to a small group that will connect with you than talk to a larger one that will forget you.

The newest copywriting trend is not wanting to sell your product to everyone but to a specific group of people.

Let's see why:

  • Your target audience will buy your product more than once
  • Your target audience will talk about your product
  • Your target audience will want to know more about the product
  • Your target audience will give you feedback/leave reviews 

The latest trend proposes building a community instead of one-time buyers. This is important for the long run, so make your copy more specific, straightforward, and targeted at the right people. Keep reading to find out more perks of having long-term customers.

 3. Take care of your existing customers.

Use your copywriting skills to make your existing customers feel appreciated and taken care of. The latest statistics say there is a 60% probability of selling to a customer in your database than to a new one.

Here is how to direct your copy to your existing customers:

  • Add a discount for existing customers
  • Let them know the news first

Send a newsletter to your customers a couple of days before you officially announce an offer. 

Your existing customers will feel more appreciated if they are the first ones to get their hands on an offer.

  • Ask them for feedback

Here is an example of how a company used the feedback in their comments to prepare an FAQ:

If your existing customers feel like you direct your message only to new customers, they will eventually stop seeing it.

Your  current audience already knows your product, so they don't need more persuading to buy it.

What they want is improvement and the feeling of a community. 

Include them in your copy if you want to keep them in your database.

4. Use your customers' experience. 

Your existing customers don't buy - they sell too

Another reason why your current customers are essential is their feedback.

A good customer's review is social proof that your product helped them, encouraging future buyers to check out your product. 

Incorporate their feedback into your copy to make it more credible, personal, and fact-based.

Yes, you have a good story and an even better business/product, but some people need straight-up facts. 

New customers don't want to trust your word for it.

They want to see real people who had the experience.                                                                                     

Pro tip: If your customers don't leave reviews, create a special deal for those who do. 

That will result in people leaving more honest and longer reviews, encouraging new customers to try your product.

5. Be present on every social media platform. 

Social media presence is necessary for you to reach a wider audience and find your target audience wherever they are.                                                                  Long-form writing, short-form writing, pictures, videos, and designs.

The year 2022 requires every business to adapt to every platform's unique approach.

Many content creators fear experimenting because they don't want to waste time.

The good thing is that you don't need to make different content - you have to take various forms.

Repurposing content means reusing your content by posting it on other channels or changing the format.


Let's see how:

1. Make a blog post on how to use your product and put it on your website.

2. Take pictures of your product and put them on Instagram with a summary of the blog post above in the description.

3. Use TikTok or Reels to make a video of "how to use my product."


In the example above, you can see how you can use the same message in various forms. Also, you can always put a link so that people can reach your website and buy it.

6. Use video formats to promote your business

This year, video formats are the most popular content format because people prefer watching to reading.

This is because the content is becoming even more raw and unfiltered, and people want to see the products "live."

Videos give impressions of the "real thing," and people can visualize the product better. 

You can incorporate video formats into every platform you use, from your website to social media.

If people know your product and how to use it before buying it, there is a higher chance they will buy it. 

Make sure to write copy that will follow the video or add more valuable content so that people will read it. Videos that are focused and concise are more likely to impact your audience. 

That is why videos, like a copy, need a lot of research and planning.

Here is how to merge video formats and copy:

  • Write a catchy description to attract the right target audience
  • Don't forget CTA so that your audience knows what to do after watching your video
  • Use the main keyword in the title to attract new customers 
  • Use the proper tags if you want to make your video viral
  • Link to other videos so your potential customer can learn more about your product/business.

Live videos are a good trend that can help create a good relationship with your potential customers. 

You need to advertise the live with excellent copy, and then during the live, engage the audience.

Show them the product, answer their questions, and add a CTA.

You can use the direct feedback from your live to make a FAQ section on your website and social media platforms. 

You can use their feedback as social proof for new customers.

If you use the right copywriting techniques for your videos, you will reach a whole new audience that prefers video content.

Now, there is one tool that can give you a hand when you need it.

7. Use AI to create engaging SEO-optimized content

Al can be used in writing. In particular, it helps writers create better content using machine learning. This is very useful because it can detect patterns and trends in written text. You can use AI writing tools to generate new content. 

Imagine you are writing a blog post and have to write a catchy headline and subheadline. You know what you want to say but don't know how to say it. 

Well, AI writing tools can help you with this, along with some other features that can help you:

  • Rewrite sentences
  • Create long-form blog posts
  • Create emails that get replies, etc.

AI is a powerful tool for writers, but you should use it alongside your human skills, not as a replacement! 

Instead, use it to let the computer do the grunt work so you can spend more time working on creative ideas and strengthening your voice as a writer.

Bottom Line

Keeping up with the latest copywriting trends in 2022 is not easy. 

We named our top 7 trends to grow your business and make your copy more successful in 2022.

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