Discover how Kemény Boehme Consultants (KBC) transformed their knowledge collaboration with AI, achieved impressive productivity gains and increased employee confidence in AI technology. This case study explores the partnership between KBC, TextCortex, and AICX, which led to a successful AI implementation and significant return on investment.


  • Kemény Boehme Consultants (KBC), a leading consultancy in the German automotive sector, was looking for a solution to streamline knowledge collaboration with AI in their team while ensuring security and trust.
  • TextCortex was implemented as a solution to tackle these challenges and today employees report increased efficiency and productivity (saving 24 hours/month on average).
  • AICX, an ecosystem partner of TextCortex, was integral to the onboarding and helped achieve a 70% activation rate of the team within the first weeks.
  • Employee confidence in using and working with AI increased by 60%.
  • The implementation results in a 28x return on investment (ROI).
  • The successful partnership highlights how AI can transform knowledge collaboration when combined with expert guidance and education.

When knowledge management becomes a challenge

Kemény Boehme Consultants

In today's fast-paced business landscape, knowledge is power. As a leading universal management consultancy, Kemény Boehme Consultants (KBC) manages vast amounts of information across various domains.

A study shows that almost 61% of respondents in Germany who work with a computer already use Generative AI softwares. However, the survey also found that German companies didn’t succeed in building the foundations for a sustainable AI adoption. This data is crucial to highlight the importance of competent management and education when it comes to not only AI adoption but also acceptance.

When the workforce is vast and diverse, sharing knowledge effectively among employees can become a constant challenge, leading to inefficiencies and potential compliance risks. However, that’s far from being the only problem: can employees’ work life be actually improved with generative AI? What is the right way to adopt it and make sure it’s accepted between those who already have a defined daily work structure? Will the solution effectively result in both individual and organizational improvements?

Kemény Boehme Consultants recognized the need for a robust solution that could streamline knowledge collaboration across teams, clients and projects, while maintaining the highest standards of quality, security and trust.

Furthermore, they seeked an improvement for each employee’s day to day work routine, while simultaneously increasing their confidence and trust level in relying on AI.

TextCortex for secure knowledge collaboration

As one of the top 10 generative AI companies in Europe, TextCortex has been implemented as the go-to and trusted solution to revolutionize KBC’s knowledge management processes.

The platform allows employees to quickly search and retrieve relevant information from KBC’s vast knowledge repositories: with simple human questions, the KBC team can retrieve, summarize and directly put insights they need in action, granting increased efficiency and productivity. Employees saved an average 24 hours per month.

As a Generative AI assistant, TextCortex functions as a private knowledge tutor too, granting beginner staff immediate access to company resources for mentorship and assistance. By doing so, their progress and initial training is amplified significantly.

TextCortex trust

Moreover, TextCortex’s platform ensures that sensitive information remains secure, adhering to the strictest data privacy and compliance standards, a crucial requirement for a management consultancy like KBC.

Smooth onboarding and education with AICX


While TextCortex provided the technological backbone and a well-documented self study environment, our trusted Ecosystem Partner AICX played a pivotal role in the onboarding.

AICX worked closely with KBC to help employees understand TextCortex’s capabilities and best practices for leveraging AI in their daily tasks. 

Together, we achieved a remarkable 70% activation rate within just a few weeks.

The gains: skyrocketing productivity, confidence & ROI

The impact of TextCortex’s AI-powered solution on KBC’s productivity was nothing short of remarkable: by streamlining knowledge sharing and collaboration, employees were able to save an average of 6 hours per week or 24 hours per month – a figure that translated into significant time savings and increased operational efficiency across the organization.

The investment is evidently paying off, resulting in a ROI of 28 times when looking at time saved to the cost of the overall platform.

Even more impressive was the 60% increase in employee confidence in using AI, a testament to the TextCortex’s user-friendliness and the effectiveness of its educational initiatives. Employees who have initially been hesitant about embracing this new technology quickly became proficient and enthusiastic users of the platform.

Thanks to careful preparation, open communication, realistic expectation management and continuous training, we were able to achieve a high level of acceptance among the employees in the company after a very short time. –– Kemény Boehme Consultants.

This impressive result not only highlighted the tangible gains in productivity and cost savings but also demonstrated the long-term value of partnering with trusted providers like TextCortex and AICX, who could deliver innovative solutions while ensuring a smooth transition and effective user adoption. 

Our daily mission at TextCortex is to educate and demonstrate to people how artificial intelligence will empower their work life. Last time we saw such a revolutionary technology impact society was with the introduction of the PC or rise of the Internet. Nobody should feel left behind and this partnership between KBC, AICX and TextCortex has been the embodiment of our belief that AI is here to empower us and help make our day-to-day lives better and more productive. –– Dominik Lambersy, TextCortex Co-founder. 

A powerful blueprint for AI-driven knowledge collaboration success

The successful implementation of the TextCortex AI platform at Kemény Boehme Consultants serves as a powerful example of how knowledge collaboration can be transformed by leveraging AI and trusted partnerships: by combining cutting-edge technology with expert guidance and education, KBC unlocked new levels of efficiency and high quality results, empowering its workforce to thrive in an increasingly complex and data-driven business environment.

Implementing an AI assistant in a company is a strategic undertaking with the potential for a transformative effect: the key is to view AI as a strategic transformation process and not just a technology implementation. It is not a substitute for human skills but must be seen as a complement to them. With the right preparation and careful implementation, an AI assistant can become a valuable part of a company’s digital knowledge management. –– Kemény Boehme Consultants.

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