Did you know that out of the world's 1.9 billion websites, there are over 600 million blogs?

Given the above statistics, owning a blog page and writing content is not enough. 

Instead, you must stand out, make your content visible to a broad audience, and attract a targeted group of people to gain faster SEO ranking and new opportunities for easy conversions.

Promoting your blog is the way to do it. 

While promotion is essential to a blogging strategy, you should take a few steps before promotions to ensure your marketing is as effective as possible.

Today's article will outline 7 top techniques for promoting your blog that will increase reader engagement, generate more leads, and improve your conversion rates.

Let’s get started!

What Are The Benefits Of Promoting Blog

As a marketer, you already have a lot to do, such as setting up your company, maintaining your website, providing content, keeping track of sales, etc.

Promotion of your content is a game-changer for your blog approach, even though it is only another "pair of shoes" in your crowdsourcing marketing "closet."

However, an advantage that you can anticipate receiving if you decide to promote your blog page is enormous:

  • Build credibility — Sharing your expertise through a blog will establish your brand's authority.
  • Increase website traffic — A solid blog strategy will bring more organic traffic.
  • Target specific clients — You will gain more hot leads by targeting your audience.
  • Boost your sales — High-quality content will enhance your conversion opportunities.
  • Reinforce your brand — Blogging will help you raise awareness about your brand.
  • Establish long-term relationships — The credibility of your brand will bring more loyal customers.

And, trust me, you are not so far from granting these benefits yourself. 

Some of you will need to adjust your current business structure slightly, while others will get a strong foundation for a profitable blog page.

So let’s find out 7 hacks on how to promote your blog for better business results.

7 Hacks On How to Promote Your Blog For The Best Results

1. Create Blog Conversion Funnel

Planning and organizing your content effectively to attract and hold the focus of your target audience is the first step in promoting your blog.

This means you need to research the needs of your core audience and begin writing about issues that will benefit their problem-solving.

And one of the best ways to do so is by utilizing Hubspot’s blog conversion funnel — creating a pillar page with content clusters.

By developing a blog conversion funnel, you will increase audience awareness of your brand, pique their interest in interacting with it, and inspire them to return and take action.

2. Optimize Your Content For SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the primary key to your content performance — how relevant are your keywords to the search queries?

To deliver your content into the hands of your targeted audience, you need to know how they search for solutions for their problems.

For example, if you are in a dilemma about which laptop to buy, Dell or HP, you will probably enter the following sentence in your search bar ‘Dell vs. HP’.

Luckily today, we have plenty of tools, such as AlsoAsk, that can help us get the most relevant phrases for search queries. 

So let’s find out which result AlsoAsk can provide for our example:

When crafting your next content, you can use all these suggestions as an idea for your keywords.

That way, you will improve your website's visibility, the relevance of your content, and how well it performs in search results.

3. Rewrite Your Website Content For Social Media

Writing takes time, effort, and inspiration before providing a compelling piece. And like it or not, writer’s block moments happen more than we would like to. 

Additionally, not all of the content you provide will yield exceptional results — some of them will be gold diggers, and others will require some further prodding.

That is why rewriting old content for social media is an excellent strategy to promote your content on social media.

Let’s assume that you are building your authority on a particular subject on the Linkedin platform. Wouldn’t it be a wise decision to use old blog articles as an inspiration for your new post?

For example, you can use the most interesting part of an in-depth guide you want to promote and rewrite it into a compelling social media post.

This increases the traffic to the article (and blog page itself), while saving you the time it would take to create a new post. A win-win situation, righ?

How to rewrite your content?

You can rewrite your blog content once you master how your audience consumes your writing.

That procedure entails updating your blog articles with new information and rewrite text for better context without changing its meaning.

Pro Tip: Some AI tools, like TextCortex, allow writers to rewrite their content from the comfort of any textbox.

To use the rewriter extension for a blog post, just select a portion of the text you want AI to focus on, click on the logo, and pick the 'Rewrite' feature to get your output.

Additionally, rewriter extension can help you paraphrase your sentences in bulk, transform your bullets into emails, extend your text and generate blog posts on more than 30 platforms.

That makes it simple to have the latest communication tools at your disposal without learning multiple programs.

4. Repurpose Your Blog Articles

Whenever you create a blog article, you do it with a specific goal — to educate or entertain your audience. But with time, consumers' needs develop and change.

And when this happens, repurposing is a practical solution because it involves enhancing or altering your content to benefit your audience more (without wasting any content at your disposal).

Here are some statistics showing how affordable it is to reuse existing content rather than upgrading it or creating a new one:

And while repurposing existing content could seem complex, the truth is that it is a simple and beneficial task.

You can use a repurposing strategy to create many different content forms — you can modify your blog articles into compelling social media posts, youtube podcasts, or Instagram carousels.

A repurposing strategy will improve your blog page visibility, establish a content updating process, and enhance your audience's reach (by attracting ones you missed the first time).

Additionally, repurposing your content will help to save your writing time as you don't have to start a new blog from scratch.

5. Write Guest Blog Posts

Guest blogging is a constructive way of promoting your content, building backlinks, and growing your own blog's audience.

Writing a guest post for another blog typically includes following the content specifications of the website that will publish your piece, allowing you to link that article back to your blog page.

Finding relevant guest blogging opportunities is also an effective strategy for building relationships with other reliable and influential figures in your field of expertise.

It will assist you in boosting brand recognition and credibility and drive more traffic to your website.

6. Provide Answers In Your Niche on Quora

Quora is one of the most popular Q&A platforms for engaging with people interested in your niche

Promoting a blog on Quora is an excellent blog promotion strategy that will raise authority in your expertise and obtain backlinks to enhance your website's authority.

How to promote your blog on Quora?

Create a Quora account and include your blog URL in your profile.

Make it a daily ritual to visit the site and respond to questions about your area of expertise. 

Copy-pasting is not by the book. Thus, such behavior is considered spammy and can block your account.

Instead, make an effort to provide relevant answers to the Quora users. 

People know to appreciate dedication and effort. If the users find your answers valuable and trustworthy, they will find their way to your blog page through your account information.

7. Nurture Your Audience

Now that we have everything we need, we can start nurturing our audience using email lists and outreach email sequences.

However, when you think of your spam folder, you may question whether or not an email marketing strategy will provide results in promoting your blog page. The answer is simple — it is!

Did you know that email is over 40 times more efficient than social media at acquiring customers?

But, If you want to persuade individuals to respond to your emails and follow your instructions, you need to learn what type of content to deliver in each outreach sequence.

For instance, nurturing emails is an efficient way to bring in fresh, cold leads and turn them into hot ones.

Here is an excellent example of Hubspot’s nurturing email:

When you send outreach emails that people want to receive, you can expect these benefits:

  • Solid link-building strategy — Email marketing directly influences link-building in your content strategy. 
  • Building connections — By using email outreach, you can start building relationships through collaboration, interviews, opportunities to guest blog, and more.
  • Press coverage — An email outreach strategy can help you send carefully targeted emails to reporters who cover your industry.

To Sum Up

Promoting your blog is vital to your content marketing strategy, but it cannot work without other relevant fragments of the content marketing funnel.

To succeed in your business, you need to start from what matters most — producing high-quality content

Once you've created content that will hold your target audience's attention, you can secure an excellent promotional strategy.

That combo ensures higher organic traffic toward your blog page, swiftly converting into profitable conversions.

And how to accomplish all that without wasting an endless amount of time?

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  • Rewrite your paragraphs for better context.
  • Expand your text from a single sentence for more information.
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