When it comes to essay writing, a super smart and innovative assistant who will help you through the entire process will make things easier. Getting help from a tutor for essay writing can be expensive, but you don't have to worry because AI chatbots have got you covered. AI chatbots can help you throughout your writing process, from research to grammar fixes. Moreover, you can train custom AI chatbots specifically for essay writing tasks!

In this article, we will explain how custom AI chatbots can help you with your essays and how you can train them.


  • Custom AI chatbots are chatbots that users can train to generate content-focused output.
  • You can use custom AI chatbots to research the topic of your essay and create an outline for your essay.
  • Custom AI chatbots help students with paraphrasing, summarization, text generation and spelling & grammar fixes.
  • ZenoChat by TextCortex is a customizable conversational AI that will meet your various essay writing needs, from research to spelling & grammar fixes.

AI Chatbots 101

AI chatbots are applications that read inputs and generate related responses using advanced language models and trained data. They have a variety of uses, from professional tasks such as marketing and email to personal tasks such as question & answering and essay writing.

Since AI chatbots are trained with publicly accessible data, they can answer any question of the user. Moreover, AI chatbots with web search capabilities, such as ZenoChat, can process the latest Google data and generate output about current topics. You can also customize your AI chatbot and build it to focus only on the essay writing task.

What are Custom AI Chatbots?

Custom AI chatbots are conversational AIs that are trained for specific tasks and generate more focused output on that task than other AI chatbots. Custom AI chatbots come with advantages such as content-focused output generation and high performance. For example, you can train an AI chatbot for essay writing tasks and shorten the time you spend on essay writing by up to 12 times.

How do Custom AI Chatbots work?

To train an AI chatbot, you need to be able to edit the data it uses to generate output and customize its output style. To train AI chatbots with knowledge base features such as ZenoChat, all you need to do is upload or connect the data you want. You can also train custom AI chatbots with essays you have written before and have them use your tone of voice and writing style when generating text.

Is it safe to use custom AI chatbots?

If you want to build a custom AI chatbot, we recommend that you use AI chatbots provided by dependable developers such as OpenAI and TextCortex. The main reason for this is that the data you upload is stored on reliable servers. Additionally, writing-focused AI assistants such as TextCortex offer features that will speed up your essay writing process and reduce your workload.

How Custom AI Chatbots Can Help You with Your Essays?

Building custom AI chatbots is both fun and easy. Once you build them, you can use them unlimitedly for target tasks and edit them when necessary. In addition to these advantages, AI chatbots can help you with your essays. Let's take a closer look at how custom AI chatbots can help you with your essays.


No matter what topic you are writing an essay on, you need detailed research. This research enables you to provide valuable information to your readers. You can research the latest peer-reviewed articles by using custom AI chatbots with web search features. Moreover, you can complete all this research in a conversational format. No more tedious search engine research!


After completing the research phase, it's necessary to create a proper essay outline that will guide you. Custom AI chatbots can evaluate your research results and generate an essay outline for you. You can perfect this outline by editing it according to your needs. Furthermore, you can complete this process, which would take over an hour to do manually, in just a few minutes.

Text Generation

Since AI chatbots utilize natural language processing, they can generate unique and new articles. Custom AI chatbots can take things one step further and generate plagiarism-free and unique text by analysing your research results on your essay topic. But remember, always double-check texts you get from AI chatbots with a plagiarism checker.


If you are not satisfied with the paragraphs you wrote for your essay, you can rewrite them with custom AI chatbots. You can also get more specific outputs by entering parameters such as "more readable" or "active voice" into the prompt you enter to rewrite your paragraphs.

Spelling & Grammar Fix

Since custom AI chatbots are trained with the grammar and vocabulary knowledge of dozens of languages, including English, German, French, and Spanish, they can easily detect spelling and grammar errors in your essay. Moreover, custom AI chatbots can make your essay error-free by fixing spelling and grammar errors. Forgot to put a comma? Don't worry, AI chatbots can easily fix this writing error for you.

ZenoChat – Build Your AI-powered Co-Assistant

ZenoChat by TextCortex is a conversational AI that aims to support users in their writing tasks with advanced language models and unique features. ZenoChat offers a completely interactive and customizable experience with its customizable persona and knowledge base. It is available as a web application and browser extension. ZenoChat browser extension is integrated with 30,000+ websites and apps, so it can accompany you anywhere and anytime.

How ZenoChat can help you with your Essays?

Whether for text generation or research, ZenoChat can support you throughout the entire process of essay writing with its unique features. Using ZenoChat, you can generate articles, paragraphs and outlines from scratch or rewrite your existing tasks and change their tone.

ZenoChat comes with a web search feature that allows it to use the latest internet data while generating responses. Moreover, ZenoChat's web search feature has a scholar option that allows it to use only peer-reviewed articles as data.

Fully Customizable AI Experience

ZenoChat comes with the Individual Personas feature, which allows users to build it as they wish. To use this feature, all you need to do is upload or copy-paste three writing samples. In this way, ZenoChat can analyse your writing style, sentence length, tone of voice and similar writing habits. Then, it will build a persona that mimics your writing style, which you can use for text generation or paraphrasing.

Thanks to ZenoChat's "Knowledge Bases" feature, you can upload or connect the datasets that it will use to generate output. Using this feature, you can upload peer-reviewed articles to ZenoChat and have it use these resources when generating text. Moreover, since ZenoChat cites the information it uses when generating output, you can also handle in-text citations, which is the most painful part of essay writing.

TextCortex Plagiarism Checker

When it comes to essay writing, you need to make sure that your essay is plagiarism-free or contains an acceptable percentage of plagiarism. Thanks to the TextCortex plagiarism checker, you can check the plagiarism score of your entire essay in seconds. TextCortex plagiarism checker will cite which website or source your plagiarized sentences came from, if any. Thus, you can rewrite those sentences and create a plagiarism-free essay.