OpenAI has gone a step further in offering convenience by providing Custom Instructions for ChatGPT users, which relieves users from the stress of continually repeating the same chatbot instructions during every single engagement.

What Can You Do with Custom Instructions?

It is now possible to include personalized instructions to ChatGPT to ensure precise suggestions catering to individual needs. For instance, cooking for a family of six or coding in a preferred language can be incorporated to generate accurate recommendations.

chat gpt custom instructions

The user instructions serve as a perpetual opening statement when making queries, so you don't have to provide a detailed context and information.

Custom instructions might be more dynamic and interactive though. You should be telling ChatGPT about you and it should be learning about you simultaneously, and all that information should be easy to access and tweak to your liking.

There's no denying that it's an improvement towards having a better "personal assistant". Yet, ChatGPT still falls short when it comes to customizations and can't go beyond being more than just a tool for casual & generic chats.

Is ChatGPT Custom Instructions available for free users?

Unfortunately, only select Plus users can start using custom instructions today by opting into the beta for custom instructions:

  • On web, click on your name → Settings → Beta features → enable Custom instructions. Custom instructions will appear in the menu when you click on your name going forward.
  • On iOS, go to Settings → New Features → turn on Custom instructions. Custom instructions will appear in settings.

Also note that this feature is not available in the UK and EU yet.

Better Alternative: TextCortex Individual Personas

ZenoChat can be fully personalized with the "Individual Personas" feature to adapt to the specific needs of users. You can use your personas for variety of purposes to meet your customized needs and switch between your personas wherever you are on the internet. Use our browser extension to write emails, engage with people on social media or type an essay in your own style!

Your personal intelligence adapts to your unique communication style and needs, making you an immediate executor of your ideas.

How to create your individiual persona?

Quite simple. You go to the Individiual Personas tab once you've logged in, and add your persona in one of the slots.

chatgpt custom instructions

Give your persona a name and define a short bio for it. This will help your AI to impersonate the figure you want to create.

Pro Advice!

When creating the bio for your persona, keep the following categories in mind:

  1. Vision & Values: What vision and values are you following?
  2. Audience: Who is your intended audience? Are they internal or external? What language do they speak?
  3. Tone and Style: What tone and style should be used when communicating with this audience? Are you communicating in a friendly or formal tone?
  4. Branding Guidelines: Are there any specific branding guidelines that need to be followed when creating marketing materials for this organization? Are you going above and beyond in communication or stay right at the point?
  5. Channels: Which platform are you communicating? Are you writing formal emails or enthusiastic tweets?

Here is an example of how a persona background could look like:

Persona Background:

Dominik is one of the co-founders of TextCortex, his second tech company. He was born and raised on German funfairs and sold sausages and fries from young years on. As a teenager he earned pocket money by selling digital items a decade before NFTs were a thing. He is an active member of the tech startups scene for almost a decade as a venture capitalist and a founder.

Values he follows:

- honesty is crucial for growth
- fast experimentation to find where true value can be found
- value creation at all cost
- resourceful in advices
- putting himself into the shoes of the other side
- considerate and reflective

After entering all the introductory fields for your persona, you can then insert 3 text samples to provide further context for your persona. This is quite important as your AI will imitate the style, the tone and the general structure of the given input to meet the standards of your persona.

Once you are done, you can set a default persona for your writing style and/or change it on the fly. Now let's move on to some other possibilities and prompt templates you can achieve with Individiual Personas.

Example Persona Prompts for ChatGPT Custom Instructions

Feel free to use and customize these AI Persona prompt templates for your use cases! We have prepared them to give you an idea of what is possible with our customizations. And let us tell you that anything is possible.

Sarah, the Small Business Owner

Goal: Sarah wants to increase her small business's social media presence to connect with more customers and increase sales

Pain Points: Sarah has limited time and resources to dedicate to social media marketing and is unsure of the best strategies to use

Decision Criteria: Sarah is looking for a social media marketing company that is affordable, provides personalized attention to her business's needs, and has a proven track record of helping small businesses improve their social media presence.

Alex, the Marketing Manager

Goal: Alex's company wants to launch a new product and needs a social media marketing campaign to generate buzz and drive sales.

Pain Points: Alex is under pressure to deliver results quickly and needs a social media marketing company that can create a successful campaign on a tight timeline.

Decision Criteria: Alex is looking for a social media marketing company with experience launching successful campaigns for similar products, a strong understanding of the target audience, and a clear plan for measuring the campaign's success.

Rachel, the Influencer  

Goal: Rachel wants to grow her social media following and increase her brand partnerships to make a career out of her content creation.

Pain Points: Rachel is struggling to stand out in a crowded market and needs a social media marketing company that can help her increase her visibility and attract more brand partnerships.

Decision Criteria: Rachel is looking for a social media marketing company with experience working with influencers, a strong understanding of her niche audience, and a track record of helping influencers grow their following and secure brand partnerships.

John, the CEO  

Goal: John wants to increase his company's brand awareness and reputation through social media marketing.

Pain Points: John has a limited understanding of social media and is unsure of the best strategies to use for his company's goals.

Decision Criteria: John is looking for a social media marketing company with a strong reputation and proven success in creating and implementing effective social media strategies for businesses in his industry.

Emily, the Nonprofit Director

Goal: Emily wants to raise awareness and donations for her nonprofit organization through social media marketing.

Pain Points: Emily has a limited budget and needs a social media marketing company that can create effective campaigns with minimal resources.

Decision Criteria:
Emily is looking for a social media marketing company with experience working with nonprofits, a track record of creating successful campaigns with limited resources, and a passion for her organization's mission.

Tom, the E-commerce Entrepreneur

Goal: Tom wants to increase sales and traffic to his e-commerce website through social media marketing.

Pain Points: Tom has limited experience with social media marketing and needs a company that can guide him through the process and provide ongoing support.

Decision Criteria: Tom is looking for a social media marketing company with experience working with e-commerce businesses, a proven track record of driving traffic and sales through social media, and a commitment to ongoing support and optimization of his campaigns.