Did you know that 7 million blog posts are published every day?

But, most of these blog posts have a reasonably low level of content quality, have no value, and readers give up after reading a few first lines.

There are many reasons why people can write bad-quality articles, such as lack of inspiration, focusing on results instead of the reader's needs, wrong choice of words, etc.

And those times are like a heavy burden with tons of hours spent researching and writing gone down the drain.

Fortunately, you can avoid described scenarios by using  AI content writing tools that can help you create high-quality content that is actually worth reading.

Today we will list 6 the best free blog post generators that will save your writing time and boost your writing skills.

Let’s get started!

What is a blog post generator, and how does it work?

A blog post generator is an AI tool that allows you to create new and original blog content based on simple input or keywords.

Generally speaking, content generators analyze the keywords you provide to produce results or search the web for "seed" information.

Most AI blog post generators use GPT-3 technology that relies on 10% of the internet when generating desirable text.

Others, module-based AI tools, utilize a knowledge base of best practices to write different content formats.

This cutting-edge technology allows those tools to simulate human writing and produce content according to your input.

The blog post generators can offer many simple-to-use functionalities that support various content formats such as blog posts, product descriptions, landing pages, ads, emails, social media posts, etc.

They can help you to connect with your potential clients and inform them of new features, products, and services your business offers.

Most blog post generators are straightforward to use. 

So it doesn’t matter if you are a freelance newbie, an experienced content writer, or a manager who wants to improve his business results — anyone can use them.

Now, what are the best free blog posts generators to use?

6 Best Free Blog Post Generators

1. TextCortex

TextCortex is a use-case module-based AI writing assistant that will generate for you blog articles, product descriptions, cold emails, social media posts, ads, etc. 

It uses machine learning and complex algorithms to generate desirable output based on a 3 billion sentence knowledge base.

That means that TextCortex will employ the best human writing practices to develop 98% unique content with 2% creativity.

TextCortex uses Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), an AI deep learning language model that generates content with a human-like tone.

TextCortex is designed to speed up the writing process by up to 80% allowing you to create blog post content in more than 72 languages.

Additionally, it has a free rewriting extension that you can use within any textbox — it will rewrite sentences, generate emails and blog posts, and expand your text on more than 30 platforms. 

How Does TextCortex Work?

TextCortex has a straightforward interface.

To create a blog post according to your preferences, just enter the textbox where you want to create it, write a few-word idea, highlight it, and hit "Long-form post."

In case you want to improve the part of it, just highlight it, and hit "Rewrite."

Choose the output that fits you best, and you're ready to go.

Pros And Cons

TextCortex’s Advantages

72+ Languages — Offers you to write your content in different languages.

30+ Templates — Various of different content types based on your needs.

Natural-sounding output —  Provides a human-like tone of voice with every generation..

Rewriting extension — It offers a rewrite add-on that you can use for any online textbox.

SEO optimized content — Improves the content appearance and positioning in search results.

Budget-friendly — TextCortex is a free tool with affordable pricing plans.

TextCortex’s Disadvantages

🚫 Summarizer and tone changer — These two rewriting extension features are still under construction.

🚫 Limited number of templates — Gives priority to quality. Thus, the number of templates is limited to the most critical features for content and copywriting.


TextCortex comes with freemium and two paid plans:


Our free version offers 10 creations per day,  without feature limitations, which you can increase by sending referrals to your friends and by validating the tool on Google reviews.

2. Article Generator

Article Generator is developed to help you create fresh content for your website, blog, school, or college.

To use it, enter the required keyword, which Article Generator uses to scrape online content that you can utilize.

Then, the tool can rewrite this text and make it unique.

This feature is available only with the premium key.

As previously indicated, text obtained in this manner typically requires editing by a human to make it legible and natural.

Pros And Cons

Article Generator Advantages:

✅10+ Languages — Offers articles in different languages

Article Generator Disadvantages:

🚫 Provides scraped content from other sources — Uses content taken from other reputable sites.

🚫Rewriting works only with a premium key  — If you want to rewrite the content, you have to pay for a premium key.

🚫The rewriter function is only for English — No option for rewriting content even with a premium key.


3. Autowriterpro

Autowriterpro is an AI generator that provides online writing features for content creation, blogging, and content marketing.

You can create, save, and edit all of your material on the platform, and the dashboard makes it simple to access.

You can easily create articles up to 800 words using its automated copywriting capabilities.

That's a beautiful length for blog articles and other web content, even though it might not be enough to write your article.

Pros And Cons

Autowriterpro advantages

High-quality content — The tool will generate high-quality blog posts and articles that require minimal adjustments.

Free blog posts — Thousands of copyright-free, customizable blog posts in more than 100+ trendy categories that you can use in blogs, social media, and all your other content marketing you need.

The keywords suggestion tool — Helps you find the best keywords and improve your blog's SEO

Autowriterpro disadvantages

🚫Slow customer service The support team has a very slow response

🚫Complicated and confusing menu — Varius undefined options


Autowriterpro comes with 3 pricing plans.

4. Simplified 

Simplified is an all-in-one software that enables you to write blog posts and engaging copies, collaborate with other team members, and post on social media. 

It has an easy-to-use interface and features such as an AI writer that you can use to write blog articles.

Simplified free AI Writer allows you to rewrite texts in seconds and improve already produced content with the following features:

  • Writing long-form writings 10 times faster
  • Creating blog articles and posts, and even novels with no hard work.
  • Offers article rewriter, bullet point expander, and AI paragraph generator to improve your work.

It offers a variety of templates, so you can easily create high-quality content that meets your specific use cases, audiences, and needs.

Pros And Cons

Simplified Advantages

Easy to use — Simple interface.

20+ Languages — Offers you to write content in different languages.

Rewriting option — Ability to rewrite content.

Simplified Disadvantages

🚫Templates can be confusing — Each part of the content has its own option and can slow down your work.

🚫No keywords needed —Produces questionable SEO-optimized content.

🚫No plagiarism and grammar checker — You need to review and cross-check all facts generated

🚫5000 words limit — Free version offers you 5000 words limitation per month


Simplified comes with 5 pricing plans.

5. Copy AI

Copy AI is an AI-powered copywriter that generates high-quality copy for your business, and it offers copywriting solutions for blogs, eCommerce, and other platforms.

Copy AI provides more than 90 AI features, including an article-writing AI writer that you can use with just one click.

In the free version, you can use tools in the CopyAI suite, all new features that get released,

customer support and the CopyAI community.

With their free plan, anyone without experience can make content fast and efficiently because of cutting-edge technology that provides you with original copies.

Pros And Cons

Copy AI Advantages

Multilingual generator — Produces blog post content in more than 25 languages.

Multiple copywriting frameworks — Supports AIDA and PAS frameworks.

Variety of templates — Offers a set of 90+ copywriting tools

Copy AI Disadvantages

🚫The monthly subscription can be very expensive.

🚫It can be confusing and complicated with many available features.

🚫No interactive text generation


6. Rytr

Rytr is an AI-powered generator tool that uses an AI deep learning language model that generates content with a human-like tone.

Rytr is constantly improving and can currently produce long-form content for a variety of topics and niches.

The AI content writer will create the content for you after you select a template and enter your keywords.

To use it choose a template, input your information, and let the Rytr generate the content for you.

The interface allows you to add links, images, and block quotations along with other common formatting choices, and it keeps track of your word and character counts as you type.

Pros And Cons

Rytr Advantages

30+ languages — You can choose the language that is suitable for you.

✅Easy to use — Simple interface.

✅Built-in plagiarism checker — Ensures that content is original. 

✅You can choose the tone of voice — Generates content with a human-like tone.

✅Produces a wide range of content — Can be used for post caption ideas, brand name or product name ideas, and even a product description

Rytr Disadvantages

🚫Limited - Lacks some advanced options that TextCortex offers

🚫The written content quality needs a bit of work

🚫Requires a quite amount of input — Other blog post generators have only requested a few words 


Rytr comes with 3 pricing plans:

Final word

Whichever tool you decide to implement, here are some tips for using them:

  • Pick the right keywords - Use keywords that are relevant for search queries.
  • Always facts check - Double-check facts in AI-generated content before publishing.
  • Use patterns to guide your writing - AI algorithms use patterns to predict relevant outcomes.
  • Don’t forget the tone of voice - Tone of voice helps you to stay faithful to your brand and ensure that your postings seem consistent.
  • Don't Just Copy/Paste - Use AI technologies to elaborate on specific points and your own writing to develop it further to create compelling and trustworthy content.

After we’ve shown you the best blog post generators online, I am sure you have found the best one for your needs.

However, if you still don't know and don't want to waste more time trying to decide which generator is best for you, you can rely 100% on TextCortex.

As you can see, TextCortex provides you with so many benefits, such as:

  • Save more than 80% of your writing time.
  • Make content on a large scale.
  • Make original content for your blogs.
  • Consistently deliver ads that sound natural.
  • Create content you choose very quickly.

TextCortex's free version will help you generate any content type with 15 free creations per day, and you can always get more free outcomes by recommending or validating the tool.

TextCortex will boost your creativity wherever you need it — whether you want to use it as a browser application or Chrome extension.

Sign up now and watch how TextCortex automates your blog post generations while developing your writing skills and offering new business opportunities.