Dark Mode & Summarize Page


Introduction of Dark Mode

We are excited to announce the release of the long-awaited Dark Mode. Users can now seamlessly switch themes according to their preference through the Preferences settings. Choose between a light or dark theme to enhance your visual experience.

Summarize Page & Video+ Add to knowledge base

Enhancements have also been made to our browser extension. With just a single click, you can summarize the content of the webpage you're currently viewing. This feature presents a concise version of the page for quick consumption. Moreover, you can even summarize videos whenever you are on YouTube. It works in the same way and the same button will adjust itself to summarize the video you are watching.

Additionally, the entire webpage can efficiently be added to your knowledge base, improving knowledge management and saving valuable time.

Marketplace & Organizations


Expanded Marketplace

Our marketplace has seen significant growth this month. We have added a dedicated page brimming with user-generated prompt templates, easily accessible and ready to use. We are also working on a creator incentive program which would reward users for creating more on our marketplace. Stay tuned!

Organizations & Team Settings

Moreover, the new Organizations feature allows for team creation and collaboration. Share your knowledge bases, templates, and custom personas with your team, streamlining workflow and fostering a collaborative environment.

Revamped ZenoChat UI & Enhance Prompt


We have rolled out a comprehensive redesign of the ZenoChat interface. This update brings an intuitive, centralized chat setting for managing custom personas, knowledge bases, and language options.

Improvements have also been implemented in uploading files to the knowledge base for a more effective user experience. Furthermore, our new "Enhance" button optimizes your prompts with ease. When pressed, it refines your input, generating impactful prompts without the need for painstaking word crafting.

Desktop App & Marketplace


What a month it has been! Our lineup of features and products expands even further with the latest additions – such exciting times!

New Toolbar: Our new toolbar is more responsive than ever and cleaner.

Template Marketplace: Our marketplace of templates allows you to browse through community-created prompt templates and bookmark them for future use.

textcortex marketplace

Exporting Chat Responses: You can now export chat responses or rewrite outputs as PDF files for immediate use.

exporting pdf

Desktop App for Mac: Our desktop app has all the capabilities of our browser extension and works in all of the installed apps on your computer.

Textcortex desktop app

We hope these updates enhance your experience with TextCortex and empower you to create high-quality content with ease. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions to help us improve our platform.

Create Your Own Templates & New Shortcuts


We are excited to announce our latest product update that brings a host of new features to our AI-powered writing platform. Our team has been working hard to develop these features to make your experience with TextCortex even more seamless and productive.

Quick AI Reply: This feature allows you to enable your AI persona and reply to recipients in seconds with the tone of your persona. It is compatible with widely used email clients like Gmail, Outlook, and customer support platforms like Zendesk, Freshdek, and Groove.

Template Creator: With this feature, you can create your own prompts and save them as templates to be used in ZenoChat. You can insert dynamic inputs to be filled in later on in the chat interactions and refine your outputs.

Template Creator

Chat History: You can now browse through your chat history and engage with older chats in the browser extension's ZenoChat.

Shortcuts: You can use "@" and insert the name of your persona to automatically select the specified persona while still writing the prompt. Similarly, you can use the "/" symbol to specify the document and only retrieve data from that source.

Here's how you can make reference to your files:


Here's how you can make reference to your personas:


Knowledge Bases 2.0 & Speech-to-Text & Quick AI Reply

July 2023

In July, TextCortex's portfolio saw a host of fresh new updates as we worked hard towards making your experience better.

Revamped Knowledge Bases

Last month, we introduced Knowledge Bases so users can have a personalized AI experience that fits their preferences.

And now we've made it even better - you can have multiple clickable knowledge bases to browse through whenever you like, like having multiple file folders.

textcortex knowledge base

For instance, imagine that as somebody doing freelance or working in a marketing agency, you have different clients with distinctive requirements you need to meet. In this case, Knowledge Bases can serve as your virtual brain. Learn mor about how you can make use of Knowledge Bases here.


It's incredible, but true - by simply speaking aloud to your companion, you can easily command them to perform any action you desire. Witness the magic that unfolds before you!

speech to text

Quick AI Replies

Quick AI Reply is another brand new feature that generates sparkling email replies in an instant! Our system tailors its responses to match the tone and context of your email.

You will also be able to use your persona outside of our virtual assistant ZenoChat for the very first time! We believe that communication should be effortless and Quick AI Reply is our latest step towards achieving that goal. It is only available via our browser extension: try it today and experience the ease of instant email replies.

Knowledge Bases to turn AI into your personal information hub

June 2023

June was full of improvements and new additions to the TextCortex platform. Let us tell you all about them!

Knowledge Bases

This powerful addition to our platform will allow you to upload your own documents and retrieve information from them directly within ZenoChat, making your AI companion even more versatile and useful.

You can even upload an 80-page PDF document and fetch information from it in 3 seconds just like I did in the following image: 

Plagiarism Checker

You've heard that right! Now you can easily scan your texts for plagiarized material and see the references. We believe this side feature to our editor will be valuable to those using our editor.

Interface Localization & Upgraded Web Search

May 2023

We are excited to announce the latest updates to our product for the month of May. We have been working hard to improve the user experience and provide more features to make your work easier and more efficient.


Firstly, we have localized our product in 25+ different interface languages. This means that you can now change the interface language to over 25 languages to better suit your needs. Whether you prefer English, Spanish, French, German, or any other language, our product now has you covered.

textcortex localization

How to change the interface language? (App)

  1. To change the user interface language of TextCortex app, simply head over to the bar on the left side of your screen and click on "Settings".
  2. Afterwards, click on "Preferences".
  3. Now, you can simply choose the system language you're most comfortable with!
textcortex in multiple languages

How to change the interface language? (Browser Extension)

  1. To change the user interface language of TextCortex Browser extension, simply head over to the "Manage Extensions" menu at the top right corner of your browser.
  2. Afterwards, click on "TextCortex" and you will immediately see the language settings.
  3. Now, you can simply choose the interface language you're most comfortable with among 25+ languages!

Upgraded Web Browsing

Secondly, we have upgraded our Web Search feature. Previously, our Web Search was limited in scope, but now you can customize it to suit your specific needs.

chatgpt with web browsing

You can add your own data sources, switch between data sources such as News sources, Google Scholar, Twitter, Reddit, or custom URLs that you can add. This makes it easier for you to find the information you need, no matter where it is located on the web.

We hope that these updates will help improve your experience with our product. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions for future updates, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Zeno Assistant & Customize Your AI

APRIL 2023

April has at last arrived and the blooming of spring is finally beginning. And with this arrival, we are also bringing in 2 new features to TextCortex products.

  • Zeno Assistant - AI Writing Assistant
  • Customize Your AI

Zeno Assistant

Our love for Zeno is growing more and more every single day. We are incorporating Zeno into your writing workflow with various capabilities.

Think of Zeno as your all-rounder white knight in a shiny armor. You can use Zeno to:

  • Continue writing your sentences when you are stuck.
  • Fix grammar & spelling
  • Create long-form content from scratch.
  • Summarize long texts: Make texts longer / shorter

Here is an example of Zeno doing its magic.

You can also do much more when your creativity runs low or when you need a quick draft for your writing task.

How to activate Zeno Assistant?

Simply use the following shortcuts:

For Windows: ALT + ENTER

For Mac: OPT + ENTER

Once you've activated it, you will see many templates to choose from. Some of them require some content to be already available in your document such as Summarize, Make longer / shorter,  Find action items and so on.

zeno assistant

Customize Your AI

The next feature we have currently in Beta is Customize Your AI. This feature intends to make your AI buddy sound like the persona you created.

You are completely free to construct your own persona using the input you choose to provide. Eventually, you can create a Math teacher, a Travel Guide, your digital clone or whomever else you want to create.

How do you create your personas?

Quite simple.

You go to the Customize Your AI tab once you've logged in, and add your persona in one of the slots.

customize your AI

Then you need to give a name and define a short bio for the persona. This will help your AI to impersonate the figure you want to create.

After entering all the introductory fields for your persona, you can then insert 3 text samples to provide further context for your persona. This is quite important as your AI will imitate the style, the tone and the general structure of the given input to meet the standards of your persona.

Once you are done, you can set a default persona for your writing and change it on the fly. We are offering 1 additional persona slot for our Free users, and unlimited number of additional personas for our premium users.

Let us know what you think of this new feature!

ZenoChat with Web Search & New WebApp Design

MARCH 2023

For our latest release, we are introducing 2 big enhancements to TextCortex products.

  • ZenoChat with Web Search
  • New WebApp Design

Web Search

Last month, we introduced ZenoChat and its capabilities. Now, we are adding one more addition to its capabilities: Web Search. This feature will enable Zeno to gain a deeper knowledge about the recent events of our world and shape its responses accordingly to cate your needs. Zeno now knows who won the World Cup 2022.

Why is "recency" important?

Many of you might already be aware that GPT-powered AI systems have limited knowledge up until September 2021. Therefore, many of these AI systems have no information about the most recent events beyond that particular date. If you were to ask ChatGPT "Who won the World Cup 2022?" it won't be able to answer that question properly or hallucinate plausible answers.

chatgpt alternative

How to use ZenoChat's Web Search Feature?

Keep in mind that Web Search is an optional feature. All you have to do is enable the Web Search toggle and start experimenting with your prompts.

Open up TextCortex sidebar at the bottom right corner of your screen and start chatting with Zeno right away! Learn how to make use of ZenoChat here.

New WebApp Design

We are adding some flair to our WebApp design and making it whole a lot easier for you to work on. We believe this enhancement will bring more value to your everyday work with a cleaner user interface and more space for you to focus on what is really important.

We aimed to create a design that is appealing to the eye and highlight the important elements for your workflow. Meaning, if you are working on a blog post, the sidebar on the right will adapt to it and show you the relevant information for you to fill in. Once you are done with your generated text, you can click on the "Arrow" icon next to the "Copy" icon and paste what has been generated directly into the editor.

Let us know how we are doing and what you would like to see. You can join our Discord server and leave your suggestions.

ZenoChat at your service


For this launch, we are adding one of the most-awaited features to our product: ZenoChat.

Now you have a consant AI companion by your side whenever you want to collaborate & chat with an AI.

Zeno uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to understand and respond to users in an intelligent way. ZenoChat is unique because it can learn from its conversations, a function that allows it to become more accurate over time: this makes it perfect for customer service representatives, marketers, content writers and anyone who wishes to collaborate with an AI.

Learn how you can make use of the most of ZenoChat here.

How Does ZenoChat Work?

ZenoChat uses an advanced deep learning algorithm that allows it to understand the context of a conversation and produce relevant responses based on what has already been said or asked of it.

Zeno can also consider user's individual tastes and preferences in issues it presents as solutions, thus creating a tailored encounter for every person chatting.

In addition to using deep learning algorithms, ZenoChat also incorporates Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques such as sentiment analysis so that it can better detect user intent when responding to questions or requests from users.

Risks & Limitations

As with every technology, it’s always wise to proceed with caution. First of all, ZenoChat can be wrong: it can come up with answers that sound good enough to feel plausible but that are inaccurate. Do not choose to completely rely on it without doing your own research, therefore we advise you to fact-check everything. Last but not least, do not use ZenoChat for biased or offensive content.

We are thriving towards providing a much more advanced user experience everday. Feel free to leave your feedback!

New year, New TextCortex.


For this launch, we are packing our product with numerous new additions.

1. Writer's Unblocker
2. More languages (27 languages available in total)
3. Developer Mode

Writer’s Unblocker: We wanted to offer something to users so that they don’t have the stay in front of a blank page and think about what to do.

We will offer this feature in following websites for the initial release and then gradually release it for other platforms. With v1.3 release it will be available on following platforms:

- Google Docs
- Notion
- Gmail

The other feature we are proud to announce is the new Developer Mode. We are introducing this feature with multiple programming language support including Python, Javascript, PHP, Go along with SQL and even Regex.

You will be able to generate custom code by just explaining what you want to see. For more information regarding Developer Mode, you can read our resource specifically written as an overview.

This update also provided support for 27 languages, allowing you to create and translate in those languages.

Available Languages: Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, NorwegianPolish
Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

We are thriving towards providing a much more advanced user experience everday. Feel free to leave your feedback!

Nearing to the end of 2022.


With this update we will tackle some important product features that will enhance the user experience even further:

1. Text-to-Speech / Voice Activation
2. New onboarding for Browser Extension
3. New changes to our Free plan

The TextCortex Chrome extension version 1.2 now features a text-to-speech function that can read any text out loud. With this feature, you can highlight any text and start listening to it.

text to speech ai

Our voice activation also works with any translated text that you created within the browser extension. What a marvelous thing! Simply highlight your text, translate it to any language you want, and click on the Play icon to start listening to it.

text to speech ai

This update also improved our user onboarding process to enable newcomers to become more acquainted with TextCortex. We augmented this onboarding with our instructional YouTube videos to aid our users in comprehending the product thoroughly.

(Almost) New Year, new TextCortex update!


We’re so happy to share the news right before the end of 2022: our new features have been released and the TextCortex Chrome extension v.1.1 is as ready as ever to revolutionize your workflow!

We have been working hard to improve your experience with our tool and made a few changes we’re sure you’re gonna enjoy: our mission is to help you manage your daily work routine more efficiently and offer as much support as we can in your creative process.

The TextCortex Chrome extension v.1.1 now comes with a readibility checker that gives users an idea about how sophisticated their writing sounds, as well as some analytics about word count, required reading time and character count. In other words, you can now check your writing statistics within your text box and get a score!

Additionally, we now have 60+ templates that will prove to be useful not only in your general content writing process but in so many fields and niches such as email writing, academic life, ads & marketing, YouTube, social media, and much more!

The new TextCortex Creator Suite sidebar will adjust to your writing needs with its 60+ new AI templates: you can pick your preferred output text length (short-100 words, medium-200 words, long-300 words) and select its creativity degree (low, medium, high, best).We intend to keep the promise of lifting about 70% of work from your shoulders and these new feature additions will make sure you save up in terms of both time and stress, with the cost-benefit ratio kept as balanced as ever.

Thank you for being part of the TextCortex family: each review, suggestion and feedback helps us move forward in our improvement process.We can’t wait to tell you all about our plans in 2023, keep an eye out for news & updates, because we have so many coming your way! Happy creating 🚀‍‍

Brand New TextCortex Chrome Extension v.1.0. With New Features (Synonym, Google Docs Integration, Better Toolbar,...)


We’ve got some news for you! The TextCortex team is thrilled to announce that our new features are out and ready to assist you in your creative process, now more than ever!

TextCortex Chrome extension is finally reached its v.1.0. Tons of new handy features that will make your life easier and cut down time spent in front of the text editors.

We have been working hard to implement changes and improvements in a top-quality product that lets you rely on modern AI copywriting technologies without ever leaving the text box you are in. Some news we’re sure you’re gonna love:
- The new Synonym feature
- The integration with Google docs
- A whole new bunch of templates!

Additionally, we also improved a few things:
- A better toolbar
- We now show a list of templates for you to choose from instead of just a bubble whenever text is highlighted
- The disabling option
- You can disable features you don't like or even the whole extension on a website you prefer not to use on.

You have been a crucial part of our ever-going improvement process. Thanks to your feedback, creations, and experience, we’re now faster, easier, stronger, and always striving to reach new limits to surpass.

Keep an eye on the following updates to learn more about our new features in more detail. We hope you’re gonna enjoy them.

And by then, check out the new features we prepared for you! Happy creating! 🚀‍‍

New Powerful API Functionalities For Everyone.


We created pure NLP power for your workflows and products with our API ever since the Launch in August 2021. All such that you can focus on the product you want to get out.

Whether you are a software company that wants to adopt a true value add for their end users or need text classification and generation on a large scale, we have good news for you! No environment setup issues, no GPU shortages, no prompting issues, no overloaded servers, and no parameter optimization.

Each solution is a simple integration of an API endpoint into your codebase. In general, the API is a highly customizable product that can cover a lot of ground and adapt to your workflow. We help you choose the best working models for your workflow.

Within the NeoCortex system, there are 4 categories. From Velox are our lightning fast models over to Alta our heavy duty models the biggest limitation is product creativity to make them shine. Sophos models are our fine-tuned NeoCortex expert models for highly specialized workflows.

These models can be used for various purposes, including classification, entity extraction, summarization, content generation, code generation, paraphrasing, and much more. Besides the existing text generation endpoints like the email generation API, the product description API or the text rewriting API. We added new powerful API functionalities for beta access being:

Text Extraction API - Extract core information out of the text.
Text Classification API - Classify data on a large scale.
Visual generation API - Use Stable Diffusion to create visual drafts in your workflow.
Text Embeddings API - Capture text similarities between texts.

Hit the end of your optimization road? Looking for a service to host your large language model as an API? Struggling to make a larger model on your infrastructure? We help you host your own model and deal with ongoing optimization.

Choose the API that fits your needs and create content at scale within your system.‍‍

New WebApp Facelift For Creating Content in One Place Smoothly


We have some big news for you! Our new WebApp facelift is live and ready to operate! Having your needs and feedback in mind, we created some new options and improved UI/UX to make it simple and smooth for you to use the web app. Besides that, we decomposed other solutions, explored their advantages and disadvantages, and used that knowledge to create our own unique solution.

Some of the new updates that we included within the web app:

Editor - With the editor field, you can create your final text within the app without switching to another tab
Documents - Save each creation that you like, get back to it, and use it whenever needed
Personalization - We improved not only the text generation output for specific needs but also adapted the app according to it.

If you’re interested in testing out how it works and what it looks like now, feel free to check it out here and test it for yourself!

Write Content At Scale Within Any Textbox Online Using TextCortex Chrome Extension.

JULY 2022

Our browser extension has launched! And guess who has written the announcement?! Our own AI. The TextCortex Chrome extension is now publicly available in the chrome web shop and will co-create anything consisting of an arrangement of letters. From emails to blogs.

We have been hard at work building this new product that helps you use modern AI copywriting technologies without leaving the text box you are in. AI co-creation is super fast, super simple, super easy to learn, and super accessible.

The reason we chose to build a browser extension is a result of a year-long feedback journey. Coming closer to our users and making it possible for anyone to create blog posts, emails, wikis, rewrite and expand texts, and create text-based content from wherever they are.It’s a pretty simple concept but one that we observed from our alpha users to be super powerful.

1) Highlight an idea or some bullets you entered
2) Click the TextCortex toolbar
3) Create with every click by choosing the feature you need.

We want the world to be able to create more with TextCortex. If you’re interested in learning more about TextCortex, download the extension and see it for yourself!

TextCortex Raises $1.2 Million Pre-Seed To Advance Proprietary NLG Capabilities And Launch Chrome Extension.

JUNE 2022

We are happy to announce our first round of $1.2m in funding from renowned investors. The round was led by btov Partners with the participation of Speedinvest & Entrepreneur First, joined by exceptional Angels Amar Shah and Holger Hengstler.

TextCortex is joining the field to research, build and develop the future of NLG technology from its fundamentals as close as possible to potential users with our network of fine-tuned language models called NeoCortex.

Our team is driven and passionate to be part of the impact natural language generation will have on humanity and is working tirelessly to develop products that benefit human productivity in something as omnipresent as everyday writing. We are well aware of the current tides of the tech markets and set ourselves in fitting shape to sail through them. Having the former DeepL backers btov Partners and, with them, the experience of Andreas Goeldi, who himself traversed multiple companies through former hard times of the dot-com and financial crisis, puts us in a unique position.

It’s a new chapter for TextCortex, and we are thankful for the almost 7000 users we were able to learn from, our global and diverse team who is skyrocketing our productivity, and our investors who have trusted us from either only meeting us virtually (btov Partners, Amar, Holger) or from knowing us from our past work (Speedinvest, Entrepreneur First).