Bing AI and are both search engines which employ different types of Artificial Intelligence tools. Microsoft developed and launched Bing AI, yet rival is a business foundation. While myriads of similar elements surround both the search engines’ usage of various AI surgical instruments, distinctions lie between them regularly as well.

Looking for a different search engine? Consider Bing AI or, as they both offer unique features. In this article, we'll explore and compare the features of both search engines.


  • and Bing AI are search engines with tools such as AI chatbot, AI image generator.
  • Bing AI's AI tools are more effective and stable than's.
  • Bing AI offers more freedom and creation than
  • Both Bing AI's and's text creation tools are inefficient for text-based tasks.
  • If you want to complete all your text-based tasks quickly and with high quality, TextCortex is designed for you.
  • TextCortex comes with a GPT-4 Powered AI Chatbot called ZenoChat.
  • With ZenoChat you can get free access to GPT-4 and create your own virtual AI chatbot.

What is is a popular search engine owned by a company founded in 2020. aims to protect the privacy of users. You can also customize your search results with depending on your needs.

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In addition to its search engine, provides a range of AI tools, which though not yet fully-matured, you can still fulfil many of your basic needs. As a result, has a distinct edge over its competitors.

Features prides itself on providing a range of features that prioritize user privacy. Among these features is YouChat, an AI chatbot that allows you to conduct internet searches in a conversational format and easily ask follow-up questions. YouChat also has an interface that records your previous conversations, making it simple to access past chats. vs bing ai

YouImagine - Image Generation also offers YouImagine, an AI image generator that utilizes models such as Stable Diffusion v1.5 and Stable Diffusion 2.1 to generate unique images. YouImagine allows users to create up to three images per day, with additional creations available through various membership plans.

YouCode - Code Generation also boasts YouCode, a feature that enables users to convert text to code in popular programming languages. Additionally, offers a text generator called YouWrite, which can perform tasks such as creating emails, generating essays, and writing paragraphs at the entry-level.

YouWrite - Text Generation

YouWrite allows you to create writing tasks such as paragraphs, essays, or social media posts in various tones such as friendly, professional, and witty. All you need to do is enter the subject of your writing in the message section and select the use case and tone that best suits your needs. However, bear in mind that does not provide complete written pieces so the output may not be exactly what you were expecting.

How to get started with

Getting started with is easy - simply visit the official website. also offers a system that allows users to customize their search results by selecting which websites they want to see, and which they want to exclude.

Pros & Cons

Indeed, is a search engine geared towards protecting user privacy that provides a range of AI tools. While it has clear advantages, it also has some limitations or drawbacks.


  • Protect Privacy
  • AI Tools
  • AI Chatbot
  • Customizable Search results
  • Easy to use


  • Image generator has 3 Daily Creation only
  • YouCode is not working poperly
  • Insufficient text generation in terms of quality

What is Bing AI?

Bing AI is a GPT-4 powered search engine developed and published by Microsoft. Before examining it in detail, I would like to state that the interface design was successful. When you go to the homepage of Bing AI, you can clearly see the current news at the bottom and the features reduced as icons on the right. These features include tools such as a calculator, unit converter, games such as master chess, and software such as Microsoft 365.

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What's better is that you can also customize your homepage with different options. Customization is always a nice to have.

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New AI Features of Bing Search

One of the features of Bing AI is that it has an AI chatbot. You can use its AI chatbot to ask complex questions or get creative inspiration for your designs. Bing AI's chatbot has three different conversation styles; More Creative, More Balanced, and More Precise.

bing ai feaures

Bing AI offers its users a DALL-E-powered AI image generator with 25 creations per day. If you click on the image tab of Bing AI, you can see the prompts and outputs of other users or you can get an image by typing the prompt. With a limit of 25 creations per day, Bing AI's image generator provides a great opportunity for users to fulfil their basic visual needs. features

Bing AI's voice-to-text feature allows users to make searches with voice commands. If you want to search by voice command instead of typing, Bing AI is a good choice for you.

How to get started with Bing AI?

If you are a Windows user, Bing AI has already been added to your Windows search bar. All you must do is open the Windows search bar and click on Bing AI. Then you can use Bing AI as a search engine, AI chatbot or AI image generator.

Pros & Cons

Bing AI is a search engine powered by GPT-4 and developed by Microsoft, which offers several AI-powered features to enhance the user experience. Here are some of the pros and cons of using Bing AI;


  • DALL-E Powered AI Image Generator
  • 25 Daily Image Creation
  • GPT-4 powered AI Chatbot
  • User-Friendly UI
  • Microsoft Reward System


  • Each of your Bing AI tabs works as a different desktop Tab
  • Bing AI comes integrated into your Windows
  • Bing AI is not Well-known Search Engine

TextCortex: All-in-One AI Assistant

If you're seeking an AI assistant that can cater to all your writing needs, TextCortex is the ideal solution for you. As an AI companion, TextCortex is dedicated to assisting users with their writing needs and is accessible both as a web application and browser extension. Moreover, TextCortex is integrated with over 2000 websites, ensuring that it can assist you everywhere on your online journey. With a variety of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of users, TextCortex is a versatile and convenient AI assistant.


The first feature of TextCortex is that it is integrated into 2000+ websites and comes with 60+ writing templates. If you want to speed up your text-based tasks such as email writing, essay creating, text generating, and product descriptions and reduce your workload, you can use the TextCortex browser extension.

TextCortex streamlines the user's workflow and increases productivity by enabling its users to complete any text-based task faster with high quality. TextCortex's features include paraphrasing, AI Editor, Tone Changer, Simplify language, completion and so much more.

Zeno Assistant

If you couldn't find what you need among TextCortex's features and 60+ writing templates, or if you are looking for an AI assistant to support you in your entire writing process, we would like to introduce you to Zeno Assistant. Zeno Assistant's features include;

• Fix Spelling & Grammar

• Make Longer/Shorter

• Simplify Language

• Create Blog Post/Essay/Outline/Social Media Post

• Find Action Items/Meeting Agenda

• Summarize/Break Down/Rewrite

• Continue Writing

ZenoChat: The AI Companion of Your Dreams

ZenoChat is an advanced conversational AI powered by GPT-4, capable of completing various writing tasks with ease. By commanding ZenoChat, users can accomplish tasks such as prompt writing, email template creation, summarization, research, spelling & grammar correction, and even engage in casual conversation. With ZenoChat, you can streamline your writing process and improve the quality of your written communication.

With the latest update, ZenoChat has 11 different personas and a customizable data source feature. ZenoChat's personas are designed for various purposes, if these personas are not enough for you, you can create your own persona. 

You can also customize the data source that ZenoChat will use while answering your questions with the knowledge connectors feature. You can get the fun and benefits of building your own AI chatbot with ZenoChat. 

Access to GPT-4 for Free with ZenoChat

Did you know that you can access GPT-4 for free while using ZenoChat and TextCortex? All you must do is complete three simple steps! These steps are;

•First, you'll need to create a TextCortex account.

•Then, get a free business upgrade by just completing easy tasks on the reward center

•You're Done! Start using GPT-4 for free on ZenoChat.

After completing these steps, you can use ZenoChat and TextCortex with the power of GPT-4 and get more accurate, creative, and high-quality outputs.