Get ready to witness the ultimate showdown of the most advanced language models in the world! Meta AI has unveiled its latest creation, Llama 2, and people are already speculating if it could take on OpenAI's GPT-4. But who will come out on top? In this article, we'll dive deep into the performance and efficiency of both Llama 2 and GPT-4 and compare them side-by-side. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to witness the future of language models!


  • Meta AI has released a new language model called Llama 2, which is more efficient than its predecessor and uses publicly available data for training
  • Llama 2 has different models with varying parameter sizes, and it generates safe and useful output using reward modelling.
  • The GPT-4 language model uses a large dataset from various sources to generate natural output.
  • GPT-4 is a superior language model compared to Llama 2 due to its higher performance and accuracy in generating stories, poems or articles.
  • GPT-4 also outperforms Llama 2 in coding skills according to HumanEval tests. Additionally, while Llama-2 can only complete English tests, GPT-4 is multilingual.
  • TextCortex AI offers advanced language models, including GPT-4, as well as a web application and browser extension with an conversational AI called ZenoChat.

What is Llama 2?

Llama 2 is a next-gen large language model released by Meta AI on 18 July 2023. The Llama 2 model can generate more output than its predecessor, the Llama 1, using less computing power and resources.

Data Size

While the exact size of the dataset used to train Llama 2 remains a mystery, Meta AI has revealed that it's a mix of publicly available online sources. More importantly, they have emphasized that no private or personal information has been used in the training process. So, you can rest easy knowing that Llama 2 is not only cutting-edge but also privacy conscious.


The Llama 2 language model debuted with a model with 3 available and one unavailable parameter size. Its available models have 7 billion, 13 billion and 70 billion parameters. Its unavailable model has a total of 34 billion parameters.


Llama 2 generates output with a system called reward modelling. It has two different reward models, the first for helpfulness and the second for safety. Thus, tools using the Llama 2 language model can generate both safe and useful output.

Llama 2 large language model can complete various tasks such as human-like conversation, translation, summarizing, text generation, question & answering, story generation, and much more.

How good is GPT-4?

GPT-4 is an advanced large language model, the latest member of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) series developed and released by OpenAI. The GPT-4 language model is already used in most AI tools such as Bing AI, ChatGPT and TextCortex to improve performance and provide perfect service to users.

Data Size

The more data a language model is trained with, the higher quality and accurate output it can generate. The GPT-4 language model is trained with 825TB of data. In other words, it can provide much more accurate output results than Llama-2. Unlike Meta AI, OpenAI has stated the sources from which it received the data used to train the GPT-4 language model. The GPT-4 language model used WordPress-based resources such as Wikipedia, online books, articles, Reddit, and GitHub as data.

This massive dataset provides the model with greater insight into the nuances of languages and helps it generate more concise and natural output. The GPT-4 language model is successful in analysing the sentence structure of different languages and generating high-quality output.

GPT-4 Parameters

The most critical aspect that makes GPT-4 the most advanced large language model is that it has 8 different models and is estimated to have a total of 1 trillion parameters. Since the parameters are the decision-making mechanism of language models, the more parameters a language model has, the more concise output it can generate. 


The GPT-4 language model is a model that uses innovative technologies such as natural language processing, deep learning, and machine learning to provide human-like output. This versatile language model can easily complete a wide range of tasks including question & answering, generating pages of text from just a few words, summarizing text, translation and even code generation.

The GPT-4 language model can also be used to complete creative and everyday tasks such as email writing, stories, poems, novels, monologues, scripts, the universe, and character designs, with high quality. Simply enter your ideas with prompts and watch the magic of GPT-4.

LLaMa 2 vs GPT-4

Now that we have general information about the GPT-4 and Llama 2 language models, we can compare the two large language models. If you are wondering which is better between GPT-4 and Llama 2, keep reading!


Since the GPT-4 large language model is trained with more data and has more parameters, it has a higher performance than Llama 2. If you try to generate a story, poem or article using two language models, you will notice that GPT-4 gives a higher quality and accurate response.


HumanEval tests are a test format used to test the coding skills of language models. The more successful a language model is in this test, the better it can generate code.

gpt 4 vs llama 2

According to the benchmark published by Meta AI, the Llama 2 language model reached a score of 29.9 in HumanEval tests. In the same table, you can see that the GPT-4 language model has a score of 67. According to statistics and performance tests, the GPT-4 language model has higher performance than Llama 2 in coding.


The Llama-2 language model completed all of the tests in English. GPT-4 is a better option as a multilanguage as its performance in other languages is poor. If you need to generate output in more than one language, we recommend you try tools that use the GPT-4 language model.

Math and Reasoning

The better the math and reasoning of a language model, the better its code generation and concise output generation will be. According to benchmarks published by Meta AI, GPT-4 outperforms Llama-2 in math and reasoning. For this reason, we can say that GPT-4 is a more advanced language model than Llama 2.

llama 2 vs gpt 4

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