The tech world is buzzing with excitement once again thanks to Anthropic Claude 2! Their latest announcement of a new large language model has everyone talking. This model is breaking barriers with its impressive input capacity and coding skills. Get ready to witness the future of technology and knowledge unfold before your very eyes.

In this article, we will discuss what Claude 2 is and its capabilities.


  • Anthropic has announced Claude 2, a new large language model that is breaking barriers in terms of input capacity and coding skills.
  • It is an improved version of Anthropic's previous model, Claude 1.3, with enhanced conversational capabilities and the ability to keep longer conversations or documents in its history without generating harmful output.
  • It is trained with reinforcement learning from the human feedback model and can train itself by analysing its conversations.
  • Claude 2 is proficient in 10+ spoken languages as well as popular programming languages.
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Anthropic’s Claude 2

Anthropic is an American company founded by siblings Daniela and Dario, who both previously worked at OpenAI, ChatGPT's developer research lab. Introducing themselves as an "AI safety and research company". Anthropic announced Claude 2, the latest version of the large language model they developed, on Jul 11, 2023.

Claude 2 Review

What is Claude 2?

Claude 2 is an improved version of Anthropic's Claude 1.3, especially in terms of coding and input size. In addition, it has been developed to give users a conversational experience and stands out as it does not generate harmful, unethical, or illegal output. Since Claude 2 has a larger context window, it can keep longer conversations or documents in its history, allowing users to analyse more documents.

The Technology Behind Claude 2

During the training phase of Claude 2, a massive volume of text data, primarily sourced from the internet, was utilized. This extensive training allows Claude 2 to establish context between words effectively. Consequently, it can intelligently determine the most appropriate sentence to generate following a given sentence.

Claude 2 parameters

The Claude 2 fine-tuned reinforcement learning from human feedback enables the model to analyse human feedback and generate output accordingly. Also, Claude 2 continues to train itself by analysing each of its conversations.

How to Access Claude 2?

To use the Claude 2 chatbot, simply visit its official website and create an account. Currently, Claude 2 is only available in the U.K. and U.S., but the Anthropic team working on it for a global rollout. One disadvantage of Claude 2 is that its competitors' large language models are available globally upon release.

Claude 2 Performance

Claude 2 is more developed than its predecessor, Claude 1, and debuted with great trump cards against its opponents. Claude 2 has high performance in skills such as reasoning, coding and syntax with its advanced parameters and a large amount of trained data. Let's take a closer look at Claude 2's capabilities.

Input Length

Claude 2 allows its users to input up to 100k tokens, in other words, you can input hundreds of pages of documents. Claude 2 can generate hundreds of pages of output according to your prompts by reading and analysing all your input. This large amount of input and output capacity is an excellent opportunity, especially for users who need to analyse long documents.

Code Debug and Code Generation

Claude 2 has the ability to read and analyse popular programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, SQL, and CSS. This capability, combined with its impressive input capacity of up to 100k tokens, allows users to upload their entire code for debugging.

The process works as follows: Claude 2 manages the heavy lifting by processing and analysing the code. Meanwhile, users can focus on fine-tuning and completing their debugging session. As a result, the debugging process becomes significantly more efficient and can be completed in a much shorter time.

Moreover, using Claude 2, you can generate beginner and intermediate code in popular programming languages, receive suggestions for your existing code, and even chat about your code concept.


Claude 2 boasts the capability to generate output in more than 10 languages, including Spanish, French, and German. This makes it an invaluable tool in a variety of scenarios:

  1. Professional Setting: If your job requires generating output in different languages, Claude 2 can serve as your most efficient co-worker, handling multilingual tasks seamlessly.
  2. Language Learning: If you're learning a new language and seeking a practice partner, Claude 2 could be your ideal companion. 

Whether for work or personal development, Claude 2 can assist you in effectively navigating the multilingual landscape.

A Better Option: ZenoChat

If you are looking for a better conversational AI alternative that is globally accessible, ZenoChat by TextCortex is designed for you. ZenoChat is available as a web application and browser extension. Its browser extension is integrated with 4000+ websites and apps, so you can continue to use ZenoChat no matter what webpage you are on.

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ZenoChat Features

ZenoChat can generate output in 25+ languages and relies on advanced large language models such as GPT-4 and Sophos 2. It can write paragraphs, blog posts, poems, emails and summarize, rewrite, or change the tone of voice of your existing text.

ZenoChat also can access the latest internet data through its web search feature. This feature includes Internet, scholar, news, YouTube, Reddit, Wikipedia, and Twitter options. Simply enable the web search feature for ZenoChat from bottom left to generate output using the latest internet data.

As you use ZenoChat, you will notice that it generates better and more specific output. The main reason for this is that it trains itself in every conversation it has with you and aims to give you the best experience thanks to its conversational memory.

Fully Customizable AI Experience

ZenoChat offers a customizable experience via the TextCortex web application. This customization can be accessed through two major features found in the menu: 'Knowledge Bases' and 'Individual Personas'.

The 'Knowledge Bases' feature allows you to upload your own documents or connect your datasets from platforms like Google Drive and Notion. By doing so, you can enable ZenoChat to utilize the data you provide while generating output. Therefore, whether it's through personal documents or datasets, ZenoChat's customization options empower you to tailor the application to your specific needs and preferences.

With the Individual Personas feature, you can adjust the personality and tone of voice of ZenoChat. Simply provide three pieces of your written content, and then ZenoChat will read and analyse them to create your AI persona. Also, our developer team added 12 unique personas that are designed to complete different tasks, don't forget to check them out.

Get Started with ZenoChat

Getting started with ZenoChat is a straightforward process. Here's how:

  1. Create your free TextCortex account. 
  2. Once your account is set up, you will receive 20 free creations per day (you can earn more with the reward center). 
  3. Use these creations to explore ZenoChat's capabilities and other features provided by TextCortex. 
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Thus, ZenoChat not only provides you with a powerful toolset for your needs but also offers flexible pricing to ensure you get the best value for your money.