Writing a letter of recommendation is a process that requires dedication and time. During this process, you need to choose the right words, not over-praise the candidate and present his/her skills. However, there are some methods that will make the process easier and make your letter of recommendation shine.

In this article, we will share 5 little hacks that will make your letter of recommendation writing process easier.


  • The purpose of a letter of recommendation is to introduce the candidate's qualifications and skills to the recipient.
  • When writing a letter of recommendation, you can increase its credibility by explaining your personal relationship with the candidate and writing personal stories about them.
  • You can prove that you are suitable to recommend the candidate by introducing yourself in a letter of recommendation.
  • You should avoid using exaggerated and hype sentences in your letters of recommendation.
  • You can speed up the process and reduce your mental workload by using AI tools such as TextCortex when writing a letter of recommendation.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation?

To write a letter of recommendation, you first need to know the candidate's skills, projects, and qualifications. You can then use a suitable letter of recommendation template and follow the letter of recommendation format.

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What is a Letter of Recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is written content used to present the candidate's suitability and qualification for the college, job, position, or program to which he/she is applying. A letter of recommendation should be written by a professor, teacher, mentor, coach, supervisor etc. who is qualified enough to consider the candidate.

Letter of Recommendation Format

Each letter of recommendation is written adhering to a specific format. This format is a compass that those who want to write a letter of recommendation should follow:

  • A kind and formal greeting
  • An introduction that includes your title and recommendation statement
  • An overview of the candidate's skills and qualifications
  • A personal story about the candidate's achievements
  • A formal closing statement
  • A signature with your contact details

5 Tips to Write a Letter of Recommendation

We explained what a letter of recommendation is and its format. Next, we will offer 5 tips you can use when writing a letter of recommendation! If you're ready, let's start.

Describe your personal relationship

In the first paragraph, you should explain how long you have known the candidate. In the letter of recommendation, you must clearly show that you are qualified to write a letter of recommendation by sharing the projects you worked on with the candidate or the time you observed him/her. It will increase the credibility of your letter and increase the likelihood that the candidate's application will be accepted.

Provide Personal Stories

You can highlight the candidate's skills and achievements by sharing facts and stories about the job, program, or college to which the candidate applied. For example, if the candidate has applied for a student exchange program, you can add your personal stories in which the candidate uses their social and language skills to the letter of recommendation. This way, you can also prove how well you know the candidate.

Introduce Yourself

The purpose of a letter of recommendation is to vouch for the candidate and serve as a reference for their skills. You need to introduce yourself and your title to prove to the person reading the letter that it was written honestly and by a competent person.

Avoid Hype Sentences

To distinguish the application candidate from others, you may want to praise them a little and talk about their achievements. However, you should avoid using unrealistic and exaggerated hype sentences in this process. The best way to introduce a candidate is to examine them from a realistic perspective. Using hyperbolic sentences in letters of recommendation will weaken the reliability of the letter and reduce the probability of the candidate's application being accepted.

Utilize AI Tools

It is also possible to use AI tools to create letters of recommendation. You can use AI tools to generate letter of recommendation templates, fix the grammar and spelling of your letters, and rewrite your paragraphs. Additionally, by using some AI tools, you can summarize the documents containing the candidate's information and make the process easier.

TextCortex AI – All-in-One AI Assistant

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TextCortex Writing Templates

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