Are you stuck trying to create a killer headline for your new post or article? Or wasting hours trying to create a headline that will attract more readers to your website?

Yeah, we know the drill.

It's getting harder to make people find and read your content. You can write a great piece of content, but getting people to click on it is an entirely different story.

To achieve impressive click rates and high traffic on your website, you need to write convincing headlines that will catch readers' interest and drag them to your content.

To ease your pain, there are headline generators that can help you end up with an attractive headline within a few clicks.

In today's article, we will explain what headline generators are, how they can help your business, and present you with the best headline generators for your needs.

Let’s begin!

What are headline generators, and what are their benefits?

The headline generator uses AI to generate headline ideas based on keywords or other information you enter. 

Then, they automatically create headline ideas that you can use for your articles, or whatever your needs are. 

According to Google, SEO-optimized titles are crucial for providing users with a quick insight into the content of the results and getting relevant to users' queries.

You can use headline generators for any type of headline, such as article headlines, blog titles, YouTube titles, and social media headlines.

How can headline generators help your business?

Up to 80% of people might not even read your post if you don’t have a meaningful headline that grabs the reader’s attention. The headline is the first impression your readers get about your content and decide whether or not they will continue reading.

Here are some benefits of headline generators:

1. Reduces expenses - It allows you to create hundreds of unique headlines monthly so you don’t spend money on a full-time writer.

2. Saves time - By using a headline generator, you can be sure that it will  save you hours on creating. 

3. Getting an SEO-optimized output- Headline generators can help you create the appropriate headline that works best for your business. In addition, they create relevant, SEO-friendly titles that match your keywords.

4. Increases click-through rate (CTR) and traffic - Well-shaped and well-optimized headline or title can lead your website to more traffic and increased CTR. 

5. Improves SERP Rankings - Since creating exciting titles will increase your traffic and CTR, it will lead to Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking improvements. The higher your rank, the more readers, reach, and a higher chance of sales.

6. Increases conversion rates - If you provide readers with well-written content, chances are, they will become your customer. With more satisfied buyers, your conversion rates will also increase.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s discover some of the best headline generators you can use in 2022.

6 Best headline generators for creating stunning headlines

1. TextCortex

TextCortex is an AI tool that can help you create unique, catchy, and SEO-optimized titles for your websites, articles, and blogs within seconds. 

The TextCortex has its use-case module writers that constantly improve and learn from your usage simultaneously, so you can get a better output the more you use it. 

Also, your results will be better if your inputs are more specific. 

The most convincing thing about this generator is the sophisticated SEO-optimization feature.

TextCortex title generator feature creates headlines that work across any niche and for any purpose (blog title maker, PPC advertising, email headlines, FB advertising headlines, Amazon affiliate articles, etc.).

And it can do it in 72+ different languages.

How to use TextCortex for your headlines?

To create stunning headlines, go to the Landing Page Headlines feature in the Creator Suite menu, enter your product or service description, along with their name.

After you’re done with the input, hit Create and choose the result that fits you best.

You can assume that these headlines are about 98% plagiarism free with 2% of creativity and grammatically correct.


72+ different languages - You can generate your headlines in more than 70 different languages.

Natural sounding - Generate headlines that have natural, human-like output.

SEO improvement - Creates SEO-optimized headlines that can help you increase search engine performance.

Google Chrome extension - Offers you to create your content in any textbox online.

Competitive headlines - Creates attractive titles that increase your traffic and CTR.

All-in-one tool - Besides generating titles, blog posts, emails, and ads, you can rewrite, expand and shorten sentences.


⛔Not completely perfect UI –  The primary emphasis of our development department is to build a new, more pleasant user interface that supports a positive user experience.


TextCortex comes with 3 pricing plans.

2. Tweak Your Biz


Tweak Your Biz is a generator that helps you create headlines that can attract up to 50% more visitor traffic to your article or website. 

Tweak Your Biz offers you 1000 titles powered by AI bots, allowing you to choose whatever headline you like.

How to use Tweak Your Biz in creating headlines?

Tweak Your Biz will generate the headlines after you type in the desired topic and click submit.

This generator offers headlines listed under different categories for a bunch of diverse issues.

As a result, it provides you with more than one variety of headlines, from question-type headlines to motivation to fit your content theme.

It doesn’t demand applications and software be installed; it works seamlessly on your web browser.


Multiple output options - Offers thousands of titles by category so you can focus on the one that best suits your needs.

Online platform web-based headline creator - It operates easily on your web browser without requiring additional installation.

Noun/verb options - Offers an option to search the focus word as a noun or a verb before the output result.


Design needs improvement - It can be confusing with so many suggestions on one page.


Tweak Your Biz headline generator is available for free.

3. SEOPressor blog title generator

SEOPressor is a title generator that offers you one of the most relevant title ideas based on keywords.

You can have various headline ideas based on the context you need without sounding unnatural.

It can help your website increase rankings and search engines, attract relevant traffic, build your subscriber list, and monetize your services or products.

SEOPressor blog title generator can ease your producing high-quality titles. 

t can help you create content, choose words that suit your readers' needs, and convert them into a dedicated audience.

So, you can use it whether you're writing a book, a magazine article, a blog post, or even a simple online journal.

How does it work?

After you enter your keywords, enjoy watching the generator produce useful headlines to the audience in seconds.

If you are unhappy with the provided output, you can always click the refresh button to create a new list of unique titles.


Multiple title configuration - This allows you to specify the keyword’s nature for a more accurate headline by choosing between generic term, brand name, industry, location, event, or skill.

SEO-friendly titles - Offers relevant and, most importantly, SEO-friendly titles. 

Simple and uncluttered UI - Inspected interface even for beginner writers.


⛔Distracting Ads - Half of the page is covered with an ad after the 3 free pages of titles were reached.


SEOPressor is a free headline generator available to everyone on web browsers.

4. BlogAbout title generator by Impact

BlogAbout by Impact title generator is one of the most popular unique generators available online.

According to Impact, this is a tool for their end users.

In addition, you get access to the plans and headings through it.

BlogAbout title generator by Impact tells the users how to create a title, so they can skip using the title generator after a while.

Both novice and experienced bloggers and writers can benefit from using this tool to generate creative and fun headline ideas.

How does it work?

BlogAbout title generator doesn't focus on keywords like other blog title generators.

So even though you still enter your keyword, this blog title generator provides something similar to a template to help you write the headline.

You enter a keyword, choose one of its types, then hit generate titles.  

BlogAbout generator offers you to download your titles on your computer.


Interesting design - Fully customizable headline generator.

Great suggestions - Offers you catchy and attractive title outputs.

Complete control over the title - You can modify generated headings according to your needs.


⛔ Takes time to get results - It may take some time to provide you with a headline that suits your needs.


BlogAbout title generator by Impact is free and available to everyone via online browsers.

5. SumoMe-Kickass Headline Generator


SumoMe-Headline Generator is one of the significant and practical generators for creating a suitable title for your blog or article.

However, it is slightly different from other tools.

This generator creates headlines in seven categories, including contentious, how-to, and numbered lists.

You can enter multiple keywords to generate a list of generic blog names and include a time frame, additional descriptive descriptors, the desired objective, and more.

To make it easier to remember, you can watch how they give each type of blog title a name.

Because of its extensive control, SumoMe-Headline Generator is excellent for experienced users.

How does it work?

The SumoMe-Headline Generator first offers you seven title category options. After choosing the category, it asks for more information to generate attractive titles for your content.   

Choose the required category and enter the subject in the appropriate input form. The headline generator will produce the ideal headline for your needs.


Multiple options - Creates headlines in seven different categories.


⛔Design can be improved - It takes a while to understand how to use its features.


SumoMe-Kickass Headline Generator is available for free but with some limitations. You can purchase their PRO plan if you want to unlock all the features. 

6. Content Row

Content Row is another interesting headline generator that uses a keyword to create specific results with headline ideas, blog titles, video titles, and more.

It can help you find the trending headlines based on your keyword, but you must sign up for that option.

You can use another title generator by content row for article suggestions or blog headings. 

In the Content Row, you must insert the main title, and the generator will do the rest.

Of course, you can check the quality of the previous topic too.

Content Row headline generator can help you analyze your headline score. 

Once you choose the blog headline or tit, you can assess the topic's strength.

Additionally, it provides some ideas on which you might base your new headline.

This tool displays hot subjects currently being widely or passionately debated online. 

How does it work?

Enter a topic to generate headline ideas. As they say, one to two-word topics works best.

You can use clickbait ideas for your content with a clickbait title generator, but we don’t advise you to do that.


Heading analyzer - This allows you to check your headline strength.

Multiple customization options - Offers suggestions based on which you can change your headline.

Good support - Showcases trending topics that are generating a lot of online comments.


   ⛔ Clickbait option - It can easily "seduce" you and get your content a red flag on Google. 


Content Row title generator is available for free to all.

Final word

Finally, we showed you the 6 best headline generators that can save both - time and effort.

So, to grow your online business, you should pay proper attention to your headlines. 

As you can see, headlines are the face of your content and show your business's strength.

If you want to increase your website ranking, use keywords in your titles.

The generators mentioned above greatly help make your content and website successful and attractive.

Give them topics, categories, and keywords, and they will instantly generate unique titles for you. 

Remember that only carefully created blog titles will inform your audience of what you are presenting and persuade them to click.

Each of the mentioned generators will ask you for a certain amount of time to familiarize yourself with it and find out if it suits the development of your business.

Our experience says that TextCortex performed better even when the requests were above average.

Besides that, it can help you to write articles, blogs, product descriptions, and so on in a minute.

Additionally, you can add TextCortex Chrome Extension for free to speed up your writing process.

You can use it wherever and whenever you want in your browser, whether you're creating headlines, articles, emails, and so much more.

It's free, easy to use, and the results. Oh, my! You can check for yourself and be delighted, just sign up for free.

We hope you will have fun generating a great headline.