GPT-4V is a multimodal model designed by OpenAI to analyse visual inputs and generate output using them. GPT-4V allows users to enter visual inputs and generate responses to questions about these inputs. In other words, using the GPT-4V model, you can analyse any type of image you want and obtain information about that image.

In this article, we will examine the features of GPT-4V and what it can do for you.


  • The GPT-4V is a large multimodal model designed to generate output for queries given with visual inputs.
  • GPT-4V can analyse using the given image, answer your questions and solve mathematical problems in the image.
  • You can obtain more efficient outputs by adding visual pointers to the image you will give as input to GPT-4V.
  • GPT-4V can complete video analysis tasks with high accuracy using the provided video frames.
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GPT-4V Features

The GPT-4V model comes with features designed to assist users in various aspects of both professional and daily life. Let's take a closer look at those features together.

Safety and Privacy

In its report on GPT-4V, Microsoft stated that while developing the model, the developer team used images that were not accessible online or beyond April 2023. In addition, this method has improved GPT-4V's ability to analyse inputs better and generate correct and safe output. Thus, the GPT-4V model does not use online data when generating output but uses real human-level analysis and response skills.


According to a Microsoft document, the GPT-4V model can analyse input and generate output in 20 languages such as Chinese, French, and Czech. Additionally, the GPT-4V model can generate responses by reading the texts in visual inputs in these 20 languages. Moreover, you can translate or summarize these inputs into different languages. This feature could be useful if you need to read signs in languages you do not know.

GPT-4 Vision

Visual Referring Prompting

To use GPT-4V effectively, it is necessary to use the whole new prompting method that Microsoft calls Visual Referring Prompting. This prompting method requires you to enter a query related to the image you use as input.

GPT-4 Vision

You can also use the GPT-4V model with simple prompts such as “Describe the image…”. But if you want to push its limits, you can also ask it for complex math problems or coding tasks.

what is gpt 4 vision

Visual Pointers

GPT-4V aims to give users the most useful answer by analysing the prompts related to the given visual. According to Microsoft's document, GPT-4V generates more effective output with visual pointers drawn to images. If you want to analyse information in a specific area in the image, you can obtain more consistent outputs by entering a prompt using visual pointers.

gpt 4v-ision

Scene Text and Chart Reasoning

GPT-4V is successful in recognizing text, numbers, and data in each image and generating output based on this information. The GPT-4V model analyses the given input by linking it with the visual and responds to the command or question on the prompt. GPT-4V allow you to complete the following tasks with high accuracy:

  • Visual Math
  • Chart Understanding and Reasoning
  • Table Recognition
  • Document Understanding
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Researchers gave the GPT-4V model pages from the "Paper Gestalt" as input and asked it to analyse all the data. GPT-4V managed to analyse the paper largely correctly, making only a few mistakes.

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Emotion Detection

The GPT-4V model can analyse people's faces in given portrait or facial inputs and generate judgments about their emotions. If you do not have a poker face, it is possible to say that AI can analyse you by understanding your emotions. The GPT-4V model is especially successful in understanding seven universal facial expressions: happiness, surprise, contempt, sadness, fear, disgust, and anger.

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What can GPT-4V do for you?

The GPT-4V model comes with impressive improvements and features that provide various benefits to users. If you are wondering what the GPT-4V model can do for you, let's examine it together.

Analysing Images

The GPT-4V model is a successful AI that analyses the given visuals and generates output according to the user's prompt. For this reason, you can use the GPT-4V model to complete your math problems, book translations or analyse visuals for different scenarios. For example, by providing a room image to GPT-4V, you can output detective analysis about that image.

gpt 4 vision analysing images

Image Prompt Generation/Edit

By providing an image and textual requirement to the GPT-4V model, you can get a prompt that will allow you to edit your image as you wish. If you want to take your prompt engineering skills to the next level and get help with prompt writing, the GPT-4V model is designed for you.

gpt4 vision image generation


You can get a navigation output by giving a room, street, or highway image to the GPT-4V model. For example, you can give GPT-4V a room image and a prompt to go to any point in the image, so that it can draw a route and output in text format.

gpt 4 vision navigation

If you are developing a robot and participating in technology competitions or festivals, you can make your robot smarter by using GPT-4V.

Video Analysis

In today's world, one of the most effective methods of learning a new subject or obtaining information about a subject is to watch informative videos. However, if you do not want to watch videos for hours to get information, you can analyse the video using the GPT-4V model. GPT-4V can analyse given frames and generate detailed and consistent descriptions.

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