In today's digital age, the ability to write content is essential for anyone who wants to establish or expand their online presence for personal or professional reasons.

The ability to create exciting and informative content is becoming increasingly valuable as the need for such materials grows.

A course is a great way to learn the best practices and techniques professional writers use, whether you're looking to improve your skills or begin a career as a content writer. 

In this article, we'll look at some of the top content writing courses available today and discuss how they can help you become a better writer.

Let’s dive in!


  • The Content Marketing course will teach you how to create, repurpose, promote, and analyze content.
  • Find out how to make a good content strategy that tells the story of your company and keeps people interested throughout the buyer's journey.
  • Learn from Brian Dean's leading insights into content creation using the SEO framework.
  • Copywriting with ChatGPT will teach you how to write great ads, emails, blog posts, and more using trending artificial intelligence models.
  • Learning to Write for the Web Course teaches digital marketers, copywriters, and content creators how to engage readers.
  • Use conversational models to create high-quality content at scale with one of the latest AI rewriting tools — TextCortex add-on.

5 Best Content Writing Courses to Level up Your Career

We've compiled a list of the top 5 content writing courses below. We gave you a quick rundown, outlining what each entails and who it's most suitable for.

1. Content Marketing Certification Course by HubSpot

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HubSpot is a popular platform for businesses that want to improve customer engagement and satisfaction by centralizing their marketing, sales, and customer service operations.

HubSpot offers free educational resources like blog posts, webinars, and courses in addition to its paid services.

One of such courses is a Content Marketing Certification Course.

What Does Content Marketing Course Includes

The Content Marketing certification will give you the groundwork you need to build a successful content marketing strategy, as well as the ability to consistently create, repurpose, promote, and analyze your content.

It's a 7-hour and 50-minute course with 12 lessons, 54 videos, and 11 quizzes.

With this course you’ll be able to learn:

The Content Marketing Course is offered for no cost and available also in German, Spanish, and French.

Who is it For?

If you want to learn the fundamentals of content marketing, this certification course is for you.

Those working in marketing and inbound, as well as those creating content, would benefit greatly from it.

2. Content Strategy Certification Course by HubSpot

According to Hubspot, sharing your company's story in a way that appeals to and keeps readers interested at every point in the buyer's journey is at the heart of an effective content strategy.

As a result, they put together a free Content Strategy Course that will teach you how to:

✔️ Determine your company's content's purpose.

✔️ Create a long-term content plan for all your business's channels. 

✔️ Create SEO-friendly content.

✔️ Repurpose content to improve search engine visibility.

✔️ Promote your content.

✔️ Know how to evaluate your content.

What Does Content Strategy Course Includes

To succeed as a writer in the long run, you need to have a plan in place before you begin writing.

You will learn these skills more in-depth throughout the Content Strategy course, which lasts for 3 hours and 57 minutes and consists of 6 lessons with 24 videos and 6 quizzes. 

Subjects covered include:

  • The power of storytelling
  • Planning a long-term content strategy
  • Creating topic clusters and pillar pages
  • How to effectively promote your content
  • Measuring and analyzing your content
  • Developing a growth marketing mentality

The Content Strategy Course by Hubspot is available in English and it is free of charge.

Who is it For?

This certification program will teach you everything you need to know about content strategy.

It is primarily suitable for those involved in marketing, inbound, and content creation.

3. Content-Led SEO With Brian Dean Course by SemRush

SEO guru Brian Dean created the website Backlinko, which now boasts 5 million monthly unique visitors. 

Many prominent publications have highlighted Brian's work, including Inc, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, US News & World Report, Success Magazine, etc.

As a result, as part of Semrush Academy, Brian has offered multiple online courses, including a Content-Led SEO course.

What Does Content-Led SEO With Brian Dean Course Includes

The Content-led SEO course offers a total of 28 educational videos ranging in length from 3 to 54 minute lessons

It tells you everything you need to know about search engine optimization, which is one of the most important parts of content creation and strategy.

I'll only go over a small portion of what's covered here:

  • How to find a medium tail keywords
  • How to generate traffic, social shares, and authority backlinks
  • Hacks that quickly boost Traffic, Opens, Clicks and Online Sales.
  • Learn all about Share Triggers
  • Step-by-step guide on how to find your linkreators
  • How to optimize your content for search intent
  • How to dive deeper in the advanced outsourcing strategies
  • How to apply a highly-effective link building strategy
  • Learn useful techniques to optimize your content strategy
  • And more

Additionally, the Content-led SEO course is free of charge.

Who is it For?

If you want to rank highly on Google, get more traffic to your site, and convert more readers into paying customers, then the Content-Led SEO course is for you.

4. Copywriting With ChatGPT Course by Udemy

On the Udemy platform, instructors can create online courses on the subjects they find most interesting.

The instructor develops, owns, and supervises each Udemy course (s). Additionally these courses may include videos, slides, and text, are its cornerstone.

One of many Udemy’s courses we found interesting for you is Copywriting with ChatGPT, which is also a trending-related topic.

What Does Copywriting With ChatGPT Course Includes

The Copywriting with ChatGPT course will teach you how to use ChatGPT to write great ads, emails, blog posts, and more. 

You will also learn how to tailor the model to your needs and maximize its effectiveness through video lessons, practical exercises, and ChatGPT copy samples.

The following are some of the topics this course covers:

  • How to create and use formulas for copywriting with ChatGPT
  • How to add emojis to any text automatically
  • How to determine the main issues and concerns of your customers
  • How to change the size, style, or formatting of any text produced by ChatGPT
  • How to use ChatGPT to find the ideal headline
  • How to identify the benefits of your product's emotional impact
  • How to discover additional AI writing tools

Copywriting with ChatGPT consists of 15 lectures spread across 3 chapters, and has a duration of 57 min.

Additionally, this training is not free and comes at a price of $13.99.

Who is it For?

Copywriting with ChatGPT is a valuable resource for anyone involved in Digital Marketing, Facebook, Google, or SEO who wants to learn how to craft copies using AI.

5. Learning to Write for the Web Course by LinkedIn

You probably already know that LinkedIn has its own Learning platform where a variety of online classes taught by experts are available.

We found that the Learning to Write for the Web Course was particularly helpful when it came to creating content for the online platforms.

What Does Content Strategy Course Includes

In this course, Chris Nodder gives 7 useful tips on writing effective content for the web. These include putting the most important information at the beginning, writing at the right grade level, avoiding jargon, and keeping the information up to date.

All of these things, which make up the core of reading, are important for getting people interested in your content.

The lessons include the following topics:

  • Write for fast reading
  • Reading age and tone
  • How to create information-rich signposts
  • How to front-load your content
  • How and why to remove sales pitch
  • How to include detailed information and useful images
  • Actively manage the information you publish

This 1 hour and 24 minute long course is designed for newbies and includes 7 quizzes and 2 exercise files.

Furthermore, you can access it during your free month of LinkedIn Learning or for $29.95.

Who is it For?

Learning to Write for the Web Course is a useful resource for digital marketers, content and copywriters who want to learn how to create engaging content and maintain reader engagement.

Let’s Wrap Up

“When creating content, be the best answer on the internet.” ~ Andy Crestodina

And the best way to get started with content writing is to devote some time to compiling all best practices and watching for trends. Do you think so too?

Keeping that in mind, we've compiled this list of the 5 best content writing courses hoping that it will inspire you to perfect your writing skills and create content that your readers won't soon forget.

Now, as a bonus, we’ll share a tip on how to do that quickly and effortlessly by utilizing an AI-powered writing tool — TextCortex add-on.

What is TextCortex?

TextCortex is a module-based AI writing tool that can assist with the creation, revision, and generation of nearly any type of content.

With its advanced features and compatibility with 2,000+ web apps, it has become a go-to tool for modern writers looking to fine tune their writing skills.

How to Get Into Content Writing Using TextCortex Features?

TextCortex offers the following set of features for writing your content:

👍Paraphrasing features — helps with all paraphrasing techniques such as rewrite, summarize, change the tone, translate, expand and more.

👍Creator suite — provides access to more than 60 AI templates for various content form that include blog titles and outlines to generate content for your landing page.

👍Zeno assistant— as part of more advanced rewriting solutions, these features can generate full paragraphs from your first drafts.

👍Brainstorming features — by simply clicking Ctrl+Shift+K you can access options for generating ideas, outlines, meeting agendas and more.

👍Zeno Chat — AI-powered solution that is in alignment with current ChatGPT trends, that can enable you to get your content output in conversation manner.

To trigger the TextCortex rewriting menu, all you need to do is to highlight the sentence you want to tweak and choose a designated feature.

To activate the creator suite and access Zeno Chat and AI templates, click on the purple bubble — the rest is up to your imagination.

For new uses, we offer a freemium plan where you can get up to 10 free creations per day, and unlock more free generations with our rewarding program.

Likewise, if you need guidance on how to take the best out of TextCortex features, you can access Cortex Creaton academy.

Interested in giving it a try?

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