After the popularity and benefits of large language models and AI, Meta AI has added a new one to the market, Llama 2.

Llama 2 (Large Language Model Meta AI 2) was released on July 18, 2023, with 40% higher performance and more trained data than its predecessor, Llama 1. Although Meta AI did not reveal the size of the trained data for the Llama 2 language model, it explained that the model was not trained using any data from Meta's products or services.

In this article, we will explore this new large language model and discuss who it is suitable for and how it can be used.


  • Meta AI has introduced a new large language model called Llama 2. It was released on July 18, 2023 with better performance and more trained data than its predecessor, Llama 1.
  • Llama 2 comes in three different parameter sizes and generates safe output due to the use of two reward modeling. (7B, 13B, 70B)
  • It performs slightly better than ChatGPT default in Meta AI's benchmarks, but if you use ChatGPT with a plus subscription and GPT-4 model, it is more efficient and effective.
  • Llama 2 can be used by researchers, educators, and students due to its open-source nature.
  • Businesses may also benefit from Llama 2's potential applications for improving their customer service quality.
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  • TextCortex offers customizable conversational AI ZenoChat that can generate high-quality output in 25+ languages.

What is Llama 2?

Llama 2 is the advanced large language model that Meta AI offers to the technology world as open source. It was released with three different available parameter size; 7B, 13B and 70B. All models of the Llama 2 are convenient and suitable for completing daily tasks.

How was it trained?

The most critical aspect that distinguishes the Llama 2 large language model from its competitors is that it generates safe output. While training Llama 2, the developer team used two different reward modeling. The first of these models considers the safety of the output and the second considers its helpfulness. The generated text with the highest sum of the scores of the two reward modeling is given as output to the user.

how was llama 2 trained

The Llama 2 language model used Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) technology to refine fine-tuning. With this technology, testers and users give direct feedback to optimize the large language model.

Is Llama 2 better than ChatGPT?

If you are using ChatGPT in its default model (GPT-3.5), Llama 2 language model has higher performance and accuracy according to Meta AI's benchmarks. Meta AI used a 4000-prompt test without math, reasoning, and coding to compare Llama 2 and other language models. According to these test results, Llama 2 is slightly better than ChatGPT default.

is llama2 better than chatgpt?

However, if you use ChatGPT with a plus subscription, with the GPT-4 model, ChatGPT is more efficient and effective than Llama 2.

How to Access Llama 2?

There are two different methods to test the Llama 2 language model. The first of these methods is to go to the official website of Meta AI, fill in the required information and request the installation email.

The second method is to use online tools such as Perplexity that offer a website interface specific to Llama 2. If you don't want to deal with the long installation process, this method is more effective to try Llama 2.

Who Can Use Llama 2?

Since the Llama 2 language model is open source, it is a useful tool for users from different sectors and fields. Let's take a look at which professional or individual users can make the best of the Llama 2 model.


The Llama 2 language model can be used for research because it is trained with a mix of publicly available data. Additionally, since the model is open-source, anyone can install and use it to complete their research tasks.

Customer Service Representatives

Llama 2 has potential applications for businesses, organizations and e-commerce looking to improve their customer service quality or provide automated answering for customer chatbots.

Also, using the Llama 2 language model, you can analyse your customers' answers and increase your profitability to take your business to the next level.

Educators and Students

Other figures who can benefit from Llama 2's performance are educators and students. Educators can utilize the capabilities of this language model to teach better. On the other hand, students can learn the topics they want more easily by using this language model.

The Llama 2 language model is the ideal large language model for use in the education sector, as it generates non-toxic output. Thus, you can create learning environments that do not contain any harmful content for students and meet the individual needs of students.

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Is it free to use TextCortex?

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