Winter is the ideal season for quite a few different activities: booking the trip back home to visit your family, indulging in your favorite hot beverages, getting to take out that coat you love so much (assuming it’s going to be cold enough for you to actually wear it).

It’s also a great season to write. It may sound cheesy, yes, but hear us out: doesn’t sitting down with your laptop in a cozy environment, steaming cup of coffee or zesty tea nearby, spark some instant inspiration for a very merry story or a holly jolly marketing campaign?

And if not, TextCortex is here to help. ‘Tis the season to give, after all, and we’d be delighted to offer you some advice on how to produce the best written content for winter 2024.

What Kind Of Content Works Best?

In this section, we’ll start by giving you a brief guide on the types of content that will work as the best hooks for your selected audience.

Remember, experimenting always pays off. If there’s a platform you have yet to test out, this is the right time to consider giving it a go!

1. Tweet After Tweet

Twitter is an amazing place for you to test the waters and research about what’s been trending lately.Sharp and relatable humor works best on the bird platform, which is why you can use it to your advantage to pick up on what’s being discussed and promote your content in a satisfyingly succinct way.

Experiment with puns, search and take note of the most used hashtags/keywords, discover what’s relatable to other people and work from there.

2. Take A Look At Holiday Cards

Yes, we know they already exist in every greeting card aisle, but have you ever taken the time to actually read a few of them and take notes? 

Imagine the impact of creating your very own, digital holiday card to promote a product, offer a discount or simply remind part of your target audience that you value them and you’re thinking about them during the holiday season. People appreciate thoughtfulness!

3. Email It Away

Inboxes are always full in winter, holiday campaigns being the main content clogging them up.

Work on some good emails while keeping in mind that less is more. This is a great occasion to rely on heartfelt, emotional copy so that your email brings you closer to your audience, instead of looking like just another ordinary marketing campaign.

4. Song Lyrics

This is not really a groundbreaking idea, but it’s worth mentioning. 

Play around with songs that are widely known and spark positive emotions, then connect them to your value proposition!

5. Informative Posts

This is where your research skills come in handy: have you ever thought about advertising your product through data your users might be interested in?

Take a look at how many hours US consumers usually spend looking for the ideal gift, how much money is usually spent throughout december, what kind of offers are people most drawn to during black friday.

6. Blog Posts

Blogs provide engagement and shareable content, so they’re the perfect place to improve your storytelling skills and advertise products, services, educate your customers, provide tips or how-tos, and build a solid connection with your brand! 

7. Funny, Emotional, Vulnerable

It’s always best to keep your communication authentic. 

Think as a user! What would you want to read in a marketing campaign or in the description of a product someone is trying to sell you? What would make you feel like wanting to give it a go?

Don’t be afraid to dig a little deep in your own emotions. The most important thing is to build a narration your user base or target audience can identify with.

Ideas For Content And Campaigns

1. Twitter

As previously stated, the bird platform is the perfect place to have fun experimenting with your communication! Here are a few examples:

You could reply with something along the lines of “or you could browse our collection of [products], 30% off for the whole month!”, “Tara, we also suggest sparking their inspiration with our latest offer”, “they may not need therapy if they consider giving our [product] a go!

Go ahead and engage with a joke relevant to the topic, such as “what is dead may never die, unless it’s our incredible black friday offer: 50% off on all your orders until the end of the month!” or “unlike Jon Snow, we may know a thing or two: you have until Christmas to claim our discount code [code] and get your hands on our [product] for a ridiculous price!

Extra tip: remember to research what’s popular at the moment and don’t be afraid to joke around. Advertising and writing are both activities that can and should be entertaining. Anything can be turned into a campaign!

Topics that are popular at the moment and you can use at your advantage: Taylor Swift’s new album, The Crown’s new season, Friends seasonal episodes, the House of The Dragon show, both upcoming and more classic Christmas movies, Elon Musk buying Twitter, astrology.

2. Emails

Keep in mind that even if most people associate winter with holidays, warm family vibes and peppermint candy, others may associate it with loss, solitude, dark days and unpleasant temperatures.

Take the opportunity to send thoughtful emails as well as fun, colorful ones.

  • You can give the opportunity to unsubscribe from your holiday specific updates only: “Hey there! Christmas is on its way and we understand that not everyone finds it easy to deal with it. If this is a difficult time for you or your loved ones and you’d prefer not to receive any related emails from us, click on the button below and we’ll take care of it. We’ll still reach out for any other updates!
  • Send exclusive offers and discounts to make whoever has shared their email with you feel special: “Hey, *name*! ‘Tis the season to be merry and we hope you’ll appreciate a unique gift from us to you”.
  • Put up a holiday/winter rewards program and plan a few emails to be sent throughout your preferred span of time. “To our valued customers: sign up for our holiday/winter rewards program now and let us keep track of the best deals of the season for you!
  • Experiment with lyrics: “Much like Mariah, we don’t care about the presents underneath che Christmas tree… but we do care about [off you go with your offer/value proposition]”, “You better watch out and you definitely better not pout, we’re telling you why: [offer/value proposition] is coming to town!”, “Baby, it’s cold outside! But this offer will keep you warm: [value proposition here]
  • Remember that visuals are important and among the best ways to convey your message. Choose a style (pastel, neutral, colorful, winter patterns) and adapt it to your preferred type of communication. If you’re offering a discount, make sure the number is big and stands out so you can grab your readers’ attention. You can invoke a sense of urgency by adding “last day” or “last 24 hours” or even “valid until [date]”. A visual can also be used to display your products/new arrivals and recommend the most interesting ones, especially if they’re seasonal. Consider also adding a picture of you or your team!

Take a look at these campaigns to get inspired:

Small Business Saturday holiday email campaign by Blooming with Joy
Small Business Saturday holiday email campaign by Blooming with Joy
Thanksgiving holiday email campaign by Ibotta
Thanksgiving holiday email campaign by Ibotta

Holiday shipping deadlines email campaign by ASOS
Holiday shipping deadlines email campaign by ASOS

3. Merry Little Blogging

  • Blog posts are the greatest opportunity for you to get creative and vulnerable with your writing: don’t use them strictly for selling, they are also great to simply spark interest and attract new users to your content/products.
  • Some great wintry blog posts ideas include: a holiday wish list, reflective journey paired with new year’s resolutions, 2023 goals, favorite products of 2022, tips on how to survive the winter blues, how to enjoy cold winter nights at home, best books to read in winter, hobbies you can start this winter, why winter is the best time to work on your procrastination list, best drinks of the season and how to make them at home, best family-friendly activities, self-care tips for the winter period, make yourself a priority this winter, easy holiday decorations you can make with your kids, how to survive the holiday season, gift options you never thought about, self-love ideas for valentine’s day, best [month] workout routine to [goal], de-cluttering tips for January, how to be the most productive you’ve ever been in 2023, romantic recipes for valentine’s day, write your own christmas cards this year.
  • A good idea would also be to keep track of important days and celebrations, so that you can raise awareness, write meaningful content and, why not, also build some campaigns and offers around them.
    We have gathered some for you:
  • November 13, 2022: World kindness day
  • November 24, 2022: Thanksgiving
  • November 25, 2022: Black Friday
  • November 28, 2022: Cyber Monday
  • December 10, 2022: Human rights day
  • December 18-26, 2022: Hannukkah
  • December 24, 2022: Christmas eve
  • December 25, 2022: Christmas
  • December 26, 2022: Boxing day
  • February 1-March 1: Black history month
  • February 11: International day of women and girls in science
  • February 12: National productivity day
  • February 14: Valentine’s day
  • February 28: National science day

How AI Can Help You Write Your Content

If you’ve never considered letting an AI tool help you write your content, this is the perfect time to change your mind.


You should think of AI as a helper, never a substitute. We’re not here to overpower your voice or ideas: our mission is to make your work easier, faster and, why not, sometimes even spark some inspiration.

As a writer, your voice still belongs to you. So let us enhance it! You can use TextCortex to write amazing winter email campaigns, compelling social media copy, YouTube video descriptions and much more.We have designed our tool to understand you and your writing needs: it actively presents options on how to make your content more authentic, and assists you in your creative process, from start to finish, like never before.

🪄 Rephrasing tool

- Helps overcoming the “it just doesn’t sound right” sensation

- Provides up to 5 suggestions to reword the text you’re not satisfied with

- Use it in any online text box (including Gmail, Notion, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Docs, Medium, Facebook)

✉️ Bullet to email tool

- Creates a compelling email from just 3 bullet points

- All you need to do is pick the suggestion that fits you best and you’re ready to go

 ✍️ Long form creation tool

- Will support you in the creation of longer, more consistent content

- Will transform your ideas into a blog post through the “LongForm”(B) button

- Enjoy the beauty of writing, save time and double down on what truly is the core of creation. 

- Ideal for blog and article posting

New features now available include:

🖋️ Synonym suggestion feature

- You’re now just two clicks away from a list of word alternatives

🗒️ Complex sentence highlighting and suggestion feature

- Will make it super easy to rewrite complex sentences in a more straightforward way

🇺🇸 🔁 🇩🇪 🔁 🇺🇦 Translate

- Translate your content in 10 different languages

 📝 New templates

- Briefly expand your on top of your text

- Summarize anything you want

- Pick between 13 different tones to adjust your communication

The more you use it, the more TextCortex will learn about your writing style and provide more personalized outputs!

Let us give you an example on how you can use our tool to write the perfect, winter themed blog post or article. The secret lies in our long-form content creation tool!

1) First, think of a topic you’d like to tackle. Then, write down a few sub-topics you want your content to be centered around:

2) Highlight the text of one of the sub-topics and click on our long-form post creation tool (it looks like a B):

3) Let AI work its magic! TextCortex will show you a list of suggestions and you only have to pick the one that fits your narrative best, then make the necessary changes for the content to reflect your personal experience:

Overall, we believe you’re just a step away from producing the best content for winter 2022-2023.

This guide is meant to hopefully provide some inspiration for your next, great work: whether you’re thinking of some good social media posts, great emails, a compelling marketing campaign or a relatable blog post, we strongly trust that the process will be much easier than what you may have anticipated.

We can’t wait to discover what your next, brrr-illiant written content will be. It’s surely going to be love at frost site for your readers!

The TextCortex team wishes you a great winter season. Happy creating!