Anthropic's Claude 2 language model has the features to compete with other large language models. One of the large language models that Claude 2 competes with is Google's PaLM 2 model. Both language models come with their own advantages and disadvantages. 

In this article, we will compare PaLM 2 and Claude 2. If you are ready, let's begin.


  • Claude 2 is a large language model that can be trained to assist with text-based tasks. It has a large input size of 100k tokens and can analyse hundreds of pages of data.
  • Claude 2 can generate output in various programming languages such as Python and JavaScript (71.2% score in P@1 of the Codex Human Eval benchmark.).
  • Google's PaLM 2 is a large language model that can complete various text-based tasks with high quality.
  • The Claude 2 model has higher performance in code generation and helpfulness than PaLM 2 model.
  • While the PaLM 2 model is used in most Google services and Bard AI, Claude 2 is not yet in widespread use.
  • If you are looking for a fully customisable conversational AI assistant to help you complete your text-based tasks, try ZenoChat and create your personal info-hub.

What is Claude 2?

Claude 2 is one of the latest large language models released by Anthropic on 11 July 2023. Claude 2 has improved performance, longer responses, and larger input size. You can also generate safe, and non-harmful output using the Claude 2 model.

How to Access Claude 2?

To try out the Claude 2, all you need to do is head over to his official website and click on the "Talk to Claude" button. Unfortunately, Claude 2 is only available in the US and UK. Anthropic's team working hard to expand to other regions soon.

Claude 2 Features

The Claude 2 model has higher performance in maths, reasoning, and coding skills than the previous models of Anthropic. For example, the Claude 2 model has a score of 76.5% in the multiple-choice section of the Bar exam. You can also generate output in 20+ languages using it.

claude 2 vs palm 2

Claude 2 is an AI chatbot that can be trained to help you with many text-based tasks. Thanks to its 100k token input size, you can train Claude 2 to be your personal assistant, co-worker, or digital friend.

Claude 2's 100k token input size allows it to read and analyse hundreds of pages of data. Since its output size is also increased, it can generate dozens of pages of output according to the user's prompts.

One of the skills that Claude 2 is proficient in is coding. You can use it to generate output in programming languages such as Python, CSS, C#, and JavaScript. Moreover, thanks to Claude 2's large input size, you can debug or improve your existing projects.

The Anthropic team used the term "Constitutional AI" when introducing Claude 2. This term represents the ethical rules that Claude 2 always follows, which were manually set to prevent Claude 2 from generating harmful and illegal output.

Claude 2 Pricing

If you want to use the Claude 2 model, you will encounter two different pricing plans: Claude and Claude Instant. Claude's pricing model is good for complex reasoning, creative output generation, coding, and detailed output creation. Claude model charges $11.02 per 1 million tokens. The Claude Instant model is good for completing basic tasks while offering high performance at low cost. The Claude Instant model charges $1.63 per 1 million tokens.

claude 2 pricing

What is PaLM 2?

PaLM (Pathway Language Model) 2 is a next-generation large language model announced by Google at the 2023 Google I/O conference. The model is integrated with Google's Bard AI and other services, so you can freely experience it.

Using the PaLM 2 model, you can complete various text-based tasks such as human-like conversation, translation, summarising, text generation, code generation, and question & answering in seconds with high quality.

PaLM 2 Features

Google's PaLM 2 model is one of the most advanced large language models with its parameters and trained data. Although we do not know how many parameters PaLM 2 has, we know that it has more parameters than its predecessor PaLM, which has 540 million parameters.

The PaLM 2 language model is trained with books, poems, riddles, websites, idioms, grammar rules, and sentence structures of more than 100 languages. Therefore, you can use it to generate output in 100+ languages or to translate between languages.

PaLM 2 model is trained with 20+ popular programming languages such as Python, C#, JavaScript, and PHP. Therefore, you can complete your simple and intermediate coding tasks and evolve them using the PaLM 2 model.

PaLM 2 Pricing

You do not need to pay any fee to use the PaLM 2 language model. You can request access to Bard AI with a non-business Google account and start using PaLM 2. Once you have access to Bard AI, you can experience PaLM 2 to generate a near infinite range of things.

Anthropic’s Claude 2 vs Google’s PaLM 2: Comparison

Now that we have a basic knowledge of both Claude 2 and PaLM 2 language models, we can compare them. If you are curious about the similarities, differences, and advantages of the two language models, read on!


When it comes to code generation Claude 2 model has a 71.2% score in P@1 of the Codex Human Eval benchmark. In the same test, Google's PaLM 2 model has a score of 37.6%. In other words, if you are looking for an AI tool for your code generation tasks, Claude 2 outperforms PaLM 2. In addition, we would like to point out that GPT-4 still holds the first place in this test.

palm 2 vs claude 2

If you are looking for an AI chatbot that can generate non-harmful and safe output, Claude 2 has a higher performance than PaLM 2. Anthropic has prioritised providing harmfulness output to users for its previous language model Claude 1.3. As a continuation of this goal, the Claude 2 model also generates ethical and non-toxic output for users.

The Claude 2 large language model is successful in understanding users' prompts and generating the responses they need. According to Anthropic's data, the Claude 2 model has the highest helpfulness score.

claude 2 versus google palm 2

According to this data, the Claude Instant model, in which Anthropic charges $1.63 for 1 million tokens, also has an acceptable high score.

When it comes to language knowledge, the PaLM 2 model can generate consistent and high-quality output in 100+ languages, while the Claude 2 model can only generate acceptable output in 20+ languages.

Use Cases

Since Claude 2 is a newly released language model, Claude 2-powered AI tools are not yet widespread. However, the PaLM 2 model is used in Google services such as Bard AI, Vertex AI, YouTube, Google Docs, Slides, Spreadsheets and Gmail.

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