The Claude 2 AI chatbot model has the capabilities to compete with ChatGPT, one of the most popular AI chatbots. Both offer advanced natural language processing and generative AI capabilities, as well as a human-like conversation experience.

In this article, we will compare Claude 2 with the free version of ChatGPT, the GPT-3 model.


  • Claude 2, a language model developed by Anthropic, has advanced features and data compared to its predecessor.
  • Claude 2 allows for more input, but is only accessible in the U.K. and U.S., while ChatGPT can be used globally.
  • Claude 2 has more up-to-date data than ChatGPT-3.
  • The GPT-3 model in ChatGPT can generate output in 90+ spoken languages, while Claude 2 only supports English language and a few others.
  • Claude 2 offers a higher input capacity of up to100k tokens compared to ChatGPT-3's limit of just4k tokens.
  • The pricing for the two models also differs with ChatGPT being freely available from OpenAI's website but users have to pay $1.63 per million tokens for the low latency 'Claude Instant' option or $11.02 per million tokens for advanced reasoning using 'Claude 2'.
  • If you are looking for an alternative to two AI chatbots, ZenoChat by TextCortex is the better choice with its advanced customization options and it offers a more personalized AI interaction.

Claude 2 Overview

Claude 2 is a large language model developed by Anthropic and released on 11 July 2023. It has advanced features and data size compared to its predecessor, Claude 1.3. Claude 2 features improved common sense, reasoning, math, and coding skills than Claude 1.3 model.

claude 2 vs chatgpt

Advanced Prompt Understanding

The developer team at Anthropic utilized the 'reinforcement learning from human feedback' method to train their language model, Claude 2. This approach has significantly elevated its ability to comprehend user prompts. Further, by incorporating natural language processing and machine learning models into its training, Claude 2 can grasp the essence and nuances of prompts, thereby generating appropriate responses.

Safe and Harmless Output

According to Anthropic's article, the Claude 2 model generates output that is twice as safe as its predecessor, the Claude 1.3. While the ethics and potential harms of AI tools are being discussed in today's world, it is good news that large language models like Claude 2 are beginning to produce safe, harmless, and ethical output.


Since the Claude 2 language model allows 100k token inputs, it can be personalized according to different scenarios and specific needs with the prompting method. You have more input capacity to describe and customize how Claude 2 should act.

Claude 2 vs ChatGPT

Claude 2 and ChatGPT offer different advantages and disadvantages to users. Let's take a look at the performance and technical differences between Claude 2 and ChatGPT.

chatgpt vs claude 2


ChatGPT-3 is available worldwide, while Claude 2 is only accessible in the U.K. and the U.S. ChatGPT is more advantageous if you intend to use an AI chatbot from a country other than the U.K. and the U.S. Although the Claude 2 AI chatbot will expand its availability to other regions over time, ChatGPT-3 can be used globally since its launch.

Trained Data

ChatGPT-3 was trained on online data until summer 2021, whereas Claude 2 was trained on online data until summer 2023. This means that Claude 2 has more up-to-date data than ChatGPT-3. We suggest that users who want to generate output using more current data should opt for Claude 2.

Supported Languages

The Claude 2 model primarily supports English plus 10+ spoken languages. In addition, the ChatGPT-3 model can generate output in 90+ spoken languages. If you are looking for an AI chatbot with more language options, ChatGPT-3 outperforms Claude 2.

Token Limit

While Claude 2 offers a 100k token input capacity to its users, ChatGPT-3 offers a 4k token input capacity to its users. If you want to analyse more inputs, we recommend choosing Claude 2. Thanks to its input capability, Claude 2 is an AI chatbot more suitable for customization with special prompts.

Claude 2 Pricing

The ChatGPT-3 model is freely available from OpenAI's official website. If you want to use Claude 2, you will encounter two different pricing options: Claude Instant and Claude 2. Claude Instant model has low latency and low pricing. It will cost just $1.63 per 1 million tokens. However, the Claude 2 model has superior performance and advanced reasoning. It will cost $11.02 per 1 million tokens.

claude 2 pricing

ChatGPT vs Claude 2: Use Cases

Now that we have discovered the technical differences between ChatGPT-3 and Claude 2, we can examine its usage differences next. Although both models have similar usage areas, they have different advantages.


If you've ever tried to summarize your PDFs using ChatGPT, you know how tedious and challenging the process can be. The limited input capacity of ChatGPT forces users to divide the text they want to summarize into 1000 words. However, Claude 2 can quickly summarize your 200-page documents thanks to its input capacity of 100k tokens. Claude 2 is a good choice if you want to summarize your long texts.

Data Analysis

Thanks to its context window size, Claude 2 is a good choice for analysing large amounts of data. Using Claude 2, you can analyse your business data and decide on your next strategy. The ChatGPT-3 model, on the other hand, will fail to analyse big data due to its input size, which is worth 4K tokens.

ChatGPT vs Claude 2: Quick Comparison

Let's compare these two AI systems on a table now.

claude 2 vs chatgpt

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